Potent Kratom. Consistent Batches.

This company and product has been nothing short of life-changing for my wife and I. Truly the Best Kratom we've ever had and the most helpful Kratom-educated staff.

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Dani & José Peraza Boise, ID
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Hippo is family. Great product, excellent service and always consistent batches. If I ever need anything as far as information on a product or anything at all, they're always there for me.

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Jimmy Hotchkiss Sedro Woolley, WA
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... The Hippo honestly ships orders in under 10 minutes if you order during the week. No joke. Must have AI in place or something. LOL.

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Walker Adianaza Eugene, OR
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... I've seen that some people complain about the prices but you only have to use about *half* the serving size than you would with the other brands you just mentioned. Do the math. It's cheaper bro.

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PoweredByKratom (Forum Poster)
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Sometimes you find the perfect fit. My very first Kratom purchase was with Happy Hippo. They shipped my order in less than 5 minutes. I’ve never looked back. The product, customer service, and shipping times are the best.

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Tony Redden Arlington, TX
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On top of having an amazing product and service, Puddles the Hippo makes me happy 😊

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Erica Alexis Phiffer Gulfport, MI
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I love Happy Hippo because I'M THE HAPPIEST I HAVE BEEN IN THE LONGEST TIME!!! I'm new to Kratom and every question I have had has been answered with the best knowledge and respect and that counts for a lot.

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Nikki Kron Stony Point, NC
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You have faster shipping than Amazon! Customer service has always been top notch. Happy Hippo has a strain for just about everything you could possible need in an herbal alternative.

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Brad M. Swanson Lisbon, NY
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Kratom changed my life 8 years ago and since I found HHH 3 years ago, I know that I can get consistently superior products. I love the descriptions of strains and the weekly specials so that I can try new products at affordable prices. You guys are the best EVER!

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Terry Rodgers Murrieta, CA
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You'll never get stuck with a batch you don't like. Just contact us and we'll make it right.