Finally A Popping Candy You Will Love!

Introducing Kratom Hippo Poppers: Popping Candy! A new, exciting, and DELICIOUS way to take your Kratom!

Puddles Hippo has been busy cooking up yummy Kratom treats... Let's just say he has quite the sweet tooth. 

Inspired by a famous popping candy that was super popular in the 90s and early 2000s, these Hippo Poppers will definitely bring back feelings of nostalgia.

Sit back and relax while we tell you all about this exciting new product. 

Featured Image depicting several packets of Hippo Poppers - Popping Candy Crystals! One of the packets is open, with several green popping candy crystals spilled out onto the counter.
September 09, 2022
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We grew up eating popping candy. Our culture loves anything sweet, and the treat aisles in grocery stores stay packed. We’re a generation of ‘kid-at-hearts’ that finally have the disposable income to reward ourselves with that proverbial “carrot” (from the carrot-and-stick theory) our parents would use for conditioning behavior. 

Sugar is in practically everything we eat. Today, companies add sweeteners to most processed foods. A survey conducted by a team of researchers at the University of North Carolina discovered that 68% of every processed food in the store contained some form of sugar. It’s safe to assume we all have a sweet tooth.

Obviously, too much sugar is bad for us, but sometimes those sweets provide us with additional benefits. That’s what we’re going to discuss today. 

We’re proud to introduce a new Kratom extract-infused treat designed to tame your sugar cravings. Our Kratom Hippo Poppers are a version of popping candy with an added twist: Kratom extract is an active ingredient. Sit back and we’ll give you all the details!

What Is Kratom Extract?

Over in the Southeastern region of Asia, Kratom trees are grown to harvest their beneficial leaves. Its alkaloids provide unique experiences for the consumer. Most Kratom effects come from two primary alkaloids: Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The concentration of alkaloids in the leaves is limited. However, specially designed extraction methods create Kratom extracts. These concentrated products contain more active compounds than traditional Kratom products. So use them sparingly.

In general, you’ll find three Kratom extracts on the market. You can purchase powdered, liquid, or Kratom resin extracts.

  • Powdered Kratom Extract: A chemical process extracts the Kratom alkaloids from the leaves to produce an extracted base used to manufacture a powdered form. 

  • Liquid Kratom Extract: You can purchase oil-based liquid Kratom extracts to add to a beverage or place directly on your tongue. Or you can buy a ready-to-use Kratom energy shot that delivers an impressive experience.

  • Kratom Resin Extract: A form of kratom extract produced from the paste in the extraction process. Once allowed to harden, the crystalized block gets broken into small pieces. 
  • Read our Ultimate Guide to Kratom Extract to get a better understanding.

    Photographic image depicting a Hippo Expert holding a packet of Hippo Poppers - Popping Candy Crystals directly up to the camera, so that it's front and center.

    Introducing Kratom Hippo Poppers: Popping Candy

    The Kratom Hippo Poppers are similar to another popular candy found on the market: Pop Rocks®. However, our blue raspberry-flavored popping candy contains 50mg of mitragynine per package. Every bag of Hippo Poppers is equivalent to approximately 3-4 grams of raw Kratom leaf.

    Now, you no longer need to worry about measuring out servings or cleaning up Kratom powder afterward. Instead, you can grab a bag of Hippo Poppers and go!

    These tasty Kratom treats are available in single packets or a 12-pack box—for saving in bulk.

    Something to Consider: Kratom Hippo Poppers include Kratom extract, a more potent form of Kratom. Anyone new to Kratom should start with a small serving. 

    We recommend no more than a half-pack to start. Allow 45 minutes to an hour to pass to assess its effectiveness. Afterward, you can determine if an additional half-serving is warranted.

    The History of Popping Candy

    In 1956, Bill Mitchell was a chemist at General Foods working on a method to manufacture an “instant soda” that would function like Kool-Aid. Bill already had some success developing an artificially flavored drink called Tang, which gained notoriety for its association with human spaceflight programs at NASA.

    However, his new idea revolved around the concept of an “instant soda” product where combining patented crystals and water would form a carbonated beverage. Unfortunately, the experiment didn’t pan out as expected. In an interview with People magazine, Bill recounts his experience on the project.

    “We were trying to make a carbonated beverage powder that would taste good,” he recalls. “We wanted to put carbon dioxide directly into a solid.” That part of the experiment was a flop, but when Mitchell tossed some in his mouth, he saw the future, and it popped. Scientists all over the lab came flocking to sample the stuff. “It became a game—who could swallow the biggest chunk,” says Mitchell. “It was a fun afternoon, and we wasted a lot of time, but I thought it was a good thing from the start.”

    They patented the product back in 1961, but another 15 years passed before General Mills started manufacturing it as a candy called Pop Rocks.

    How Does Popping Candy Work?

    There’s a good chance you’ve had popping candy before. These small crystalline candies come in an assortment of colors and fruit flavors. Once you pour them into your mouth, you feel a tingling on your tongue from the popping sensation the candy produces. 

    What makes it POP?

    Candy manufacturers add three types of sugars (sucrose, lactose, and corn syrup) with water and melt them to a boiling point. Then, some artificial flavoring and coloring get added to the mixture to produce the fruity flavors. That’s the basic recipe for several types of hard candy. However, popping candy includes another step.

    They mix a boiling mixture of sugar with carbon dioxide gas (approximately 600psi—pounds per square inch). The sugar mixture gets cooled rapidly under pressure to trap the CO2 gas inside the candy as it creates a solid form. Once the pressure gets released, it shatters into small crystal pieces with CO2 gas bubbles inside them.

    When you place the candy inside your mouth, saliva dissolves the crystalline candy pieces and releases the trapped gas, allowing it to escape on your tongue. You might feel a slight pop. The combination of flavors and the popping sensation create a unique experience for candy connoisseurs.

    Why Do People Enjoy Kratom Popping Candy?

    People enjoy popping candy because it combines two of our basic human senses distinctively. We use taste and touch as we eat. Your mouth and tongue engage with the food while your tastebuds embrace its flavor. Popping candy allows you to experience it with a slight twist.

    Once the moisture of the saliva absorbs into the outer coating, its dissolves to allow the carbon dioxide trapped inside to release. That creates a fizzy feeling. Some produce a light explosion that propels the candy against the roof of your mouth. It echoes in your eardrums. Sensational.

    The Hippo Poppers have an extra ingredient which produces that amazing Kratom effect we all know and love: Kratom alkaloids. So, let’s talk about the benefits one can experience with our new Kratom Hippo Poppers. 

    What Are the Benefits from Eating Kratom Hippo Poppers?

    Besides quenching those sugar cravings, Hippo Poppers also contain Kratom extract. That means you’ll get benefits from traditional Kratom Extract products. 

    1. Great TasteNormally, traditional raw Kratom has a bitter flavor. Some cannot handle it. It’s an acquired taste. However, Hippo Poppers popping candy tastes sweet. They’re delicious!

    2. Energetic SensationAs a relative of the coffee plant, Kratom provides the consumer with a jolt of energy after consumption. The sugar in the candy already performs that function, but the Kratom kicks it up a notch.

    3. Uplifted MoodEating candy is associated with our childhood. Every bite takes us back in time to experience a sense of nostalgia. Hippo Poppers are no different. However, the included Kratom extract produces another level of enjoyment.

    4. Mental FocusSeveral consumers report Kratom allows them to mentally focus on their tasks and concentrate on getting the job done.

    5. Relief from Physical DiscomfortPeople take Kratom for different reasons. According to anecdotal reports, Kratom users say it helps ease some of their physical discomforts. 
    Photographic image depicting an assortment of Hippo Popper - Popping Candy Crystal Packets.

    What Other Kind of Products Are Made Using Kratom Extracts?

    Almost every Kratom edible and beverage uses Kratom extract as its active ingredient. The concentration makes it more effective, and there are several products available on the market.

  • Kratom Extract Shot: We offer full spectrum Kratom Extract Shots. The sour apple flavor tingles your tastebuds and the 60mg of mitragynine works like magic.

  • Kratom Taffy Chews: You’ll go crazy over our Kratom Taffy Chews! Our toffee-flavored Kratom taffy includes six individual pieces that contain 20mg of mitragynine.

  • Kratom Chocolates: You can find an assortment of chocolates online made with Kratom extracts. You get the smooth taste of chocolate with the desirable effects of Kratom.

  • Kratom Energy Shots: Now we offer sugar-free Kratom Energy Shots in six mouthwatering flavors. A bottle is equivalent to approximately 5 grams of raw Kratom powder.

  • Liquid Kratom Extracts: We have four types of Liquid Kratom Extract. Each 12ml bottle has approximately the same alkaloid concentration found in 9 grams of traditional Kratom powder.

  • Kratom Extract Candy: While Kratom Hippo Poppers are the newest candy on the market, there are other varieties of Kratom sweets to discover.

  • Flavored Kratom Powder Beverage: Make a tasty strawberry limeade beverage with our formulated flavored Kratom powder mix. It hits the spot every time.

  • Kratom Extract Softgels: Some people want the effects of Kratom extract with the least effort possible. For them, we have Kratom Extract Softgels. Each softgel contains 15mg mitragynine. 

    The Only Place You Can Buy Kratom Extract Infused Popping Candy - Happy Hippo

    Try our new Kratom Hippo Poppers today! 

    Other than Kratom treats, we also offer a broad selection of more common Kratom products at your disposal.

    All of our premium quality Kratom products go through rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We send Kratom samples off to third-party labs to test for contaminants because we want to make sure our Kratom is 100% safe and clean! We take your safety very seriously.

    We are proud to be one of the largest one-stop Kratom shops in the world. With us, you always receive fast Kratom shipping and the most professionalcustomer service experience imaginable.

    Plus, Kratom isn’t the only herbal supplement we offer. We have several alternative botanical products available for sale, too.

    You can find Kanna, Kava, Akuamma, and many more.

    Take time to use these gifts of nature to your advantage. Earth provides us with an abundance of plants that promote healthy lifestyles. Allow us to mediate that connection for you.

    Why is Happy Hippo Herbals the best place to buy Kratom?

    • We are proudly certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA).
    • We strictly abide by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in all of our facilities
    • All of our Kratom is lab-tested for heavy metals and other contaminants (Ask to see our lab results!)
    • All of our Kratom is pre-sterilized at 170 degrees (enough heat to kill pathogens but not disrupt the alkaloid profile)
    • All of our Kratom products are neatly packaged and clearly labeled
    • 100% ALL NATURAL KRATOM - no additives or inferior botanical fillers necessary
    • Our Kratom is visibly different - it looks and smells fresh. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference.
    • We specialize in high-quality Kratom products, but we also have superb alternative botanicals (Kava, Kanna, Akuamma, and more!)

    Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

    Please note that all comments are reviewed and must be approved before being published.

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