If you have tried Kratom before and were underwhelmed - please reserve judgement.

Try Happy Hippo Kratom. You'll dig it.

What does kratom do?

Kratom is like CBD, but 10 times better, and has a far wider range of effects.

Depending on the Strain (Fast, Moderate or Slow) you can experience every effect from Energy to Physical Relief.

Fast Moderate Slow
Physical Relief

Best. Kratom. Ever. (Seriously)

I was sent the Super Maeng Da and the Green Borneo samples! They are definitely something I will be ordering in the future! The green maeng da has a clean energy to it! The green Borneo put me in a great mood and also gave me some energy as well! Thanks for the free samples! Your product is awesome!!

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Caroline K.
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The samples were a great introduction to Happy Hippo kratom! I've only ever bought commercial kratom from stores, and I was always prepared for how harsh it was on my stomach. Happy Hippo kratom is super smoothe and the elevated moods felt natural. There are two different 6g samples in the pack - I highly recommend taking advantage of this great intro offer!

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Anastasia M.
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