The Happy Hippo Happiness Guarantee

This is our commitment to making you Happy.
Featured Image depicting a 1oz packet of Happy Hippo brand Kratom Powder White Maeng Da and the Happiness Guarantee.
January 06, 2023
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Our 100% Happiness Guarantee is our pledge to make customers Happy - no matter what.

We have nearly 2 decades of experience as consumers and we know what is important to customers. 

Kratom is a miracle for so many people, but it often takes some trial and error to find what's best for you.

We’ll help you in that journey. 

1. Return Anything That You Don't Like 

You will NEVER get stuck with a batch or strain that you don't like. If something isn't right, please reach out to us. We’ll make it right.

2. Experienced Customer Service Who Use Kratom

Our customer service team is simply the best. They use Happy Hippo Kratom daily and can provide advice from personal experience to make sure you're on the right track.

3. Silly Fast Shipping (Faster than Amazon!)

Our Fulfillment is silly fast. We get the majority of orders out on the same  business day. 

M-F: 3 pm MST (5 pm EST) 
SAT: 11 am MST (1 pm EST)

4. Small Batch, Alkaloid-Rich Kratom

We are certified by the American Kratom Association's GMP standards. All of our Kratom is packaged in small batches, lab-tested, and sterilized at 180 degrees. Our product is pesticide-free as well.

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Article Comments


Happy HIPPO based been an bvb excellent supply of trusted, clean, well packaged kratom for me for 2 years now. They keep their word about customer satisfaction. I’ve never gotten stuck with a bag that didn’t work for me because they immediately send out a new replacement no questions asked. They are AKA CERTIFIED and that’s so important to me. Keep it up hippos


I been a happy hippo costumer for a long time now.

Shipping did used to be crazy fast.
Like i oreded today and tomorrow it be delivered”colorado”

I dont know if its fedex thats been slacking

But shipping takes 4 days now to get here now.

alan nesta

i like uspo for shipping. i didnt see it when checking out

Paul Radzavicz

It would be helpful to mark capsules to differentiate strains from each other. Such as a dot or something similar. I have spilled my capsules and could not tell one from the other.

Ladonya A Carrier

Super excited to try it out