Why Happy Hippo Exists (Mission Statement)

Why Happy Hippo exists and what we are trying to do.
Why Happy Hippo Exists (Mission Statement)
April 30, 2024
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Happy Hippo seeks to be the friendly face for Kratom.

Kratom is a sacred plant with so many amazing benefits. 

While it doesn’t work equally as well for everyone - Kratom can be life-changing for many. 

Most of us know this.

Sadly, many people who could benefit the most from this natural leaf will never get a chance to discover Kratom. Or worse, they have a bad first experience with an overly powerful unbalanced extract or an inferior cheap product and never experience an elite product. 

Happy Hippo seeks to be that critical ‚Äėfirst experience‚Äô that is so vital to new users who are seeking alternatives.¬†¬†

For the veteran and daily consumer, Happy Hippo exists so you never have to worry about consistency in your leaf or experience. 

As a Kratom consumer of nearly two decades, long before Happy Hippo ever existed, I remember the anxiety and disappointment of getting a failed strain or weak batch that needed to go into the trash and being left with no support. It made me scared to order from new sources. 

Whether you are new or super veteran, you NEVER have to worry about getting stuck with a strain or batch that you don’t like. That is the last thing you need to worry about, every order and every customer is backed by our "Happiness Guarantee".

Just let us know and we will replace it until you have what you need.

We are a consumer-founded and consumer-based small family business that seeks to deliver the leaf, service and education that Kratom deserves. 

- Chris & The Happy Hippo Family 

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1 Comment
Merideth Roberts

Hey loved this!!
Also- nice to see the faces of people I bug all the time!!
In all seriousness, thank you for all you do, you’ll never know how much you’ve helped my life!!