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Supercharged Kratom! 💪

Our Full-Spectrum extracts are impressively potent and you don't need much to do the trick.

Safely manufactured in GMP-certified facilities with premium ingredients, our high-quality Kratom Extracts are available in various formats to suit your personal needs.


Kratom Extracts are created by taking Kratom Powder and doing an extraction process to isolate the alkaloids in the plant. The alkaloids - Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are the cause of the effects consumers feel when they use Kratom. 

Kratom Extracts make it so that you have to consume much less product to get more advanced effects than regular Kratom products. 

Kratom Extracts have elements of convenience, taste, and potency that you can't find with regular Kratom Powder or Capsules.

They contain higher percentages of Mitragynine which make them quickly effective and energizing! 👍

If used responsibly and within the recommended serving sizes, Kratom Extracts are considered generally safe to consume.

Be very mindful of your serving size to avoid potential undesirable effects.

Since Kratom Extracts are stronger than regular Kratom Powder, we recommend starting at the LOWEST serving size possible to evaluate effects.

Follow the recommended serving size as advised on the product packaging.

Kratom extract is similar to Kratom powder in the fact that as long as stored properly, it can last years. Most botanical extracts can be stored for years with little to no degradation! 

Extracts with bioactive compounds should be stored in a dark space at room temperature. 


  • CONVENIENCE! No more carrying around a bag of Kratom with you wherever you go. The bottle easily fits in anyone’s pocket!
  • Extracts are essentially easier to consume than the Kratom because it does not have that gritty texture
  • Easily mixes with other beverages
  • Happy Hippo offers a very high-quality extract
  • Very easy to consume! You do not need to have hot water so it blends easier like powdered Kratom, you can drop it into any drink 


  • Extracts tend to have a bold, metallic flavor
  • Taking extracts for the first time may be harder for customers to measure their serving, but this can be eliminated with practice 

As you could imagine, Kratom Extract is used mainly for convenience. Newbies to Kratom usually don’t care about the powder if they never originated there, so extracts are the go-to. No bitter, textured taste and they’re quick and easy!

Most veteran consumers realize the impact that Kratom extracts have on tolerance, so they only use it when they need a more potent serving.