Featured Image depicting a 10-gram pink packet of Happy Hippo branded Kanna Resin Extract. Perfect for an Elevated Mind and attaining a Relaxed State.

Kanna Resin Extract

25x Kanna Resin Extract

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This is a very robust Kanna. (Kanna Extract Effects are potent)

Happy Hippo's "Kanna Resin Extract 25x", Soft Resin Extract.

The "Kanna Extract 25x" is definitely worth trying. 

Now in a convenient travel form, this extract is ready to go with you anywhere.

Our Kanna is sourced from sustainable farms in South Africa,  the same farms as our fermented, Rough cut, and fine cut Kanna.

Kanna or “Sceletium Tortuosum" contains the alkaloids: Mesembrine, Tortuosamine and Mesembrol.

This is a unique herb that is traditionally thought to promote an optimistic outlook.

Happy Hippo's "Kanna Resin Extract 25x" is a rare, exotic botanical that’s sourced near Cape Town, South Africa.

How to Use Kanna Resin Extract

Start with a very small amount to evaluate.

(.5g or a "pea-sized" amount)

Mix a pea-sized amount in about 4oz of warm water. Stir vigorously to help Kanna Resin dissolve.

Drink and enjoy 😊

Servings per container:

  • 2g = 4 servings
  • 10g = 20 servings
  • 50g = 100 servings

This product is not for sale in Louisiana!

  • Louisiana has outlawed the cultivation, possession, and sale of Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna).
  • Louisiana Act No 159 makes 40 plants illegal, including Mesembryanthemum species.
  • This ban has been effective since August 8, 2005.

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