Kratom Bioavailability Potentiator

Kiwi Strawberry (Stevia)

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Kratom Bioavailability PotentiatorKratom Bioavailability Potentiator

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Ingredients Added: Agmatine Sulfate and Black Seed Powder for better absorption 👍 

Happy Hippo is excited to introduce a unique product that we have been working very hard on for a long time!

Our Kiwi-Strawberry Bioavailability Potentiator is a must-try, especially for seasoned Kratom users. It's sugar-free, too! 

What is Happy Hippo's Bioavailability Kratom Potentiator?

Our Bioavailability Formula not only has a delightful taste, but it may also help your Kratom absorb better and prolong your Kratom experience. This allows you to take less Kratom over time, making your purchases go that much further.

This high-quality potentiating formula includes MCT-C8 (healthy fats) that may help to slow the breakdown of Kratom’s Alkaloids; which, in turn, leads to extended feelings of Amazingness and Joy! A nice warm Kratom hug that lasts for hours.

The Vitamin C and Grapefruit Seed Extract work together to help enhance Kratom effects. We also added Black Pepper Extract and Magnesium that assist in absorption.

Take the Bioavailability kratom potentiator formula 15-30 minutes before your usual serving of botanicals for optimal effect.

Try Happy Hippo’s new Kiwi-Strawberry Bioavailability Kratom Potentiator today! Sweetened with Stevia!

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