Featured Image depicting a Butterscotch flavor, Kratom Extract Energy Shot. Available in two sizes: 60mg and 120mg of Mitragynine. Featured Image depicting a Sour Apple flavor, Kratom Extract Energy Shot. Available in two sizes: 60mg and 120mg of Mitragynine. Infographic Botanical Facts for Happy Hippo Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Energy Shot (Sour Apple). Serving size 5ml, 2 servings per bottle. 60mg of Mitragynine, <0.02% 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Equivalent to 2 grams of raw kratom leaf per 5ml serving.

Kratom Extract Shot

10ml Full Spectrum Kratom Shot

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Sour Apple (60mg Mitragynine)
Sour Apple (60mg Mitragynine)
Sour Apple (120mg Mitragynine)
Butterscotch (60mg Mitragynine)
Butterscotch (120mg Mitragynine)
Case Sour Apple (12 - 60mg bottles)
Case Sour Apple (12 - 120mg bottles)
Case Butterscotch (12 - 60mg bottles)
Case Butterscotch (12 - 120mg bottles)

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What is full-spectrum kratom extract in Sour Apple or Butterscotch?

With full-spectrum kratom extract, ALL the kratom plant alkaloids are extracted together – not just the two most common (7-OH and Mitragynine).

These robust kratom shots contain Happy Hippo full-spectrum kratom extract. Choose between two different flavors and potency options (60mg or 120mg of Mitragynine)!


  • 10 ml full-spectrum kratom extract per bottle
  • Contains 60mg or 120mg of Mitragynine (Kratom Extract) per bottle
  • Sour Apple or Butterscotch flavor
  • Extracted with organic, non-GMO ethanol
  • Purchase individually or in a box of 12

How to Enjoy

This product is comparable to our Energy Shots in that it’s a liquid you drink straight. The bottle is slightly smaller, but that’s because you’re getting a more concentrated, pure Mitragynine alkaloid extract. 

Start with 1/2 a shot to see how it works for you.

  • Recommended serving size = 1/2 bottle (5 mL)
  • Do not exceed 5mL in a 24-hour period.

What can you honestly expect from Happy Hippo’s 10 ml Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract Shot?

You can expect big energy and a strong cognitive boost within about 10 minutes that will last a couple of hours.

These shots are an 'Ultra Fast' and super concentrated form of the primary Kratom alkaloids. The onset is very rapid and the effects are acute. 

Although most customers say that our shots taste better than the majority of similar alternatives out there - people use these shots for the energy and anti-fatigue effects and not for taste.

We are still working on improving the taste (virtually impossible with such a concentrated MIT/7-OH alkaloid) but there's no 'metallic' taste that is common to cheaper Kratom extract shots.

If 'taste' is very important to you, try the Hyper Hippo Flavored Kratom. That one actually tastes good if your serving size is in the 1-5 gram range. 

These are great for people who live a fast-paced, active lifestyle. 

Many fitness enthusiasts actually prefer our Energy Shots to the traditional caffeinated pre-workouts. The acute focus, anti-physical fatigue concentration, and appetite suppression effects can certainly rival any pre-workout.

This product is great to use before hitting the gym, writing a report, or doing anything that may require your undivided attention.  

Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots come in an easy-to-pack 10 ml bottle that will fit great in a desk drawer or gym bag, which makes it a traveler’s best friend. 


Kratom Extract is made up of pure mitragynine alkaloids harvested from the kratom leaf. Kratom extracts are very potent and easily overused. For this reason, we recommend you do not take more than 5 mL in a 24-hour period

We have implemented this safety precaution to help you find that sweet spot that we all know and enjoy with our plain-leaf kratom, and to help mitigate any yucky feelings you may get from taking too much.

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Happy Hippo Kratom is harvested from mature, alkaloid-rich, pesticide-free Mitragyna Speciosa trees in small batches.

Our products are 100% unadulterated botanical specimens.

Every Kratom batch is:

  • Pre-sterilized at 170 degrees to kill pathogens and maintain alkaloid profile.
  • Carefully tested for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals.
  • Free from additives and inferior botanical fillers.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

  • We do not sell any products with medical claims.
  • Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Not intended for use by anyone with medical conditions.
  • Do not combine with alcohol or any prescription medications.
  • Not for sale to anyone under 21 years of age.

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