White Vein Kratom

White Vein Kratom strains are typically the most stimulating - offering powerful motivation, enthusiasm, and happy energy. Energy levels can vary depending on the strain you choose.
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White Vein Kratom leaves are considered the youngest out of all the vein colors. (Red Vein is the oldest and most mature, while Green Vein are middle-aged.) 

They typically contain a higher concentration of Mitragynine and lower concentrations of 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Due to this, White Vein Kratom strains provide more subtle and sophisticated stimulation.

Clean energy and powerful motivation are some of the most popular benefits of Kratom.

Kratom connoisseurs claim that White Vein Kratom strains are superior for energy enhancement.

However, energy/motivation aren’t the only effects of White Vein Kratom strains. They can also provide a great mood boost, mental focus, and heightened awareness.

Your Kratom serving size can vary between strains.

A good place to start is a 1-2 gram serving size and increasing by ½ gram increments as needed. 

If you’re looking for more information regarding Kratom serving sizes, check out our article “Kratom Usage: How Much Kratom Should I Take?”.

Here are the White Vein Kratom Products we offer at Happy Hippo:

The Kratom leaves are harvested and dried before being crushed into a very find powder form.

Capsules are filled with about a ½ gram of Kratom Powder per capsule. The measured amount makes it super simple to determine your personal serving size. Capsules are super convenient for someone who lives a busy lifestyle.

Our #2 most popular strain is White Vein Maeng Da (Rockstar Hippo).

It’s easy to say that this strain is absolutely adored by Kratom enthusiasts everywhere. It provides strong physical energy and mental motivation.