Who Is Brendan Schuab?

Brendan Schaub is a standup comedian, podcast host, and TV personality. After several years of success in the sports industry, Brendan transitioned into the world of entertainment. Diving headlong into standup comedy, Brendan created the wildly successful podcast The Fighter and the Kid, and is co-host of the King and the Sting podcast with fellow comedians Chris D’Elia and Theo Von.

In 2021, Brendan launched THICCC BOY Studios and brought the production of his shows under one umbrella. Offering insights on standup comedy and the world of MMA, the Thiccc Boy brand gives you relevant commentary through the eyes of its founder, Brendan Schaub.

Schaub can also be seen on Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Comedy Central 100 Best Roasts, MTV Ridiculousness with Rob Dyredek, Hot Box’n with Mike Tyson, and is a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Brendan also worked for E! hosting pre and post award shows such for the Grammy’s, Emmy’s and the Academy Awards.