"I love to use Kratom before workouts where I know I'll be doing high rep sets because it helps me push through the pain and get a few extra reps in when I feel like quitting!  It's also great for those longer cardio sessions! I also love Happy Hippo because I can count on consistent quality in their products and I don't have to worry about foreign substances in the Kratom as Happy Hippo lab tests all their products."

Important: read this!

- Everyone's experience with Kratom will be different. Things like serving size and frequency of consumption and tolerance may be unique to you.

- The exact science of kratom and its ability to be habit-forming or addictive is not understood scientifically yet but, it's safe to say it is at least habit-forming. Some people may find it addictive and some may even develop a strong dependence on kratom, so if you have an addictive personality, it's important to exercise caution.

-Consumer responsibility and adherence to serving size suggestions are very important! Less is more!


Vegan Bodybuilder & Coach

Brian Turner is a 15-year bodybuilder who has been vegan for 8 years! His journey as a bodybuilder began when he started lifting for the first time at 15, he immediately fell in love with the sport and dedicated himself to creating the best physique he possibly could. Along the journey he has been able to document his journey on YouTube, sharing not only his fitness journey but also his struggles with acne growing up. His videos sharing his acne and his fitness journey have amassed over 20 million views on YouTube.

He went vegan at 22 after struggling with severe cystic acne and discovering that dairy was a huge cause of his skin issues. He shared his journey learning how to maintain a competitive level physique while eating only plants and has been able to help grow the roots of the vegan fitness niche on YouTube and Instagram.

He now creates vegan fitness content for his Brian Turner channel as well as acne and self-image content for his Team Acne social media accounts.


Kratom is like CBD... but 10x better.

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a cousin of the coffee plant.

Kratom is used to make tea or other beverages and has different effects depending on which strain you take.

The “fast strains” provide clean energy, focus, and motivation.

The “slow strains” are best for relaxation, restful sleep, and combating physical discomfort.

The “moderate strains” provide energy but also encourage the legendary “good mood” without any lazy “couch potato” effect.


Not all Kratom is equal.

Our stuff works.

If it doesn’t work (about 10% of people don’t respond), send us an email and we’ll refund you or give you other strains to try. Up to you.

We genuinely want everyone to give Happy Hippo Kratom a shot. No risk.

Every order is backed by our “Happy Hippo Happiness Guarantee”.