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Hyper Hippo is our #1 most popular kratom strain!

Dreading that long to-do list? Dragging before your workout? Hyper Hippo (Elite Green Maeng Da) kratom powder is here to save the day! This strain carries the torch towards a more productive day ahead. Enjoy sharper mental focus and clean, motivating-yet-gentle energy! If you’re a Fast strain Newbie, Hyper Hippo is surely the perfect choice to ease you into the next step of your kratom journey.

Kratom Capsule Details

  • ½ gram (500 mg) of kratom powder per capsule
  • Vegetarian capsule casing – no gelatin!
  • Derived from the same kratom leaf as Hyper Hippo fine powder

Capsule to Powder Conversions

To calculate your kratom capsule “sweet spot”, use this simple formula:

1 capsule = ½ gram (½ scoop) kratom powder
2 capsules = 1 gram (1 scoop) kratom powder

Keep It Fresh

Your batch of Happy Hippo Mitragyna speciosa powder comes in a convenient, USDA-compliant, resealable food-grade pouch.

Happiness Guarantee
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Happy Hippo Kratom is harvested from mature, alkaloid-rich, pesticide-free Mitragyna Speciosa trees in small batches.

Our products are 100% unadulterated botanical specimens.

Every Kratom batch is:

  • Pre-sterilized at 170 degrees to kill pathogens and maintain alkaloid profile.
  • Carefully tested for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals.
  • Free from additives and inferior botanical fillers.

Kratom suppliers use this slang term to describe only the most potent Kratom as Maeng Da.

  • Back in the day, Thai workers would gather these leaves from Kratom trees that grew deep in the wild jungles of the rainforests.
  • Today, farmers designate the title to the leaves picked from trees that provide the most abundant alkaloid content.
  • Kratom connoisseurs rave about the potency of Maeng Da, making this a great strain to use before a laborious task or a long workout.

Once a Kratom leaf reaches its peak maturity, the veins of the leaf turn a dark green color.

  • This green coloration comes from a pigment called chlorophyll.
  • The purpose of chlorophyll is to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose to nourish the Kratom tree. This process is known as photosynthesis.
  • When the chlorophyll concentration has peaked in the Kratom, it signifies the stage of a Green vein Kratom leaf that has reached its prime maturity.

There is an abundance of testimonials from the Kratom community that state green vein Kratom provides more balanced effects.

  • They state the effects of this Kratom leaf fall somewhere in the middle of the white and red vein varieties.
  • Since that stage is the middle step of growth, there might be some truth to the argument.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

  • We do not sell any products with medical claims.
  • Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Not intended for use by anyone with medical conditions.
  • Do not combine with alcohol or any prescription medications.
  • Not for sale to anyone under 21 years of age.
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Kratom Effects

Pro Social

Great for confidence in social situations. Reported to ease butterflies, encourage an upbeat, talkative, pro-social attitude.

Super Energy

This strain has a reputation for stimulating motivation, enthusiasm, and clean energy that helps tackle any project!

Workout Boost

Offers clean energy to promote physical activity and motivation. Great for helping you power through your next workout.

Pink Hippo character running on a treadmill with a shaker bottle full of green Kratom tea | Hyper Hippo Green Maeng Da Kratom Happy Hippo Herbals

Hyper Hippo Is Our Most Popular Leaf

Green Maeng Da is the most popular Leaf in the industry.

Hyper Hippo (Elite Green Maeng Da) is also our best selling Leaf.

Notably though - we also receive more 'reorders' of Hyper Hippo than any other Leaf too.

Customers love Hyper Hippo and it is the ultimate "Energy Kratom" Leaf.

Hyper Hippo really personifies 'Fast Kratom'.


Over in Southeast Asia, the Mitragyna speciosa (also known as Kratom) tree grows indigenously. The tropical tree grows wild in the rainforests. Recently, local farmers in countries like Indonesia began planting Kratom as a cash crop.

Kratom farms produce and manufacture several strains of Kratom. However, the locals refer to the most potent batches of leaves as “maeng da”—slang for “pimp grade” Kratom.

Within the Kratom leaf, a vein runs down the middle and produces offshoots in a pinnate venation pattern. Those veins change colors during their lifespan. They go from white to green to red. When you hear someone calling it Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom, that’s what they mean.

The Kratom vein’s colors alert the farmer when it’s time to harvest—red leaves are the most mature. However, farmers can pick the leaves at different cycles. The alkaloid profile of each leaf with separate-colored veins differs from one another, providing necessary chemical structures for individualized strains.

While all Maeng Da Kratom is reportedly potent, the potency of Green Maeng Da Kratom makes it a fan favorite. Manufacturers are fond of the strain, too. Green Maeng Da is the typical ingredient used to make Kratom extracts.

Kratom companies purchase their Kratom from different farmers and suppliers overseas. So the effects of Maeng Da Kratom can vary from one company to the next. Nevertheless, we can provide you with a reliable standard for ours. Hyper Hippo is our Green Maeng Da Kratom. Here are a few of its most reported Kratom effects.

Common Kratom Effects from Taking Green Maeng Da Kratom:

Pro Social

Hyper Hippo works wonderfully as a mood booster for social excursions. Some say it makes you feel more connected to people. So if you get nervous around others, Green Maeng Da works like a charm.

Super Energy

In the morning, most of us suffer from a sluggish start to our day. But this strain produces a clean energy that keeps those nods at bay. However, it’s not overly stimulating. You don’t have to worry much about any uncomfortable jitters.

Workout Boost

Most of us lost access to gyms during the pandemic. Now weight rooms are back open. Yet, it’s still challenging to get back into a routine. Have no fear, though. Take some Hyper Hippo! You’ll be ready to pump some iron in no time.

The effects of Kratom can shift with the amount you take. Smaller serving sizes are better for energy. Larger ones are more therapeutic. Try to stick to the recommended Kratom serving sizes each company provides. Some products are more potent than others.

Recommended Serving Sizes for Green Maeng Da Kratom:

  • Small Kratom Serving Size: 1-2 grams
  • Medium Kratom Serving Size: 2-3 grams
  • Large Kratom Serving Size: 3-4 grams

Start off with the smallest serving size needed. You can always add more later. However, using too much Kratom repeatedly can make its effects less observable. And that can make you build up Kratom tolerance: the need for more Kratom. Luckily, there are ways to manage your Kratom tolerance. Follow those steps, and you should have it back under control in a few days.

When compared to Green Maeng Da, consumers claim Red Maeng Da Kratom supports a more balanced mood. Red Hot Hippo is the name of our Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom. Here are some common Kratom effects that you might experience.

Common Kratom Effects from Taking Red Maeng Da Kratom:

Pro Social

Red Maeng Da gives you a confidence boost to handle all the social activities that make people nervous. Even the rarest ones. So it’s the perfect remedy to ease social tension experienced when meeting your crush for a first date.

Happy Mind

Daily troubles can wear down the strongest person. If we’re honest, we’ve all been there. And it can be hard to climb out of that slump. Fortunately, Red Hot Hippo places you back on track. It’ll give you an optimistic outlook within an hour.

Joyful Spirit

This strain helps you to relax and count your blessings. As it kicks in, you’ll notice that your worries slowly fade away. And your soul and mind can center on the thoughts you treasure most.

Compared to Green Maeng Da, the White Maeng Da Kratom variety has more energizing properties. So people typically take White Vein Maeng Da Kratom first thing in the morning or before performing strenuous activities. The kratom effects of Happy Hippo’s Rockstar Hippo are listed below.

Common Kratom Effects from Taking White Maeng Da Kratom:

Increased Focus

There are instances when we struggle to concentrate, but White Maeng Da Kratom helps. It produces the mental focus and clarity necessary to direct your attention where it’s needed most—the task at hand.

Workout Boost

Our strain is the perfect addition to any pre-workout shake. Its alkaloid profile works perfectly to get the adrenaline pumping in your bloodstream. You might find yourself doing a few extra repetitions at the gym. But hey. That’s a good thing.

Super Energy

Rockstar Hippo gives you an extra edge for your workday. White Maeng Da acts as one of the most stimulating kratom strains. So you don’t want to take it before bedtime. Instead, stick to daytime hours only.

The three traditional Maeng Da Kratom products are Green, White, and Red. However, Kratom suppliers created a Yellow Vein Maeng Da Kratom recently.

Our Sunshine Hippo provides special effects. Check them out below.

Common Kratom Effects from Taking Yellow Maeng Da Kratom:

Joyful Spirit

Our minds don’t allow us to have an upbeat persona constantly. We’re not robots. You can take Sunshine Hippo to bring some light into your life. Shortly after, you’ll have a sunny disposition that lets you look at things from the bright side.

Super Energy

Sometimes, a few extra tasks come out of nowhere and add to an overwhelming day. Yellow Maeng Da Kratom gives you that extra energy needed to tackle them. You’ll find that you’ve accomplished them all in no time—even without breaking a sweat.

Pro Social

Once you take Yellow Maeng Da, you’ll never have to worry about anyone saying you’re acting standoffish. It gives you the desire to chat with people. You’ll be the life of parties and business events.

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