How I Use Kratom Extracts (As a Daily Plain-Leaf User)

My opinion on Kratom extracts and how I strategetically use them.
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May 30, 2024
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How to Use Kratom Extracts

Hi friends, I'm Chris.

I've used Kratom for 17+ years and every day for the past decade.

Here's how my health is doing - "How 17+ Years of Kratom Has Affected My Health (Evidence Within)". 

Those discussions might be helpful if you follow (or plan to follow) a daily "Kratom Lifestyle".

I primarily use plain-leaf Kratom for "lifestyle optimization" - mostly to "GET THINGS DONE" but not lose my mind in the process.

My approach to extracts is nearly identical but more strategic. 

Here's a little about me if you missed the blog posts above:

  • I turned 41 in September 2023 (picture above, age 41)
  • I am a Father of 2 (age 3, age 7.5 months)¬†
  • I have used Kratom since 2005¬†
  • I have used Kratom daily since 2009¬†
  • Current serving size: 7-8 grams (I sip on Kratom over 0-4 hours instead of drinking it all at once)¬†
  • Current daily consumption: 14 to 32 grams
  • I use Kratom for patience, concentration, anti-fatigue, and occasionally for a recurring back strain that never goes away
  • I use Kratom extracts 0 to 3 times a week, rarely taking more than 120mg MIT in a single day or in a single serving
  • Like plain-leaf, I use small servings (MIT @ 20-30mg) over the course of 1-2 hours. I'm not a heavy extract user and I simply respond better to the board-spectrum that plain-leaf offers
  • Plain-leaf is my foundation but extracts have their strategic placement (this is key)

My "Kratom Lifestyle" works for me but everyone is different and not everyone should consider daily use.

Whether you use Kratom daily, weekly, monthly, or once a year - please strive to maintain a healthy relationship with Kratom.

Disclaimer: the content below is based on my personal experience. It is not meant to suggest that you will experience the same results or that my approach is "safe" for you. Kratom is not a dietary supplement or drug and the information below is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. There are no medical claims or clinical applications for Kratom presented below. 

For the purposes of this blog, "Kratom extracts" refers to Mitragynine (MIT)-Majority products, such as Kratom shots, taffies, gummies, and pouches (I don't use softgels too often).

For simplicity: I use "MIT" and "Kratom extracts" interchangeably even though they are not fully identical. 

Alright, let's do this...!

Legit Kratom Superpowers 
(not actually)

My Opinion Of Kratom Extracts

I don't believe Kratom extracts are "good" or "bad".

Like plain-leaf, extracts are simply a tool that can used (and abused).

For the record - 

Like many Kratom Lifestyle enthusiasts, I am very much a "Kratom Purist".

I believe plain-leaf Kratom, with its natural board-spectrum of alkaloids, is "how Kratom was meant to be". 

I have used plain-leaf every day for a decade.

I recommend plain-leaf to newbies, however, I acknowledge there is a significant "barrier to entry" that Kratom powder presents to new users.

The raw powder, serving sizes, measuring serving sizes, all the different strains, the 4 colors, preparation, the taste, etc. can be very confusing or daunting.

However, unlike some of my fellow Kratom Warriors, I believe that extracts have their place but need to be better holistically understood and strategically applied.

Education is key and we (especially Kratom vendors) all share the responsibility to make sure new users are safe and our sacred plant isn't slandered.

Like any extract compound (which will always be more acutely concentrated), I recognize there is a greater potential for habit-forming dependency than with natural broad-spectrum plain-leaf powder. 

From my group of Kratom friends and acquaintances, those who have significant 'addictive tendencies' (generally from unresolved psychological trauma rather than ignorance) tend to have challenges with extracts whereas those who don't rarely have issues with extracts. This mostly holds true for just about any substance though.

In the retail world (think: smoke shops, gas stations), I also recognize that many new users get their hands on powerful Kratom extracts long before they even know that plain-leaf even exists. There is not a lot of guidance around these powerful extracts and the store clerk has no idea what Kratom is.

I further recognize that often it's "the extracts" that create news headlines when something goes wrong and the media and our detractors pile on.  

These are real consumer safety issues and challenges (that we should care about) that face our still-very-young-but-definitely-maturing industry.

Still, neither Kratom nor Kratom extracts should be banned, let alone make users into criminals who are simply seeking natural alternatives.

Both are simply 'tools' that should only be in the hands of adults with the prerequisite education of how to best and responsibly safely utilize them.

Moreover, I don't regard Kratom extracts as being "purely recreational".

That is simply not why I (and most of the others I know) use them.

The Kratom extract alkaloid profile (MIT-Majority) is very different than board-alkaloid plain-leaf. Kratom extracts are a different experience and have different utility than plain-leaf powder.

Kratom extracts deliver a more acute experience than plain-leaf but the "recreational capacity" is still fairly limited compared to many other legal and illicit compounds. There can be a pronounced "sense of well-being" but the lasting "euphoric high" just isn't really there in my experience.

Used responsibly, Kratom extracts are certainly less intoxicating and less incapacitating than many "other things" including some options that are legal, readily available, and even socially encouraged.

Again, just my opinion. 

At the end of the day, I'm a hyper-responder to the plain-leaf board-spectrum of alkaloids but others respond better to a more isolated Mitragynine (MIT) Majority profile.

To me, purely standalone extracts (MIT-Majority) and especially isolates (only MIT) it feels like there's "something missing" compared to plain-leaf.

Indeed, there is - a whole profile of secondary alkaloids that contribute to a balanced experience are only in trace amounts in most extracts. 

Either way, plain-leaf, extracts or anything else - users shouldn't be habitually slamming increasingly higher and higher serving sizes at greater and greater frequencies. We can't do that with a compound that engages neurotransmitters and not expect to gain a tolerance.

If that sounds preachy - it is - I've admittedly been that guy with many substances and it always plays out the same way...

Make sure you craft a healthy relationship with Kratom and have an informed and pre-planned strategy to prevent Kratom tolerance if you are considering regular use.

How I Use Kratom Extracts

My approach to incorporating and managing Kratom extracts is fairly simple -

My extract use is very deliberate and highly situationally dependent.

When I use Kratom extracts - I will almost always have a specific situational physical or state of mind that I'm trying to achieve for a short period of 1 to 3 hours. 

I'm rarely just taking extracts for the hell of it.

Generally speaking -

I use extracts 0-3 times a week. 

Very rarely will I use more than 120mg MIT (extracts) a day or in a single-serving.

I will generally use 20-40mg MIT and reevaluate if I need more every 15-30 minutes. I usually gradually land at a 60-120mg MIT over a 1-3 hour period.

This is similar to my approach to plain-leaf - I will put 8 grams of Kratom in a bottle and sip it over 1-3 hours.

I'm not the "shotgun" type and toss & wash never fit me.

Further, I don't "combine" plain-leaf and extracts at the exact same time.

My extract experience is generally at the very tail-end of a plain-leaf resonation or after a previous plain-leaf serving has completely worn off.

I'm hyperaware of my resonation (Kratom effects) and generally can dial it in pretty well when I need to. I definitely "miss" sometimes and that's a bummer, more on that another time.

Here are the situations in which I find Kratom extracts to be beneficial:

Why (When) I Use Kratom Extracts

Through 17+ years of Kratom, I've become ultra-conscious of how every Kratom strain (Happy Hippo's are very consistent) regulates my physical and psychological state.

All the strains are quite predictable when you have used them hundreds of times.

Extracts are no different, I know when they can benefit me or if they are unnecessary or overkill.

#1 Kratom Extracts For Late-Night "Peak Flow State"

As a Father of 2 and a business owner of 3, I do my very best work when everyone is asleep and there are few distractions.  

For example, it is 4:36 am and I'm writing this blog post in one of those flow states.

It's always been this way.

I'm very nocturnal.

What is "Flow State"?

Basically, "Flow State" is simply "being in the zone".

In this state - I can efficiently organize my thoughts and translate them into words.

Thoughts arrive like butterflies. 

We've all been there, this state is precious. 

While I can often reach a "Peak Flow State" from different plain-leaf strains (often mixing different strains that I haven't used in a while) in combination with various nootropic dietary supplements, carefully timed MIT extracts are beneficial to achieving (or prolonging) an acute flow state.

Here is my "Peak Flow State" protocol -

  • 6-8 grams of a Moderate Strain¬†or¬†Moderate-Slow Mix (sipped over 1-2 hours)¬†to induce flow or partial-flow state
  • 20-60mg of Kratom extracts (MIT) to enhance or prolong this state (within 2-3 hours)

For creative tasks, I generally do best on Moderate Kratom (e.g. Happy Hippo I, Elite Elephant) or Moderate-Slow Kratom (specifically, Happy Hippo II). I don't know if there's anything universally unique about these specific strains but they seem to work well for me to create this 'Flow State'.

I will sip on 6-8 grams of Moderate/Moderate-Slow for 1-3 hours. If a partial Flow State is realized, I will use 20-60mg of MIT over the next 1-2 hours to enhance it.

That has been my formula for the past few years.

Notably: I don't try to create Flow State via extracts on more than 2 or 3 nights in a row. While I certainly use Kratom for 'productivity' this acute Flow State (productivity + MAXIMUM PRECISION) is a higher level that I reserve for work-intensive nights. For example, I wouldn't waste Flow State for late-night mundane tasks. 

Lack of sleep, dehydration, or pre-existing stress is highly detrimental to creating Flow State.

The Science (Neurotransmitters) Behind 'Flow State'

#2 Kratom Extracts For Late-Night Workouts

Kratom is a hidden gem if you work out late at night and can't afford to slam down a traditional heavily caffeinated pre-workout or energy drink that will keep you awake until the sun comes up.

Kratom extracts are ideal for "short-term" energy (1-3 hours) and as a replacement for longer-lasting stimulants. 

Moreover, Kratom can be a beneficial alternative for fitness enthusiasts who heavily lean on traditional stimulants and are often "tired and wired".

Functionally speaking, Kratom extracts are particularly beneficial for compound lifts (bench press, squats, deadlifts) that require intense energy and mind-muscle connection.

Kratom is also excellent for supporting appetite suppression.

While my physical fitness is far from what it used to be, I will use Kratom extracts and a non-stimulant pre-workout (Gorilla Mind - is Happy Hippo's brother company, you'll get an excellent product back by the same no-risk return policy) to hit the gym late-night.

This is the "late night gym" protocol -

  • 1-3 hours before the gym, I will take 6-8 grams of Fast plain-leaf Kratom strain (e.g. Hyper Hippo, Rockstar Hippo, or Thunder Hippo).
  • 30 minutes¬†before¬†the gym, I will down a non-stimulant pre-workout.
  • 10 minutes before the gym I will take 60mg of MIT.
  • 30 to 60 minutes into my workout, I will reevaluate if I¬†need to take an additional 60mg of MIT.¬†

^ Serving sizes will vary but that timing should apply to everyone.

Some people find that Kratom extracts will keep them awake but I don't find that to be the case. I can take 60-120mg of MIT at 3 am and be fast asleep by 5 am. The MIT experience is acute but fairly short-lived compared to other compounds.

Flexing at Seaworld In Front of a Milk Jug
Judging by the long cargo shorts - this is the early 2010s.

#3 Kratom Extracts to Convert a Moderate Strain into a Fast(er) Strain

Incorporating "MIT-majority" Kratom extract will "add stimulation" to any plain-leaf strain or resonation.

MIT tends to add Fast or "Ultra-Fast" (when used as a standalone) element.

This is what I'm doing in examples #1 and #2 above.

I'm "speeding up" the plain-leaf experience by introducing concentrated MIT alkaloids. 

This can be done with any Moderate strain, if I want to quickly "speed up" a Moderate resonation - adding a serving of MIT will do so.

I rarely do this though if not seeking "Flow State" though.

As long as I'm not 5 hours from bedtime, simply adding caffeine (30-50mg, basically 1 - 12oz diet soda) is my go-to.

Adding MIT to speed up or enhance a Moderate experience is an option though.

Caffeine in popular beverages via "The Spruce"

#4 Kratom Extracts to Convert a Slow Strain into a Faster-Slow Strain

Likewise, a MIT-majority Kratom extract can speed up Slow strains. 

Slow strains are meant for relaxation and relief but there is definitely potential for the undesirable "couch potato" effect.

Often this "couch potato" effect is simply the result of a serving size that needs to be lowered (next time - lower the serving size before considering incorporating any additional MIT). 

See how the smaller serving size goes.

If you've taken a much smaller serving and still find yourself dragging (but like the strain's effects otherwise), adding some MIT on top of it might do the trick. 

Besides experimenting with different alkaloid profile ratios, I don't find myself adding MIT extracts to my Slow strains.

Other than the Chocolate Kratom variety and Red Kali, there are no strains that give me the [seldom desired] "couch potato" effect. For me, there's not a lot of reason to "top off" a Slow strain with MIT. 

I'm pretty on point with my serving sizes and timing.

Admittedly, a handful of times a year - I'll miss and turn into a Kratom couch potato or get the wobbles. It's almost always a result of an over-serving or a new farmer's inferior/unbalanced product that we don't bring to market.

This rarely happens but when the wobbles strike - I simply let it pass and don't reach for the MIT.

That would be my advice until you really know what you're doing. 

Throwing MIT at the wobbles could make things worse!

Sassy Grandpa Larry Hippo at the Old Facility (2019)
"Sassy Hippo" was appropriately dedicated to him after he passed away

#5 Kratom Extracts for Unplanned Acute Energy or Social Stimulation

As discussed, I'm very deliberate and precise with my serving sizes and timing. 

If I'm going to utilize a Kratom extract - it is planned in advance around my plain-leaf schedule.

Surprises happen though. 

Unplanned tasks and activities that require energy and attention.

Unexpected visitors who require social stimulation. 

In these cases, Kratom extracts are a quick pivot and very useful. 

Still, my extract serving size will be based on how much plain leaf is active in my system.

The energy/social extract pivot might be unplanned but the serving size is very much planned. 

Believe it or not - I have never taken "too much" of an extract (beyond getting some jitters and being somewhat overstimulated). 

Notably, my "strategic application of extracts" is only something I've been doing for about 2-3 years / since Happy Hippo finally has very good-tasting extract products.

I never used the early-industry "jet fuel" tasting products.  

In fact, I was long weary of Kratom extracts (I still somewhat am, if I'm not using ours) and concerned that extracts would drastically raise my baseline plain-leaf tolerance (not quite the case - extracts can raise your MIT tolerance but not the numerous other active alkaloids, I'll discuss later) or that I'd like them too much.

Neither was true, in my case.  

These days, shots are my favorite but the Kratom Taffies and Kratom Gummies are quite good too.

Old School Happy Hippo Branding

#6 Kratom Extracts to Overcome/Unlock a Lackluster Plain-Leaf Experience 

Regardless of how much planning I do - I'll have a lackluster plain-leaf experience from time to time.

Sometimes it's the strain, sometimes it's the serving size, sometimes it's just me.

In most cases, I'll just take the 'L' and try again later. 

In some cases, the situation/performance demand matters more and I need a resonation to be in the works. 

In those cases, I'll consider adding a small amount of MIT to see if I can salvage the experience or possibly unlock a good state. 

For the most part, both circumstances are few and far between. 

Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field) partnered with a CBD-beverage brand in 2023
Baseball is America's great pastime and the most traditional major professional sport.
Change is happening right before our eyes.

#7 Kratom Extracts for More Assertiveness and Less Indifference (Weird - I Know...)

In my blog post, "17 Things I Learned From Using Kratom for 17 Years", I discuss the "perpetual indifference" that many daily users experience.

The best way to describe this is - 

The user is content but can be overly indifferent to things they know should matter more.

Simply being mindful that this "over-indifference" (or "over-contentment") can sneak up on you is generally half the battle.

Many people use Kratom to be more content but don't mean to live in an "overly indifferent" state.

In this "overly content" state, you can be taken advantage of by being too agreeable. 

The lines can get blurred when you are genuinely very content.    

For me, I'm fairly conscious of this "over-indifference" and it's more situational-based when I may add more assertiveness.

If I'm going into a situation (e.g. a meeting where serious topics are on the agenda and I need to control the discussion) and I'm in an "overly content" mood - MIT extracts are an option. 

Funny how that works. 

I live the "Kratom Lifestyle" to capture lasting contentment, only to purposely make myself 'more edgy' because I think it's working too well.  

But sometimes the situation calls for it.

August 2019 Partial Happy Hippo Crew
(The H-I-P-P-O balloons didn't seem to stay together)

#8 Calibrating My Sensory State to Unexpected Faster Environments (Breaking "The Ceiling") 

Fast Leaf fans will understand this.

This is similar to #5: Kratom Extracts for Unplanned Acute Energy or Social Stimulation but described differently.

If you follow a disciplined "Kratom Lifestyle" and keep your tolerance in check, the average Kratom serving will generally be "pretty good" but not great.

Once in a while, a unique mix or new strain will be totally wonderful.

But more often - a general slight decrease in effectiveness and a "ceiling" comes with daily use.

Such is true for Fast Leaf. 

If you use Kratom regularly (especially Fast leaf), eventually - Fast strains are just not as"Fast" (physical energy with mental acuity) as they used to be. The experience isn't stale, it's just not entirely what you want.

Usually the "Fast Leaf ceiling" isn't a huge deal but sometimes it's a bummer to not hit the stimulation potential that I'm truly seeking.

If you follow the Kratom Lifestyle and experience "The Ceiling" for Fast strain potential -

It's easy to get "sensory overload" in environments that are inconsistent with your mood or state (or strain resonation, in our case).

When "sensory overload" happens, it's hard to even think, let alone enjoy yourself. 

Here's a perfect example of "environmental Kratom calibration for sensory overload" from a couple of weeks ago -

We had booked a reservation for a Mother's Day lunch.

On queue, I brought my 7-8 gram serving of Red Hot Hippo (Elite Red Maeng Da) with me.

Same as always.

Red Hot Hippo is a Fast leaf but it is a "Slower-Fast" Maeng Da variety as a more balanced Red with less potential for "jitterbugs" (irritability). It works well for "social stuff" that isn't nightlife or super high energy. I rarely use Fast strains, Red Hot Hippo seemed like a good choice for lunch.  

Predictability - when we got to the restaurant, it was pretty busy.

No big deal. 

What I didn't predict is... there was a DJ blasting trance music and our table was going to be right next to the speaker.

Oh great.

Seriously - a DJ blasting trance music at a Mother's Day lunch at a family restaurant...?

The music and the energy were going to be totally overwhelming and this whole experience was already setting up to be a real drag. 

In this situation, I planned to "calibrate my sensory state" via a MIT extract to the unexpected Fast environment that required a more vibrant cognitive state to enjoy (or semi-tolerate).

Thankfully - 

Within about 5 minutes, we decided to go elsewhere.

No one was interested in sitting next to a huge random speaker blasting club music for a Mother's Day lunch. The food is mid at this place anyway.

Crisis averted!

But I had my MIT extract on hand just in case...

It might seem a little insane how consciously prepared I am to adjust my state but this is literally why I use Kratom. 

Some of you can relate -

Unlike more naturally extroverted people, I'm also the type that becomes exponentially irritated when I feel my social state slipping due to unexpected annoying circumstances. It is hard to snap out of and I drag everyone down with me.

I don't like to be that person but I swear to God - I can't help it.

This issue was A LOT worse before I discovered Kratom.

Kratom is great for calibrating to unforeseen circumstances if you keep your serving sizes agile and are prepared to pivot.

We Try To Do Local Community Service Once a Month 

#9 Kratom Extracts for Higher MIT Experimentation 

Despite 17+ years of Kratom and a disciplined Kratom schedule, I still experiment.

I'm always trying to learn about this truly special Leaf - particularly the synergies of various alkaloid profiles and how they can be utilized for peak performance or adaptation. 

Moreover, I'm a primary team member for Happy Hippo's Quality Assurance. I'm ultimately in charge of making sure we don't release an average plain-leaf strain or uncalibrated mix that pisses everyone off. 

While I only use Kratom extracts to "top off" plain-leaf toward the very end of a resonation - I definitely like to see how "added MIT" affects various plain-leaf profiles. 

Sometimes I strike gold.

Kratom is fascinating and I think we've only scratched the surface in unlocking its true potential. 

Historical: Happy Hippo Halloween Party (2018)

#10 Kratom Extract for Physical Therapy Focus Maximization  

I have a recurring back issue from an old hockey injury (2004 - I crashed into the boards unimpeded going 15-16 mph), worsened by a deadlifting accident ~5 years later and gradual muscular atrophy from sitting at a computer every day 10+ hours a day for 15 years. 

Supposedly, my injury is just a "lower back strain" and is not structural. 

But damn if this "lower back strain" isn't completely incapacitating (often accompanied by back spasms), I can't even pick up my kids let alone tie my shoes when it gets aggravated. 

Obviously, Kratom is helpful for physical discomfort but more recently - under a doctor's supervision - I've been using Kratom extracts during my physical therapy sessions.

MIT simply helps the 'mind-muscle connection' at physical therapy - just like any workout.

During physical therapy or any rehabilitation protocol - you shouldn't be feeling any pain. The extracts are not to "block the pain", it's more of a "form-focus" thing. I'm very "present". If you feel pain, stop immediately. 

Physical therapy has really been great for me.

It takes work and focus though. 

From realigning my baseline posture - I've rediscovered nearly 1" in height now that I simply stand up straight and my neck is properly positioned.

With our eyes always on our mobile phones, this starting point actually isn't terribly uncommon (it can be fixed!) -

23 months of Physical Therapy
The impact on "Desk Neck" is undeniable!
(Green = where my spine should be | Red = where it is)

#11 Kratom Extracts to Be a Better Father and Husband (Enthusiasm Emotional Support for Others) 

Here's the last one.

I thought of it tonight.

As a Father of 2 (a toddler and an infant), it's quite a life adjustment compared to when I had near full control of my bandwidth and headspace. 

While I will always largely credit Kratom for the 'patience' that it gives me, not far behind is the 'enthusiasm' that it provides. 

As an adult with kids, I've learned that it is VERY easy to just go through the motions of life. This is even more true from 'perpetual contentment/indifference' from the Kratom Lifestyle. (see #7 above) 

Day after day, same motions, same emotions, same routine - repeat x 24-7-365.

That is particularly true when I'm totally drained at the end of the day and counting the minutes until the kids are asleep. 

While I only use MIT a couple of times weekly, I've recently been 'saving' it for those last few hours before my kids sleep. 

This is a fairly new thing. 

For example -

Instead of just reading a 'good night' book to my son in a monotone voice and turning the pages, I legitimately will have enthusiasm in mind, body, and voice.

I'm more engaged.

He's more engaged.

We're more engaged. 

It's a pretty big statement but - 

I may have unlocked a different level of bonding with my children from "Dad's late-night stories" that I didn't previously have on nights when I was running on empty.

The same is true for when I'm needed to support my wife.  

Being a mother, especially to young children, is a far more demanding experience than being a father. I admit it. Couple that with postpartum hormonal fluctuation - new and expecting mothers often require attentive emotional support - especially during those last few hours of the day. 

Although my wife doesn't use Kratom extracts (she just doesn't respond well, we've tried), my after-hours enthusiasm, steadfastness, and emotional availability really help her state on those tough nights. 

Rapid-onset extracts often give me enthusiasm to push through the final hours of the day and lift everyone else up. 

I've always understood when our fellow Warriors say, "Kratom made me a better parent and spouse."

But now I'm living it first-hand.  

Kratom can be really clutch for the family.

Kids change everything.  

Will Kratom Extracts Greatly Increase Your Tolerance to Plain-Leaf Kratom?

Yes and no. 

It always depends on how much you take and how often.

I nearly entirely avoided extracts for the better part of a decade simply because I thought my tolerance would go sky-high by using a couple of shots during a given week.

In hindsight - this was the safe play and I don't regret it.

Before I go into the following topic, please note that Kratom pharmacology is not my background. I will try to make sense of it for the average consumer based on my observations. 

We'll have to talk about this topic in greater depth, but the short explanation is -

Kratom extracts contain high concentrations of Mitragynine aka "MIT".

MIT is one of the primary alkaloids in Kratom but it is only 1 of 40 different known Kratom alkaloids.

The "Other" Kratom Alkaloids 
You May Not Know Us But We Know You!

While MIT is the most 'active' compound, there are at least 39 other "secondary" Kratom alkaloids that vary from strain-to-strain and batch-to-batch that may have a considerable or synergistic effect on your experience (even the alkaloids that are not thought to be pharmacologically active).

That is why plain-leaf feels different than extracts. 

In theory, you are getting a very different Kratom profile, especially with the Moderate and Slower strains.

While MIT-majority Kratom extracts can certainly raise your tolerance to MIT, extracts contain far less of the "other alkaloids" that are also responsible for your experience. 

This isn't a green light to start slamming down extracts but rather my perspective on how light/moderate use may not affect plain-leaf tolerance as much as I once thought. 

As a plain-leaf hyper-responder, I tend to react better to strains (batches) that test LOWER in MIT but presumably have higher concentrations of the other alkaloids. 

The "other alkaloid" content is probably really significant to my experience. I react better to plain-leaf than MIT as a standalone. 

To date, I can't give you a rule of thumb that even semi-comprehends what alkaloid ratio constitutes "my ideal experience" and I probably never will.

Aside from MIT (and 7-Hydroxymitagynine aka 7-OH), we don't really know how the "other" 38 known plain-leaf alkaloids function or interact.

Future studies on Kratom may reveal some insight into what's been going on this whole time!

You can always see the "MIT" content on the sticker of Happy Hippo bags
(There's a lot more to Kratom than just MIT though!)   

My Final Thoughts on Kratom Extracts (Pour Conclure)

My understanding of Kratom extracts and their strategic application has really improved in the past few years.

I hope some of these thoughts were insightful. 

It's a nuanced subject. 

In my opinion -

If you use Kratom on a regular basis, plain-leaf should be your foundation.

Still, I know several people who actually do the opposite (and use plain-leaf on "off-days"). I can't comment on exactly what their day-to-day baseline state or tolerance is since I really don't truly know how much MIT they are taking or what happens if they stop taking extracts. 

Years ago, I would consider this to be very reckless but it all depends on the quantities used.

I use extracts these days but my tolerance is WAY lower than when I took over 100 grams of plain-leaf daily.

I react better to plain-leaf so thankfully my approach above works great. 

What I know for sure is -

There is "use" and "abuse". 

I've been on both sides.

If you use plain-leaf or extracts, please make sure you consciously maintain a healthy relationship with Kratom or any botanical that you incorporate into your life. 

Kratom or no Kratom, if you are concerned about your health, get these blood tests and talk to your physician.  

Thank you for reading, if you found this post helpful or have future topics that we should cover, don't hesitate to comment below.

Please note: we are not allowed to publish comments that contain "medical claims" or any suggestions that Kratom is a replacement for prescription medications. 

As of May 2024, unfortunately, our blog commenting system only supports individual comments so we can't reply to any questions. We will read every comment though!

Please note that all comments are reviewed and must be approved before being published.

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