Should I Use Kratom Everyday? (A Deep Dive)

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(12 Considerations for Informed Decision to the Kratom Lifestyle)

Should I Use Kratom Everyday? (A Deep Dive)
June 21, 2024
17 min read

Is Taking Kratom Everyday Worth It? 

The short answer is -

Some people will do well and stick to responsible daily use.

Some people do not. 

It really depends on why you use Kratom in the first place and a host of other considerations. 

I've used plain leaf Kratom every day for the past decade and I've thought long and hard about the positives and negatives.

I respond very well to Kratom and I am a true believer. 

My thoughts are simply considerations based on my personal experience. It is not to suggest that my experience is typical or that you will experience identical results. 

This blog post only considers responsible daily use of plain leaf Kratom, not extracts or other powerful concentrated forms.

Quick Bio -

  • My name is Chris and a father of two.¬†
  • I'm a 41-year-old male with a clean bill of heath.
  • I've used Kratom for 17 Years.
  • I've used Kratom daily for the past decade.¬†(here's how I go about it)
  • My serving sizes are 7-8 grams, sipped over 1-2 hours, 2 to 4 times a day - this equates to 14 to 32 grams a day. I know daily users who use both way more and way less than this amount and are seemingly satisfied.¬†
  • I largely use Kratom for patience, concentration, and mood.
  • I am willing to accept the level of dependency that I have achieved. (more on that later)

Living the "Kratom Lifestyle" is a big decision.

You can always change your mind but it should be an informed decision and not something that just "happens" to you.  

There can be a physical and psychological dependence from using Kratom on a daily basis. 

Although plain-leaf Kratom presents a considerably lower "risk" when used responsibly compared to other substances - the potential for "habit-forming dependency" shouldn't be completely overlooked. 

The Kratom Lifestyle requires responsible planning, self-discipline, and vigilance until it becomes second nature.  

In this blog post, I'll discuss who may be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle and who may not. 

To be honest -

I have been on both sides of the spectrum.

I've clung to the Kratom Lifestyle as an emotional crutch and because I had a lack of direction in my life.

Ironically, it was a "crutch" that ultimately got me back on my proverbial feet, quieted my loud inner voice and kept me focused. It took years though.

These days, the Kratom Lifestyle helps me to optimize my mood and performance while building businesses and starting a family.

There's been a lot of ups and downs in my life since I discovered Kratom in 2005.

Kratom has helped me navigate some of these periods and I will be forever thankful for this special plant. Although I use less Kratom these days, it has truly changed the course of my life.

Just about any alternate history of my life without Kratom is not better than the one I have today.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, keep in mind -

Kratom is simply a tool.

Kratom can be a very effective tool that can positively enhance your life.

Or Kratom can be yet another self-inflicted habit that you simply use to "feel normal" or negatively impact your quality of life.

The Usual Disclaimer: As of June 2024, Kratom is not a dietary supplement or drug. Kratom is a plant that can used by adults to make tea beverages. There are no legitimate 'medical applications' for Kratom mentioned or suggested below. 

The ‚ÄúKratom Lifestyle‚ÄĚ is not for everyone. For me, it has largely (but not entirely) been a positive. Others, however, are better off using Kratom intermittently or not at all. Everyone is different, and circumstances and results will vary.

Here are my suggestions to consider to make an informed decision:

#1 You Can Legitimately Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Kratom 

This is key.

You know yourself best.

In my opinion - a "healthy relationship" isn't necessarily a universal daily serving size. Efficacious serving sizes vary from person to person.

If I had to draw a line in the sand - to be TOTALLY free of any dependency I think most people should stay below 5 grams a day. That is pretty conservative but a lot of our Happy Hippo staff only use 1-2 grams a day. 

A healthy relationship involves the discipline to not greatly and habitually exceed your effective daily serving size, which will raise your tolerance and foster over-dependence.

That said -

Life throws us curveballs and there will be lousy days from time to time.

You might have more Kratom than planned on a certain day.

Maybe you take more Kratom than you should for a couple of days.

It happens.

But if you can honestly not let "days" of overuse turn into "weeks" of overuse - that is a healthy relationship in my book.

A general rule of thumb is - if I exceed my daily Kratom serving on a particular day, I will make certain that I use less than my "daily limit" on the following day - no matter what.

If I have to plan my schedule around it - I'll do that.  

These days - if I exceed my daily baseline Kratom serving - I won't beat myself up too much. I'll just take less the following day(s).

This has worked for me.

The key is to not days turn into WEEKS or MONTHS of increasing habitual overuse.

If you can do that - you should be fine.

Just be willing to "sit it out" or use less and just deal with any added irritability (that you otherwise could squash) for a day or three to keep your big-picture tolerance in check.

It definitely helped to "prove to myself" that I could get through life just fine with a lower serving size for a week or month. It's often a mental thing if you aren't taking huge amounts daily.

Our mind and body adapt pretty quickly in both directions.

Further, Kratom or no Kratom, it helps to capture some natural endorphins from opportunities that our universe offers. Even if you have to "go through the motions", just do it, eventually the natural Happy chemicals trickle through and you might even "forget" to take your planned Kratom serving. 

If you can honestly maintain a healthy relationship with Kratom by keeping a very consistent daily serving intake - you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.

#2 You Have the Financial Means to Use a Clean High-End Kratom Product

This is equally as important.

If you are consuming anything on a daily basis - whether it's water, meat, fruit, vegetables - it's super important that you aren't introducing regular servings of bacteria, pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals or endocrine disruptors into your system.

If you are repeatedly consuming a toxic food or beverage into your body on a daily basis, you will eventually have issues.

Kratom is no different.

It's a tea leaf.

Regularly using a clean, bacteria-free, sterilized, 3rd party lab-evaluated, foreign-grown product will often require paying a little more for the added safety testing standards. That won't be found at the bathtub ziplock bag vendors.

Notably -

99.99% of the Kratom that I have used over my decade of daily use is the same Leaf that is offered on this website. I know what's in the product (and what is not). 

We have never had to do a recall at Happy Hippo.

Our product is sterilized before lab testing beyond AKA-GMP protocols.
(see: #2 Legitimate Consumer Safety Protocols for more information)

As of June 2024, there are no official regulatory safety guidelines around Kratom. No company is required to test anything or even provide a safe product that is acceptable for daily use.

If you don't have the financial means to consume a sterile, clean, and consistent Leaf - I would highly suggest NOT using Kratom on a daily basis.

Furthermore, in order to retain effects/avoid tolerance as a daily user, it is super important to "rotate" multiple strains (this requires a financial commitment and always having multiple strains at your disposal).

The good news is - regardless of where you purchase Kratom - you generally get what you pay for. More expensive Leaf is generally safer and tends to work better (so you don't have to use as much, in theory).

The Kratom Lifestyle is definitely a financial decision but don't let it be a health decision!

If you have the disposable income to consistently use a clean, treated, and sterile Kratom product - you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle. 

Happy Hippo was one of the original AKA-GMP certified vendors

#3 You Are Willing to Accept Some Level of Dependency

Anything that you use daily can create a physical and/or psychological dependency. 

Coffee, energy drinks, sweets, salty foods, alcohol, legal medications, and illicit drugs fit this statement. 

Plain Leaf Kratom is no different. 

This dependency will largely be based on how much Kratom you use, your unique biochemistry, and your ability to keep your tolerance in check.

In my experience -

If I'm between 0-14 grams a day, there is little dependence. 

If I'm between 14-32 grams a day (this is what I currently do), the dependency results in some moodiness and minor lethargy. 

If I'm upwards of 32+ grams a day, these side effects can become more pronounced with some lethargy. 

If I'm upwards of 100 grams a day (in my earlier Kratom days), I will wake up with cold sweats and have significant lethargy and apathy after 48 hours. 

At any of those levels, however, there was no strong "craving" for Kratom however. I know what "craving" feels like from "other substances" and it just is not there in my experience.

I will fight this to the death, there is no intense "Kratom craving" or "chasing the dragon". Dependency and addiction are not same thing, as detailed in the "Annals of Medicine: Dependence is not addiction - and it matters"  

To me - "some moodiness and minor lethargy" if I haven't taken Kratom for 18-24 hours is acceptable.

It might not be for you though.

Some people DO NOT like to feel that they are dependent on anything.  

If you are the type that "DOESN'T WANT TO RELY ON NOTHING" (- my Dad, age 92, throwback warrior generation), I'd stay away from using Kratom on a daily basis.

If you are willing to accept some level of self-determined dependency, fully understand what that actually feels like and base your daily servings around that number (and not exceed it) - you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.

This definitely happens.

#4 You Can Feel "Normal" Without Kratom
(Get Medical Diagnostics If Your "Normal" is Not Normal)

Everyone has a different "normal" baseline, so this is hard to universally pinpoint. 

"Your normal" might not be someone else's "normal". 

Some of our Kratom Warriors have not felt "normal" in years due to unfortunate ongoing physically debilitating circumstances and greatly depend on this special plant to have a "normal" quality of life. 

I'm not really talking about those circumstances. 

Those Warriors need Kratom the most and why Kratom needs to remain legal.

I'm largely speaking about those who should be feeling "normal" but they aren't for some reason. 

For example -

  • You are always fatigued.
  • You are always feeling sad.
  • You are always feeling angry.
  • You are always feeling indifferent.
  • Everything feels like a drag or a monumental task.
  • You only feel these emotions.¬†
  • You have a loud 'inner voice' that doesn't turn off¬†and constantly reminds you of these emotions.
  • You have no motivation.¬†
  • You have no discipline or consistency.¬†
  • Your¬†hygiene is slipping but you don't care as much as you should.
  • You get extremely irritated and overwhelmed by otherwise insignificant things often outside of your control.¬†
  • You feel like everything is completely outside of your control.¬†
  • You notice skin, hair, and nails issues that never existed.
  • Something isn't right...

Those symptoms. 

If this resembles your day-to-day, it is often a sign of an undiagnosed medical issue, often (and hopefully) easily treatable with medical intervention. I highly encourage you get these blood tests.

If you are in this category - it's counterproductive to use Kratom as a band-aid to "feel normal". 

If you have any of those symptoms above, just tell your doctor and your health insurance will generally pay for most of those blood tests if you've met your deductible.

If you don't have health insurance, just use Walk-In-Lab (no affiliation with Happy Hippo) or a similar private online lab requisition service. If you really want the head-to-toe white-glove concierge medical experience, I recommend Marek Health (also no affiliation with Happy Hippo but I know the owners and I'm a tele-patient).

Don't get me wrong, Kratom can be a great "band-aid" but it's much better to get to the route of the issue, to understand it and fix it.

The daily Kratom can wait, let's get the health right if something is going on.

Ideally, we want to use Kratom to optimize wellbeing and performance - not just to "feel normal" for a few hours at a time. 

If you aren't using Kratom to cover up an undiagnosed medical issue, you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.  

My Personal Medical Results After 17+ Years of Kratom 

#5 You Are Willing for Daily Kratom to be "Pretty Good" but not Always Great

I love Kratom.

But the Kratom Lifestyle almost guarantees my daily servings will not have optimal effects. 

There is a level of tolerance and a "ceiling" on effects that will settle in for all of us who use Kratom every day. 

Once in a while, a new or seldom used strain (often a unique mix) will have excellent 10/10 effects but 7/10 or 8/10 is the norm for me. 

I definitely sometimes miss the "10/10 Kratom Hug" that a new strain on fresh receptors can yield.

However, I'd miss the daily benefits of Kratom a lot more.

For me, the Kratom Lifestyle is worth it. 

In my book - if your daily servings are mostly "pretty good" in effects at a similar serving size - you are likely doing it right. 

Just don't expect to have the ideal Kratom experience at every serving if you sign up for the daily Kratom Lifestyle.

I know several people who rather use their favorite Kratom strains a few times a week to have truly excellent effects rather than every day to only have averagely good effects. 

It's really a personal decision and largely depends on why you use Kratom in the first place. 

If you are willing to accept "good but not always great" effects, you could be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.

While Kratom doesn't give me "wings", it most definitely helps me be "present".

#6 You Need Physical Discomfort Relief (And Kratom is the Safest Option)

For some of our Kratom Warriors, going "without" a remedy for physical discomfort is NOT an option. 

It's not a matter of "sucking it up" when you can't even stand on your feet.

When people say "Kratom saved my life", it is often from the Kratom Warriors who physically rely on our magic plant to avoid the harder alternatives.

For others - Kratom isn't necessarily "life or death" but is definitely a matter of LIFE OR NO LIFE.

Quality of life is everything.

If physical discomfort or "non-medical aches and pains" require additional support and you have determined (with your doctor) that using Kratom is the safest alternative - you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.

Our industry is changing by the day but these Kratom Warriors will always be our heartbeat.
(The Long March - Washington DC 2016)

#7 You Are Willing to Accept that Life May Be More Enjoyable but Less Exciting

This is an interesting one that I covered in "17 Things I Learned About Kratom - #13" 

In my experience, due to my Kratom Lifestyle, my natural "highs" are not as pronounced. Likewise my natural "lows" are not as drastic either. 

There is definitely less raw emotion in my life. 

There is continuous emotional stability.

While this balance is favorable for many of us, it's not necessarily the best choice for those who crave life's peak and most rewarding emotional states.

If I had to describe my life in 2 words, it would be -

Consistent contentment.  

By rotating strains like my quality of life depends on it - I largely avoid "blunting" emotions too drastically. 

If you are willing to accept less excitement in exchange for "balance", you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle. 


#8 You Are Willing to Eat Less Food 

This is generally a good thing for most people as well. 

Kratom really is the world's best-kept secret for appetite suppression support.

Aside from the direct effects on appetite, I'm less likely to eat junk food since I am not craving the dopamine hit.

A lot of compulsive behaviors are the furthest thing from my mind. 

While I don't suggest that the average person use Kratom solely for diet modulation (many fitness enthusiasts use Kratom as part of their planned cutting and dieting protocol), the appetite suppression support is VERY pronounced in my experience. 

Daily Kratom users sometimes joke that "the money we save on food" offsets the net investment in their Kratom Lifestyle.  

It's important to get your calories and vitamins in though. Nutritional deficiencies are rare in the Western World but I thought I'd mention it.

Don't solely use Kratom to lose weight but if you are willing to eat less food (but supplement accordingly, if needed), you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle. 

#9 You Are Willing to Be Less Physically Active (Personal Experience) 

This one is subjective and many health and fitness-minded people will push back.

I'm less motivated to be physically active due to the Kratom Lifestyle.

Perhaps this effect is more psychological than physiological. 
(after all - Thai laborers historically used Kratom specifically to increase their physical performance output) 

In my case, sometime in my 30's, I traded the "bodybuilding lifestyle" for the Kratom Lifestyle. 

I was extremely physically active in my 20's and in the gym 5 days a week. 

These days, despite being 10-15 pounds overweight by BMI standards, I have little desire to live anything close to that intense fitness lifestyle.

However, I believe my "consistent contentment" has gradually interfered with my ability and desire to seek the natural endorphins found in the gym.

I hit the gym 3 or 4 days a week during the early years of my Kratom Lifestyle - so it's certainly not impossible. 

I've found this is highly serving-size dependent and it certainly depends on which strains you lean on. I generally use Moderate and Slow Leaf and specifically save the Fast strains for physical activity - so they tend to work really well. 

On the flip side, I'd probably be 25-30 pounds overweight if it weren't for Kratom's appetite suppression support. 

Still, Kratom's emotional stability and motivational effects are excellent to keep me focused on my non-physical goals.

It's definitely been worth it for me.

If you are willing to be less physically active (or willing to resist this sedentary state), you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle. 

Apparently we had a "Wrap Yourself in Toilet Paper Day" at Happy Hippo.
Might have been Halloween though...?

#10 You Are Willing to Accept a Lower Sex Drive (Daily Serving Size Dependent)

Since we are on the "endorphin" topic, this is relevant but also highly serving size dependent. 

It is also dependent on your age and likewise - testosterone levels (men) and estrogen levels (females).  

In my experience -

When I used upwards of 100+ grams of Kratom a day, my libido was pretty low, especially as the day progressed.

Between 14-32 grams (current) is probably lower than normal but mostly combatted with keeping testosterone levels >500ng/dL.
(notably: 1 to 2 days after a short-ester testosterone/HCG shot my libido will be higher than normal, so this is very manageable for me)

At 5-10 grams a day, my libido was mostly unaffected. It's been years since I consistently used less than 10 grams a day so it's hard to say how it would affect me today.

On the flip-side, in my "high testosterone" gym-bro days, I remember what it's like to have a hyperactive libido and it's not a state that is easy to concentrate in.

I'm 41 now and can totally accept a low-normal libido that I can largely manipulate if needed.

There's evidence that Kratom can [theoretically] lower sex drive.

There's also evidence that Kratom doesn't lower sex drive.

In my non-medical opinion, like most "Kratom's side effects", this will be largely determined by your daily serving size, serving frequency, age, gender, and personal endocrine (hormonal) and emotional baselines.

If you are willing to accept the potential for a lower sex drive, you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.

This study from Wake Forest Medical Center took a deep dive into Kratom's effects on men's sex drive, function, and overall satisfaction.

#11 You Are Willing to Forgo Other Psychoactive Substances (Personal Experience)

This one won't apply to everyone.

Due to the Kratom Lifestyle, many "other substances" mostly have negligible effect on me or are simply not desirable.  

I don't really use Kratom as a 'harm reduction' tool but it still has positive effects in this category.

Sounds weird, but hear me out... 

Alcohol and Kratom Doesn't Work For Me

Drinking alcohol is at the top of my list for stuff that "doesn't even work anymore" due to the Kratom Lifestyle. 

Instead of the normal Happy and socially lubricating effects, alcohol acts like a total sedative and makes me not want to speak to anyone. 

Notably, this sensation wears off pretty quickly and I'm back to baseline. 

I don't know if this was always the case but it definitely has been that way for years.

For me -

Drinking alcohol just doesn't result in a better state so there's not a lot of reason to drink.

I feel like this is more common than is discussed. Judging by the emails to customer service, countless people have ditched alcohol for a healthier lifestyle with Kratom. 

Alcohol definitely felt "different" before Kratom. 

Cannabis and Kratom Isn't For Me 

I've never really been into that 420 high life. 

As a tightly wound goal-oriented person who was obsessed with performance enhancing drugs in my 20's and early 30's, cannabis never really fit me. 

Ironically, at the time, cannabis was probably what I needed and "turn it off" but it was illegal at the time, wasn't entirely socially acceptable and I didn't hang with those who partook.

Still, Slow Leaf Kratom works a lot better to "turn it off".

I don't think cannabis works any better or worse for me on the Kratom Lifestyle, I don't use it as it just messes up my generally feeling above-average Kratom state.  

Random fact - the first time I used cannabis was on my final day of college at the University of Florida at Tom Petty's Old House (it had since become a party house).

I know - late bloomer, my last day of college.

I remember getting in my car and thinking "damn, after this weed stuff, I shouldn't be driving..." (so I didn't). Kratom is nowhere near as intoxicating!

Other Illicit Substances and Kratom (Less is More) 

Although I'm over two decades from my 20's, I'm well aware once a hardcore addiction starts - it never goes away.

There is no craving or desire to use other illicit substances or unnecessary psychoactive prescription drugs. 

While I have my life together these days, it wasn't always like that and I was definitely "at risk". I credit Kratom with keeping me focused and grinding.

No question.

I'm also still semi-paranoid that I will "mess up" the daily effectiveness and productivity of my Kratom lifestyle, so I avoid anything hardcore that may jeopardize that.  

If you are willing to potentially totally shut the door on alcohol and drugs (honestly - not everyone really is), the Kratom Lifestyle might be for you.

Happy Hippo Canned Food Drive For Charity
(September 2023)

#12 You Are Willing Accept the Challenges and Inconveniences of the "Kratom Lifestyle"

"The Kratom Lifestyle" is definitely a lifestyle.

It's not unlike the fitness lifestyle where you have to precisely plan and prepare your meals, training schedule, training routine, dietary supplements/gear, and sleep hours.

In addition, there is a notable financial investment in anabolic-friendly foods, products, and personal time. Additionally, some people think it's strange and you have to deal with their jokes or perceptions.    

The Kratom Lifestyle requires commitment and foresight.

Here's a very basic list of "challenges" (inconveniences) while using Kratom responsibility on a daily basis that come to mind -

  • You have to plan your strains and servings around situational-dependent activities.¬†
  • You have to¬†bring your Kratom with you, especially multiple strains for extended travel which can be a hassle. (I have never had any issue flying with Kratom. I will take a 1oz bag on the plane and the rest in my suitcase)
  • You have to plan on how you are going to mix up your powder if you are not at your house.¬†
  • Although Kratom was found to not produce "driving impairment" and there was no significant effect on motor vehicle operational performance as reported in the "Journal Traffic Injury Prevention", it is still something that you should keep in mind.
  • You need to know the Kratom laws across the United States and other countries.
  • You may need Kratom to start your day (not unlike coffee or tea). This may require waking up earlier than you otherwise would.
  • You need to keep your personal Kratom supply well-stocked with multiple strains to rotate to avoid tolerance and over-dependence.¬†
  • You have to¬†rely on the vendor's customer service and fulfillment Kratom to deliver an effective and safe product in a time-efficient manner.¬†
  • You have to be mindful of your current Kratom vs. Non-Kratom state of mind. Especially in your relationships.
  • Not unlike caffeine and traditional stimulants, you have time for your Fast strain/"Kratom for energy" servings.¬†¬†
  • You have to be mindful of the Kratom Lifestyle's potential for "perpetual indifference" or "couch potato" effect.¬†¬†
  • You have to explain to others, who might not be as open-minded, what "green powder" is...
  • You have to wipe your kitchen counters way more often!¬†¬†

Many of these challenges become second nature but are worth consideration for the necessary time and financial commitment. 

Again, these are "challenges" to responsible use, not withdrawal from using 200 grams a day or slamming 20 bottles of extract a day.

The Kratom Lifestyle can most certainly become a "job" and it's important that Kratom is enhances your quality of life to justify the commitment.

If you are willing to accept the lesser-discussed day-to-day challenges and inconveniences of responsible use, you might be a candidate for the Kratom Lifestyle.


I'm a believer in the plain leaf Kratom Lifestyle.

Please do your homework on Kratom before you commit to the Kratom Lifestyle.

Look at multiple sources including personal stories, clinical research, and be honest about your personal experience and tendencies.  

While the Kratom Lifestyle has been a decisive plus in my life, my experience is simply my experience.

Daily Kratom is not for everyone.   

I hope this deep dive was useful!

Thank you for reading!

If you found this post insightful or have future topics in mind, please comment below.

Note: as a Kratom vendor, we are not allowed to publish comments that contain "medical claims" or personal stories that discuss prescription drugs. Maybe the rules will change but not as of June 2024!

Please note that all comments are reviewed and must be approved before being published.

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Love these articles

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