The New Happy Hippo Home! (Thank you!)

Welcome to our NEW Happy Hippo home! 😊 

Our hard work has finally paid off. We are beyond grateful. At the end of the day - none of this would have been possible without our loyal customers (YOU!)

Puddles Hippo is working on some BIG things in our new home. Get ready! 

Featured Image depicting Puddles the Hippo character standing next to the sign in front of the Happy Hippo building.
August 25, 2022
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Happy Hippo began selling Kratom in February 2013.
Our family business had one mission - 
To introduce as many people as possible to the highest-quality Kratom products possible.
Kratom is truly a magic plant for so many people.
Regrettably, many newbies get their introduction to our special plant through a gas station or cheap head shop and have a less than favorable experience. They often write off Mitra Tea and never try it again.
This is a real shame -
Many of the people who stand to benefit the most will never try a high-quality source. 
Happy Hippo sought to change that.
This journey has been tough. 
In September 2016, like many family businesses, we were facing a total shutdown of our entire industry.
I remember it like it was yesterday. Customer panic, familial stress, lawyers, and public officials who had no answer. Total destruction of our lives.
We will never forget September 2016.
The years in-between were marked by payment processors shutting down (keeping sales revenues), import restrictions, near-constant media demonization and a daily sense of total uncertainty. 
Thankfully, one phone call, one petition, one email at a time - our community fought off the restriction, pushed through the hardships and WE ARE STILL STANDING.
Large 3-story Happy Hippo Building in a field of green grass under the bright blue sky.
Our new home represents a huge milestone.
Not only a wonderful place for our Happy Hippo family to serve you but a symbol that our community will prevail. 
At the end of the day though - our wonderful customers are truly responsible for this milestone.  
Thank you for your trust and support over the years. 
It means the world to us. 
We will continue to do our very best to provide you with a safe and highly effective product that will help you on your journey. 
Thank you,
~ Puddles the Happy Hippo ❤️ 
(More videos of our new home coming soon...! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get an inside look.)
Large Happy Hippo logo on the ground with a person in a pink Hippo costume lounging next to it.

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Article Comments


Beautiful. You guys deserve all of your success and more.

Mark Handy

It truly makes me happy for you to see your success! Kratom has had a huge impact on my life and has been such a blessing. The fact that your company has been so instrumental in fighting back to keep it pure and legal is a testament to your dedication. As for your business model, well, I can honestly say I have not ever encountered a more customer oriented company in my long life. My biggest pet peeve is poor customer treatment. It is such a simple thing yet so often overlooked. Puddles nailed your customer service policies!!! Never once have I been disappointed when dealing with your company. Even when I was wrong, and I do admit being wrong, you guys bent over backwards to resolve the situation to my advantage. I’ve worked with companies that literally wrote books on how to treat customers and Happy Hippo must have read them all. Good work team!! Thank you!!


Wanna Puddles mug!👅I’m soo proud and happy for Puddles and team! I have been customer since 2014ish? It’s been awhile! I did try others just to check it out. Nothing compares to Happy Hippo!Less is more its supreme quality! I’m tickled Puddles pink for all you do! I know you have heard this before but gotta say it! Life changing all around for me! I know its saved my life gave my life back because I just couldn’t take the “discomfort” and ran out of options. Customer service is excellent! I’m very proud to say you fight the good fight! Keep Kratom legal and I’ve gotten involved myself! Puddles hugs to all!⚘🕊


I’m so incredibly proud of you all! This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been a loyal customer for years and just wanted to say congratulations and you deserve it with all of your hard work!
Thank you more than you even realize!

Brent Baltzer

Wow! Beautiful!! Congrats guys 🥂