17 Things I Learned From Using Kratom For 17 Years

Chris has used Kratom for 17 years.

Here's what he learned...

"Kratom Saves Lives" T-Shirt; #IamKratom
October 11, 2023
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Disclaimer: For legal purposes, some of the terms used below have been modified. To be clear, I do not suggest that there are any legitimate 'medical uses' for Kratom. Kratom is a plant that can be used for making tea beverages, Kratom is not a dietary supplement or drug.

The Daily “Kratom Lifestyle” (Kratom every day) is not for everyone. There are positives and negatives. For me, it has largely been positive. Many others, however, are better off using Kratom intermittently or not at all.

It all depends on your unique situation, personal tendencies, viable alternatives, how well Kratom works for you and honestly - how disciplined you are. 

Personal Profile:

  • I turned 40 in September 2022. (picture above, age 40)
  • I became a father in 2021. 
  • I have used Kratom since 2005. 
  • I have used Kratom daily since 2009. 
  • Current serving size: 7-8 grams (I sip on Kratom over 0-4 hours instead of drinking it all at once) 
  • Current daily consumption: 14 to 32 grams
  • Update April 2024 - it's been 18 years!
  • Relevant: "What 17+ Years of Kratom Has Done to My Health"

Here’s what I’ve learned.

#1 Everyone Who Uses Kratom on a Daily Basis Has a Story

Daily Kratom users always have a story that led them to Kratom.

Often this story begins with some sort of physical, emotional, psychological trauma, or need to reclaim or enhance their well-being.

Sometimes it’s a single event.

Sometimes it’s years of hardship.

When people say, “Kratom Saved Their Life,” they mean it.

While Kratom isn’t always the difference between “Life and Death”, it’s often the difference between “Life and No Life” for many people. That is no exaggeration. 

That is why the Kratom community fights so hard for this safe plant. The vast majority are not recreational users.

Here is my story -

On Memorial Day weekend in 2005 (age 23), I had a severe knee injury that would ultimately change the course of my entire life.

We were dumb. 

(mostly me) 

Our group of friends was attempting to play a competitive padless 5-on-5 tackle football game on uncut grass in 100-degree weather. While this might have been acceptable in middle school, this “adult tackle football game” was ridiculous and resulted in 3 of us going to the hospital in about 23 minutes. 

Thankfully, since this absurdly dangerous football game was my dumb idea - I was injured the worst.

Little did I know, what I just experienced would change the course of my life forever. 

My knee was absolutely shredded (full rupture of the patellar tendon, MCL, PCL, etc.).  A surgeon for the former Washington Redskins said it was the worst knee injury he had ever seen. 

Summer 2005 really messed me up. 

I never had a serious injury before and I didn't know what I was in store for. Months of physical therapy, medications/treatments, mood swings/dependence, 'physical discomfort', and overwhelming daily uncertainty about where my life was headed.

While my knee mostly healed over the next 12 months, long gone were the days of 405 lb. x 25 rep squats at the gym and anything that even resembled semi-competitive athletics.

That was hardly my worst problem though. 

As any major surgery and extended physical therapy protocol would require, even with responsible use, there is exposure to “certain things” that your mind and body can get very dependent on. This is made worse if you don’t have your life together.

This was a very dangerous time.

I knew that I had been exposed to substances that I would not easily walk away from.

Being the resourceful information junkie (you have no idea) who is currently writing this blog post at 4:03 am, I found something called “Kratom” on an obscure internet forum that no longer exists. 

I ordered some. 

From that single moment, I unknowingly set my life in a completely different direction than it otherwise was headed. 

A week later, 3 shady ziplock bags of green powder arrived from some college student in a dorm at the University of Pittsburgh. 

My life would never be the same. 

Kratom Protest at the White House
Kratom March and Protest at the White House
(September 2016 - Scary Times but We Saved Kratom!)

#2 I'm a "Hyper-Responder" to Kratom (But Not Everyone Else Is)

From day 1, I knew Kratom was going to be special for me.

I’m what you’d call a “Hyper-Responder”.

As long as the Kratom has a balanced alkaloid profile harvested from mature Mitragyna trees (aka is very good quality), I respond well. 

If I had to guess, only about 10% of users are truly 10/10 “Hyper-Responders”.

Most people find certain strains that work really well for them but other strains are average or underwhelming. 

“Hyper-Responders” are different. Pretty much every strain works well if tolerance is in check and the Leaf is high-quality.

Unlike others, I ‘feel’ Kratom in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. 

I tell nearly everyone I speak to about Kratom.

Whether it's Uber drivers, servers at restaurants, flight attendants, business associates, friends, or family - I'm always telling people about Kratom.

I’m that guy. 

Admittedly, however, Kratom doesn’t work as well for everyone. I used to think it was a “Kratom quality” or “serving size” issue but it isn’t. Humans just have different biochemistries and Kratom doesn’t do that much for some people. 

Bummer for them.

In general, I think about 60-70% of people have the human chemistry to enjoy Kratom in some capacity.

#3 How to Tell People About Kratom and Not Look Like a Weirdo (CBD Piggyback Method)

“Kratom is Like CBD, But 10 times Better...”

Speaking of telling people about Kratom, the presentation is super important. 

Despite the enormous potential benefits, telling people about Kratom often requires finesse.

It’s easy to look like a total weirdo if you are trying to introduce Kratom to someone who didn’t ask to hear about it or has heard the misinformation about it.

I feel I have an obligation to the universe to tell people about Kratom. 

It has done so much for my life and for the lives of so many others.

I’ve found that the best approach is to piggyback off of CBD’s safe and well-known reputation. 

The basic thread goes something like: 

“Have you heard of CBD?” 

  • Yes (98% of people) 

“Have you heard of Kratom?”

  • No (80% of people)

Kratom is like CBD - but 10 times better. Kratom is what CBD is supposed to be. I’ve used it for years and can’t tell you how helpful it’s been for my life…” 

  • Tell me more... (90% of people) 

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, this conversation comes up pretty naturally. If I’m out and about, people always inquire about what I’m drinking or “what the green powder/pink bag is”. They are genuinely intrigued. 

As long as you speak with sincerity and confidence (based on your own experience) people will be interested. 

Even for those who aren’t fully interested, everyone has a friend or family member that deals with physical discomfort, moodiness/stress, or some issue that Kratom can help with. 

Chris with Susan Ash, the founder of the American Kratom Association.

With Susan Ash (Founder of the American Kratom Association) protesting the Kratom Restriction
(September 2016)

#4 Kratom Is the Ultimate Safe Anti-Fatigue Productivity Agent (Plain-Leaf)

Kratom is work. Work is life. 

Originally, I used Kratom to deal with the lingering physical discomfort from the knee injury.  

However, Kratom’s true potential for me is as a cognitive and psychological 'anti-fatigue' agent. The patience for the grind is truly super-physiological. 

You know what I mean. 

You're dialed in, motivated, highly resistant to most distractions, aloof from fear but not a sluggish intoxicated couch potato.

Kratom allows me to work 8-10 hours a day while maintaining above-average focus. Realistically, it’s more like 5-7 super productive hours. 

Still, 5-7 super productive hours is far greater than the 2 hours and 23 minutes of productivity the average person supposedly has

Kratom has been a cheat code for me. 

The anti-fatigue and patience benefits are truly remarkable.

Unlike compulsively drinking coffee, dirty energy drinks, or other “worse stuff”, Kratom gives me tunnel vision focus without the jitters or a crash. 

I often have to pull myself away from work to spend time with my family.

Again, I’m a “Hyper Responder”, but I think this effect is also somewhat familiar to those who are not. 

#5 Rotating Strains Is the Key To Avoiding Tolerance

If you live the “Kratom Lifestyle” it will be super important to navigate tolerance issues.

While tolerance is inevitable to any compound (e.g. caffeine) used on a regular basis, there’s definitely a way to limit tolerance. 

The key is to keep your receptors guessing and therefore not have to increase your serving size to achieve the same effects.

Kratom strains have similar effects but different alkaloid ratios. 

The most important strategy to avoid tolerance is to “rotate strains” over at least 5 different strains. 

Rotating 10 or 12 strains is ideal. 

While that may seem expensive, by rotating Kratom strains, your serving size and tolerance will be far less than if you used the same couple of strains on a daily basis.

The most basic rotation is to simply use a different strain every 24 hours (and not repeat a strain for at least a week). I have been doing this ‘simple rotation’ for years.

Initially, this will require some planning. 

For example:

If I know that I’m going to engage in physical activity, I will save Hyper Hippo or another fast strain for that day. 

If I know that I’m going to clean my house, do laundry and chores - Ghost Hippo (Moderate-Fast) will be the only strain I use that day.

If I know that I need to get work done and I’m up against a hard deadline - Happy Hippo I (Moderate) will be used that day.

This “simple rotation” isn’t perfect but I’ve taken Kratom for 17 years and I still “feel” strains about 70-80% to their capacity just by consciously alternating on a 24-hour basis and not repeating the same strain for at least 7 days. 

The only time I break the “simple rotation” is if I’m blindsided by stressful circumstances that require a change in plan. Smiley Horned Hippo is my go-to if I’m at my wits end. 

I’ve been on the opposite side too. 

In 2006, before I knew better, I spent the better part of 3 or 4 months in a “Kratom haze” by taking the same single strain every day in an effort to “save money”.

I thought all Kratom strains were the same. They’re not.

Thankfully, by blind luck, I randomly got a sample of a totally new strain and tried it - the magic was back and the Kratom Zombies were gone!  

Here are some other rotation ideas.

KTVB Kratom News Story featuring Chris DeoudesLocal news interviewing me about the Kratom Restriction
(September 2016)

#6 If Kratom Randomly Stops Working For You (It Might Not Be a Tolerance Issue)

Even seasoned vets have periods where Kratom just randomly “stops working”. 

I’ve learned this from experience.

As I’ve grown older and wiser with Kratom, avoiding tolerance is more important than eliminating stress on any given day. 

I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t use drugs, and I especially avoid any compounds that might affect dopamine, serotonin, and primary receptors. Other than Kava and the rare use of a Kratom extract - plain-leaf Kratom is all I use. 

I get a basic endocrine panel (bloodwork) done every 6 months to check thyroid, testosterone, etc. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself particularly sensitive to many compounds. Even dietary changes seem to affect the consistency of the Kratom experience. 

If Kratom randomly “stops working” and your tolerance isn’t sky high, it’s often because another compound or factor has been introduced and diminishes effects.

As a general health practice, I recommend getting bloodwork done every 6 months and getting copies of your lab reports. While a good doctor can help you interpret your results, often they will not flag irregularities unless the result is totally out of range.

I recommend Marek Health if you want to work with physicians who will actually help you optimize your lifestyle and endocrine profile. They know how to read bloodwork and will flag non-optimal results that the average physician will totally skip over. I know both of the owners of Marek Health, and one of them uses Kratom on a daily basis. 

#7 Morning Kratom is a Ritual (but Late Night Kratom Is Also Amazing for Creativity) 

Everyone who uses Kratom on a daily basis has their own rituals.

A common ritual for many of us is - Kratom and coffee in the morning (separately in my case). 

Kratom and coffee upon waking up is generally the best serving of the day.

There’s a rush of warmth from the coffee with a kick of optimism from the Kratom, and it’s truly a great way to start every day.

This ritual is not to be disturbed. 

I generally try to avoid any “work stuff” during this process and mostly play around on soulless social media websites, pointless fantasy sports, and other mindless junk that executives aren’t supposed to do. It’s a great 30 minutes. 

Then it’s time to work. 

Interestingly, “late night Kratom” (defined as: any Kratom after being awake for >14 hours when everyone else on earth is asleep) seems to be particularly good too. Focus, creativity, and quiet are the perfect environment to be very productive. It's a perpetual "Flow State" that is difficult to describe but many of you know what I'm talking about.

For whatever reason, "late night Kratom" is a different feeling than the morning Kratom. 

For most of us, unlike caffeine or other true stimulants, Kratom doesn’t affect our ability to go to sleep. I need to “remember to shut it down” and not just stay up because I’m in a good mood and being productive.

Chris Bell Leaf of Faith Boise ID

With Chris Bell, Director of "A Leaf of Faith" aka the Netflix Kratom Documentary

#8 Kratom Is the Safest, Most Effective Sustainable Lifestyle Compound (And I’ve Tried Just About Everything)

Kratom works differently for everyone but in my case, I swear by it. 

With the exception of psychedelics, let’s just say, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. 

Whether it’s my sheer resourcefulness, personality, competitive nature, insecurity, or strictly genetics - I’ve always been drawn to “performance enhancing” compounds. 

While traditional "downers” have their place, they’re just not my thing.

Getting things done is my thing. 

Conversely, traditional "uppers” can be useful but come with adrenal fatigue, dopamine rebound (crash), and jitters. These ‘true stimulants’ never fully appealed to me because they aren’t fully sustainable. It’s hard to focus when you are so amped up. 

Whatever you accomplish by staying up for 24-36 hours straight, you’ll ultimately lose the next 24-36 hours to general fatigue from sleep deprivation. 

Kratom is my perfect middle ground. 

Moderate and Slow strains (minus the über slow Chocolate varieties) are the perfect blend of mood/mind enhancement without the significant physical and body enhancement. 

To be successful in this life, you have to be consistent without fall-off periods. 

Note: My statement applies to plain-leaf Kratom, not extracts. Extracts certainly have their place but you shouldn’t be using extracts on a daily basis.

#9 Kratom is the Ultimate Legal “Comfortable In Your Own Skin” Botanical

Through the years, we have gotten thousands of heartwarming emails from customers.

One common theme has always been: Kratom makes people feel COMFORTABLE IN THEIR OWN SKIN. 

This is a wonderful way to describe it. I concur.

Relationships with friends, family, and interactions with total strangers often improve. 

For many people (myself included), Kratom is a combination of perpetual optimism, empathy, freedom, and indifference. 

It’s a very Happy blend. 

In fact, sometimes I’m too Happy and agreeable that certain people will try to take advantage. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. You should too.

That ‘new normal’ is definitely a high-quality problem though.

Idaho Kratom SpeechNon-Partisan: Speaking at the Governor's Victory Party About Kratom
(I killed the speech despite the frosty reaction from some in attendance) 

#10 Certain Kratom Strains Have Social Benefits (But Some Certainly Do Not) 

I turned 40 in September 2022.

At my old age, there’s not a lot of deliberate socializing anymore. 

In my 20’s, however, Kratom was the best legal alternative to the usual “social lubricants”.

Pro-social motivation, without unsafe incompetence or mindless intoxication. 

You have to find your “chatty strains” (Red Hot Hippo is good for me) andsweet spot but Kratom was definitely the best “daytime” prosocial compound for me.

Nightlife speaking, however, Kratom sometimes left me feeling a little “slow” and overwhelmed by loud music and noise. 

If you are naturally introverted or your goal is “be more social”, certain Kratom strains may help. 

The Fast strains are generally the best place to start. The super Slow strains such as Magic Hippo or Smiley Horned Hippo (awesome for alone time) are definitely not for socializing beyond one-on-one interactions. 

Mixing Hyper Hippo and Top-Shelf Bali (1:1), sometimes called “G.O.A.T. Hippo”, has always been my favorite for deliberately socializing. 

It will take some trial and error but it’s worth experimenting with different strains to find your “social strain” or mix. 

If you hate making phone calls - Kratom can help. No joke.

#11 Certain Strains Will Be Great (But Other Varieties May Not Be)

As a Hyper-Responder, just about everything at Happy Hippo (aka high-end Kratom) works for me. After all, I personally try every powder before we even consider offering it to the public. We rarely miss the mark on a strain or a mix. 

In particular, I respond 11/10 to Sumatra strains

Most people, however, will have certain varieties that work great for them and others that simply don’t. 

I suggest trying a variety of speeds, colors, origins, and serving sizes.

It might take a good 2 or 3 months (or 50 servings) before you fully understand what works for you and which strains to use in certain situations. 

Unless you are absolutely not feeling anything from Kratom after 5 or 10 tries, hang in there and keep trying. It may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. 

Even if it’s not, hopefully you have a new safe alternative that can fit into your life for whatever your goals may be. 

Veteran Tip: The Maeng Da strains will always be the most popular but I highly recommend trying lesser-known strains such as Wild Viet Hippo (Fast),Elite Elephant (Moderate), or the Hulu strains (Slow). 

These “secondary” strains have considerably different alkaloids ratios from the usual Maeng Da or Indonesian leaf. 

The lesser-known Happy Hippo strains are in NO WAY inferior to the more popular strains. In fact, Kratom veterans often experience better results from the lesser common varieties because the alkaloid profile is so different from what their receptors are used to.

You probably recognize "Mitragynine" but have you heard of the other "secondary" alkaloids?
These lesser known compounds can dramatically affect your experience

#12 Daily Users Need to Recognize and Fight Against Perpetual Indifference 

I mentioned this earlier -

Kratom is a combination of perpetual optimism, empathy, freedom, and indifference. 

Since I’m a naturally rigid and tightly wound person who is obsessed with fulfillment through accomplishment, any emotional shift to “indifference” is generally a positive for me. Personally, I make fewer “emotional decisions” than my pre-Kratom Lifestyle self. This might not be true for everyone though and it might be a product of maturity.  

Other less ‘obsessively motivated’ people following the Kratom Lifestyle might have to be super mindful of this “perpetual indifference” effect.

Daily Kratom, if managed correctly, brings a considerable degree of well-being and contentment. 

Life is good.

Daily Kratom can also lead to an amount of indifference that may impact relationships, finances, physical activity, and other things “you know you should do”. 

For example:

Although I’m far from a lazy “couch potato”, I don’t value physical exercise like I used to.

I largely picked the Kratom Lifestyle over the fitness lifestyle. 

I admit it. 

While this is arguably a symptom of turning 40, becoming a father, and priorities changing (I was insanely dedicated to fitness in my 20’s and early 30’s). It is a stark observation of how a change of priorities can be accelerated by a new lifestyle.

For many, these “accelerated priority changes” are generally positive but if you aren’t a naturally motivated person you can find yourself evolving into an isolated couch potato who is far more indifferent and less connected to relationships and hobbies that you previously valued. 

I think the best approach to avoiding “perpetual indifference” is simply being mindful.

Be mindful of how different strains and serving sizes affect your thoughts, behavior and interactions.  

Be mindful of how “not taking Kratom” affects your behavior. 

Be mindful of how you are investing your time. 

You might have some stale relationships that have hit their expiration date. But you might have other relationships and commitments that absolutely require your full attention. 

If you find yourself just “going through the motions”, don’t let that be in the new normal. Take a look at your Kratom usage, the strains, the colors, the serving sizes, the timing - that’s not what the Kratom Lifestyle is meant to be. Sometimes less is more. 

Use Kratom to make you a better person. 


Fun Fact: As of November 2022, Happy Hippo has contributed $380,293.50 to the American Kratom Association
(and their Kratom-related research projects)


#13 Life Is More Enjoyable and Less Exciting

The Kratom Lifestyle has made my life both more enjoyable and less exciting. I would be surprised if others didn’t feel this way too. 

I’ve felt this way since I found Kratom in 2005. 

The high points just aren’t as high.

The low points just aren’t as low. 

The baseline is consistently above-average but it almost always has a ceiling. 

For some, the “stability” is a welcome trait.

For others, the “less exciting” is not worth it because exhilaration is the spice of life. (Ironically - naturally impulsive adrenaline junkies often benefit tremendously from Kratom) 

The Kratom Lifestyle has costs and benefits, it really depends on how you respond to Kratom, how responsible you are, where you are in your life, what your priorities are, and how you want to live. 

There’s not a perfect answer for everyone. 

Kava Bar in HawaiiLegit Kava Bar & Party in Hawaii (October 2018)

#14 I’m More Irritable Some of the Time (But Less Irritable Most of the Time)

Senior Kratom Lifestyle veterans know where I’m going with this one. 

If I haven’t had Kratom in 18-24 hours, I’m going to be irritable. 

If I haven’t had Kratom and I want Kratom, I’m going to be more irritable. 

While this seems scary to the average person, as long your tolerance isn’t totally out of control - it’s not a lot different from someone who is irritated by a lack of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, exercise, or frankly - food. There’s a physiological and psychological element involved in all of these. 

Others may dispute that metaphor but I’m sticking to it.

I’ve had a daily serving size that was sky high (>100 grams) and the irritable moments were still far less than being dependent on many other things. The no-Kratom “more irritable” moments are there but they aren’t the end of the world. There is no Kratom “crash” thankfully. If there was, I probably wouldn’t use Kratom all that often.

I’m naturally a very intense person and the Kratom Lifestyle takes it down a notch. That’s a good thing. Many can relate. 

Puddles Hippo At WeddingPuddles Hippo made a guest appearance at our wedding!

#15 Kratom Is the World’s Best Natural Appetite Suppressant

Ever since my fitness days, I‘ve been searching for an appetite suppressant that wasn’t a stimulant that jacked up my heart rate. 

Kratom is honestly the world’s best natural appetite suppressant that most of the world has never heard of. 

I used to religiously eat 6 meals a day and count every calorie, carbohydrate and gram of protein. These days, I’ll only eat one or two meals. 

I’m just not hungry and I have slightly more energy and clarity. 

A lot of people have metabolic and digestive issues that cause them extreme fatigue after eating. I’ve never really had that issue, so I can’t say that dietary pattern changes from Kratom Lifestyle actually give me “more energy”.

That said, if Kratom affects your normal consumption habits, make sure you are getting the proper calories and nutrients you need. Calories and nutrition are best from organic solid foods, but you can always supplement with a greens formula and multivitamin.  

If you are trying to lose weight, do so in a healthful manner. 

Kratom Saved Me Poster

Kratom Warriors at the White House
(September 2016)

#16 Kratom Lifestyle Requires Planning, Discipline, and Responsible Monitoring 

Like any lifestyle, daily Kratom requires personal oversight and responsibility.

Eventually, the rotation, serving sizes, and timing will become second nature. 

In the initial stages, you should document which strains you take and the serving sizes. Write down each experience in detail. Like each individual strain, Kratom Lifestyle requires some trial and error. 

For example: 

Even after years of experience, it took me a long time to fully notice that white strain effects were somewhat diminished if I took white strains on consecutive days or more than 4 days a week. This doesn’t happen to me with the other colors, though. Just the white strains. 

Most importantly, you will have to set a quota of your maximum daily serving and not break it. If you do exceed it, it’s not the end of the world. Just get back to your usual quota immediately. 

It’s hard to assign a universal “Kratom quota” that applies to everyone. We all respond differently. 

For instance, a buddy of mine is 250 lbs. of complete muscle and his daily serving quota has been 4.5 grams. By contrast, I know a girl who is about 115 lbs. and she takes 35 to 40 grams a day. 

Both of these individuals are pretty good about not exceeding their “daily quota” and have been at the same daily serving for years. 

If you are rotating multiple strains (again, 8-10+ strains in the rotation is ideal) and legitimately not being reckless - you should settle in a daily amount that will only vary +/- 10%. 

In my opinion, if you can ‘feel’ your daily Kratom at about 70-80% capacity, you’re doing a good job. Sometimes you’ll get a “Kratom hug” (when a strain hits at 100%/newbie capacity) but there’s going to be some degree of tolerance.

Obviously, we’ve heard the stories about Kratom use getting out of control. 

For most people, I honestly don’t see that being an issue with plain-leaf Kratom. The effects are subtle and there’s not an intense “craving” or “high” like other things. If you are using extracts on a daily basis, that is a different story. 

While I personally have mostly benefited from Kratom Lifestyle, it’s not all smileys and rainbows. 

Traveling, and especially flying, can be annoying. 

I’ve never had trouble with TSA (Kratom is legal) but it is a hassle to fly and mix up Kratom on an airplane. It’s annoying if your luggage gets lost. Hotels that don’t provide bottled water make lodging inconvenient too. This stuff takes planning and you need to avoid the states where Kratom is restricted

In fact, I planned my 2018 honeymoon around Kratom-friendly countries. We went to Paris (Kratom was later restricted in 2020) and the Bahamas. 

There was no trouble at customs and I didn’t attempt to “hide” powder in different containers or pretend like I was smuggling Kratom into a country. Kratom is legal, just make sure you’ve checked your destination. 

This is a good International Kratom resource if you want to check different countries. 

Laws and regulations change so make sure you get an official opinion to verify the legal status prior to traveling. 

#17 Kratom Lifestyle Isn’t For Everyone (But It Has Largely Benefited Me) 

I’m a fan of high-quality Kratom. 

Can you tell? 

I know what it’s done for my life and for the lives of so many others. 

From the short-term ‘physical discomfort’ of my knee injury to the decade and a half of business grind, Kratom is a miracle. 

Kratom is a remarkable and incredibly versatile plant that - when used responsibly - can yield tremendous benefits. 

It doesn’t mean that it’s ideal for everyone or that everyone should follow the daily Kratom lifestyle.

Many who are in considerable ‘physical discomfort’ don’t have a choice, however. 

In their case, Kratom is safer than just about every alternative and pretty effective.

At the same time - 

Keep in mind - Kratom is not meant to solve all your problems. It’s a darn good band-aid for some people, but some people have very real psychological and emotional issues that still need to be confronted. 

It is our hope that Kratom can facilitate this process, not hinder it. 

For everyone out there - 

Please make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with Kratom. 

Like most things, there is ‘use’ and ‘abuse’. One of the best things about Kratom is it doesn’t engage the classic “addictive tendencies” that other substances do. There’s no “chase”. There’s a sense of well-being but no “high”. In fact, despite the miracles and benefits that we've experienced, most of us would describe plain-leaf Kratom as rather "subtle".

Tolerance can be kept in check if you set some boundaries that you are prepared to enforce. 

If you’ve made it this far, I truly appreciate it!

Hopefully this was insightful. 

They always say that there are “no long-term studies” on Kratom. 

I am that long-term study. 

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Thank you. Very informative. I’ve been a Happy Hippo customer for 4 years now. I’m 67 years old. Number one benefit is thinking clearly.

Ray Cattie

Excellent essay! Thank you!

Patricia Ann Miller

I appreciate your thoroughness and honesty. You answered a lot of questions I didn’t know I have. I am really grateful for your determination to go for quality and not compromise. Although, I am not able to purchase a lot of varieties of Kratom to trade off day to day, I do use several different ones alternately and I have learned a lot over the last several years about which ones really work for me and those that don’t. I usually just do the “toss and wash” method, but I noticed you said you have been mixing it as a tea but not drinking it all at once. Do you mix it with hot water, (I’ve found that really warm water washes it down much easier) or cold (it doesn’t dissolve as easily). If you are drinking it over a 4-5 hour time period (one bottle of the mixture) does it remain tolerable? Some strains taste less “bad” than others. Do you mix it with any liquid other than water that would make it taste better? I’m kind of used to the “toss and wash” method however, it leaves my teeth and tongue green … does the tea method leave less green hanging around. I usually go right in and rinse and brush my teeth. If I missed that in your article, I apologize, its late and I’m old. :))) Again, thank you for all the information you have put into your website. It is superb and definitely the most informational. Happy Hippo is the Best!

Donny Dynamite

I like how you acknowledge how different varieties, strains and colors of kratom might not be for the other person, you or me.
Very informative, I almost feel like I’ve known you for a long time or since the Year 2005, lol. It’s incredible that you included other people and different body sizes, or weight, and especially how you acknowledge the white strain and what it did to you personally compared to other varieties.
I also like how you spoke about it at the governor’s ballroom blitz, you got booed by an audience, yet you stayed focus and you nailed a speech on Kratum,
also, your pictures were 100% about you and your life and the moment.
I give you two thumbs up for that! I love the picture at your wedding and the happy hippo attending your event!
(Congratulations on your wedding, by the way).
This was written very well by somebody who personally experience kratom and through the years and where we are to current times.
I must say why don’t you think about, dipping your feet into politics I think you would be a incredible Senator,
And God knows we definitely need some new Young blood in our Chambers of Democracy, especially for these troubling times today.
Seriously, and go with what you’re doing and what you know and get kratom legalized permanently.

Kevin slocumb

Very helpful article in so many ways! The way you highlight the up and downs of the kratom lifestyle is the proper way to go about it. Very solid indeed!