The Best Alternative to Nicotine Pouches You Can Find

We’re excited to introduce Kratom Dip Pouches (K-Dips), a NEW innovative way to get your Kratom boost!
The Best Alternative to Nicotine Pouches You Can Find
July 13, 2023
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At Happy Hippo we’re excited to introduce Kratom Dip Pouches (K-Dips), the best way to get your Kratom boost throughout the day! 

Similar to common nicotine pouches, K-Dips are the perfect alternative, appealing to those trying to kick their nicotine habit, use Kratom for energy, or are simply looking to try something new. 

Let’s take a minute to talk about why K-Dips are a great alternative to nicotine pouches.

What are Nicotine Pouches? 

Nicotine pouches are made of nicotine, flavorings, sweeteners, water, and plant-derived fibers. These products have zero tobacco, smoke, or odor - delivering a purely nicotine-driven experience.

Nicotine Pouches come in small, rectangular pouches which can be placed between your lip and gum. To get the full effect, you’ll need to leave it there for at least 20 minutes (up to an hour) to enjoy the full effects of nicotine.

Once finished, you simply dispose of the nicotine pouch after use.

How are Nicotine Dip Pouches Regulated in the US?

Most nicotine dip pouches have less regulation than other tobacco products in the United States.

On that account, you can freely use nicotine pouches and even carry them on a plane. However, you must follow particular Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Transport Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.

How Many Milligrams (MG) of Nicotine in a Dip Pouch?

Many brands offer nicotine dip pouches in varying potencies to suit customer needs. The most common products range from 4 to 65mg of nicotine per pouch.

If you’re a beginner, start with the lowest serving size and stick to it for a while before increasing your serving size. Taking things slow will help you learn how your body responds to different serving sizes for customized effects and experience.

Understanding how to determine your serving size can be crucial to the product’s effectiveness, and can save you money.

Are Nicotine Pouches Safe?

In general, nicotine pouches are considered safer than other tobacco products such as vape pens, cigars and cigarettes. Because they are tobacco-free, having been produced using a concentrated nicotine extract. Even so, source your dip pouches from reputable brands that always offer top-notch products and services.

Scientists do not fully understand the long-term health effects of nicotine pouches. Using high amounts of the product has been linked to serious side effects. According to an article published by the National Library of Medicine states,

“Nicotine is well known to have serious systemic side effects in addition to being highly addictive. It adversely affects the heart, reproductive system, lung, kidney etc. Many studies have consistently demonstrated its carcinogenic potential.”

With so much uncertainty around the side effects of nicotine pouches, K-Dips (Kratom dip pouches), can be a great alternative for those attempting to wean themselves off nicotine, or other addictive compounds.

Are Nicotine Pouches Bad for You? 

Not everyone enjoys nicotine dip pouches, and it’s well known that the FDA prohibits the use of nicotine, and other harmful tobacco products by anyone under the age of 21.

Pregnant women are also advised to abstain from using from nicotine pouches. It is thought to cause developmental challenges to their unborn child, including exposing them to an increased risk of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, or addiction later in life.

Are Nicotine Pouches Addictive?

As with most substances, using too much nicotine is unhealthy. The good news is nicotine pouches are thought to be less addictive than other tobacco products, like cigars, cigarettes, or vaping.

Nicotine addiction manifests due to habitual chemical use in large servings. The substance delivers temporary pleasing and stimulating effects to your brain, which means you will need more of it to maintain those feelings leading to high tolerance and addiction.

What are Kratom Dip Pouches?

Kratom Extract Pouches (K-Dips) are similar to nicotine pouches, except they contain Kratom, flavoring, and other ingredients. These are exclusive to Happy Hippo. K-Dips are available in two amazing flavors (Wintergreen or Blue Razzle) and offer 20mg of Mitragynine per pouch.

K-Dip pouches are nicotine-free, with vegetarian-friendly packaging. The pouches themselves are porous, allowing for a steady release and absorption of Kratom alkaloids. 

Simply place the Kratom pouch between your upper lip and gums, and enjoy the effects of Kratom extract. When the pouch has been used, simply dispose of it in the nearest garbage. Discrete, no mess, no problem!

What are the Benefits of Kratom Dip Pouches?

On the Down-Low

K-Dips, Kratom dip pouches are both convenient and inconspicuous, making them the perfect product for those with an active/busy lifestyle. Easily concealed between your lip and gums, only the most savvy will ever know.

Quick Kratom Action

Kratom dip pouches offer faster results than those associated with nicotine, and offer a greater variety of effects, ranging from energy to relaxation. Among regular users, many report feeling the effects of K-Dips, almost immediately!

The Full Effect 

The specific effects of K-Dips, Kratom pouches, are based on the serving size and Kratom strain used to make it. Happy Hippo’s K-Dips are made from Hyper Hippo (Green Maeng Da Kratom) and are thought to provide a boost of powerful energy, while improving mood, and mental focus.

How Do They Work?

K-Dips are super easy to use! Although inspired by traditional tobacco dip pouches, K-Dips are not used exactly the same way.

You don’t “spit” (not snuff).
Instead, you swallow the fluids (the pouch itself should not be swallowed).

Step #1: Pop one in your mouth and hold it in a spot that’s comfortable for you - recommended in between the lower lip and gum.

Step #2: Leave it in place for about 1-2 hours, or until you’ve achieved your desired effects. You should start feeling the effects within minutes.

Each can is equipped with a “storage container” on the top for you to reuse pouches if left in for less than 30min.

Step #3: Remove and dispose of the pouch.

Kratom extracts are much more potent than plain-leaf powder.

For beginners (new to extracts), we recommend leaving the pouch in your mouth no longer than 15-20 minutes to evaluate the effects. 

You can hold the pouch in the storage compartment until you're ready to reuse it. (Maximum 2-3 uses per pouch for beginners) 

If you have questions or need more information - please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 😃 

How Do Nicotine Pouches Compare to K-Dips, Kratom Dip Pouches?

Both nicotine and Kratom have stimulant properties, but Kratom is thought to have an exceptional kick.

At low serving sizes, Kratom has the ability to give super clean energy, focus, and mood, depending on the strain you go with. White strains and a few green strains are best for these results. This gives you a chance to fine-tune your serving size based on desired effects.

Nicotine pouches for energy can make things much more tense since it can be a hit or a miss. It can take a lot of time to determine your ideal serving size for energy, and sometimes, this can bring about mixed reactions.

Kratom dip pouches for energy may be better and safer than nicotine because you easily customize the effects you feel. Stick to Kratom, a natural herb that will never fail you when you source from reliable brands like Happy Hippo.

Where to Buy K-Dips Nicotine-Free Kratom Pouches

If nicotine pouches are your vibe, now is the perfect time to make the switch to a better alternative - K-Dips

The flavors alone are stimulating and last for about 20 to 30 minutes - with the Kratom effects lasting about 2 hours.  

Made with Hyper Hippo (Elite Green Maeng Da) Kratom Extract and available in two tasty flavor profiles, our new K-Dips are a satisfying alternative to smoking or traditional tobacco dip pouches... FEEL THE K! 

Happy Hippo has the best Kratom ever - here is why:

  • Proudly certified by the (AKA) American Kratom Association
  • Strictly abide by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices in all of our facilities
  • Kratom is lab-tested for heavy metals and other contaminants (Ask to see our lab results!)
  • Kratom is pre-sterilized at 170 degrees (enough heat to kill pathogens but not disrupt the alkaloid profile)
  • Kratom products are neatly packaged and clearly labeled
  • 100% ALL NATURAL KRATOM - no additives, inferior botanical fillers, or pesticides necessary
  • Our Kratom is visibly different - it looks and smells fresh. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference!
  • We specialize in high-quality Kratom products, but we also have superb alternative botanicals (Kava, Kanna, Akuamma, and more!)

Have questions or need some guidance? Have a conversation with our amazing customer service team by sending an email to

Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.

Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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