Why Happy Hippo is the Best Place to Buy Kratom

Learn why Happy Hippo is the absolute best place to buy kratom online. Offering a variety of lab-tested, GMP approved kratom powder, capsules, and extracts, at an affordable price! 

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October 11, 2023
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Where is the Best Place to Buy Kratom Online in 2024?

We truly feel that Happy Hippo is the best place to buy Kratom.

We'll tell you why.

Our Kratom is top-shelf alkaloid rich (no grainy cheap stuff), like you find at the local Kratom bar.

The batches are super consistent and lab-tested for pathogens.

If you don't think so or if you ever run into a batch that you don't like - we will replace it. You will never "stuck" with a batch you don't like. The goal is to make you Happy. 

Unfortunately, Newbies generally begin elsewhere:

  • Internet (random websites)
  • Smoke/Head shops (yuck!)
  • Gas Stations (double yuck!)

Depending on where you buy Kratom online the quality of Kratom powder can vary WILDLY.

If you've tried Kratom before and were underwhelmed - please reserve judgement.


We want to take the opportunity to share why Happy Hippo Herbals is the very best place to buy Kratom.

And more insightfully - Why Happy Hippo has been able to attract and continues to serve so many long-term customers.
(take a look at the feedback in the comments - there's a lot!)

Happy Hippo Herbals has grown a lot over the past few years.

7 years ago, like so many near-startup vendors, we were operating out of our basement.

While we aren't the biggest store, we have a full office, warehouse and more recently -a packaging (manufacturing) laboratory accredited by the American Kratom Association.

Beyond the Highest-Quality Kratom Powders, Happiest Customer Service, and Same-Day-Shipping (sometimes within 20 minutes), why shouldn't you buy Kratom from Happy Hippo?

In this day and age, we are proud the fact:

Personal word-of-mouth recommendations built Happy Hippo.

 Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is The Best Place to Buy Kratom - But Why?

Happy Hippo claims to have the Best Kratom on Planet Earth.

Happy Hippo has a staff of family and friends that has combined - 20+ years of experience of using Kratom, trying countless different Indonesian farmers and vigorous pathogen sterilization and independent lab testing.

  • We find our farmers.
  • We test our products.
  • Our Kratom tips are based on experience.
  • But most importantly - WE USE OUR OWN PRODUCTS - EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a Plant (Mitragyna Speciosa) that provides a wide range of Effects and Benefits.

Mitragyna Leaf has been growing in Southeast Asia's forests for centuries.

Mother Nature is a mystery —

Many of its Plants are enjoyed best by learning through others experiences.

Learning how to use Kratom takes practice.

Some Kratom strains are good for relaxation but others are better for energy.

Kratom Effects can be predicted with reasonably consistent accuracy!

Kratom Strain Expectations, based upon 3 Variables:

  • Vein Color (Red, Green, White, and Yellow)
  • Origin (Growth Location: Maeng Da, Bali, Sumatra, Thai, Borneo, Malaysian, Sudanese, and More!)
  • Speed (Fast/Moderate/Slow)

The Best Kratom Strain does not exist though you may have a few favorites that tend to resonate for you.

A comprehensive Kratom Strain Rotation is integral for a long-term or daily Kratom use.

How much Kratom should I Use?

High-Quality Happy Hippo Kratom Powder guarantees you'll benefit from the lowest or bare minimum serving sizes.

Your first Kratom Experience may not be as rewarding as the 100th —

But you won't mind the time and effort spent learning How much Kratom to use.

Remember! Less is More

This is a great rule of thumb for determining how much Kratom Powder to use when making Kratom tea.

It won't take you long to understand what Kratom is, how to best use the different types of Kratom, and how to find your serving size for a long-term Kratom lifestyle.

Good Manufacturing Practices? (AKA GMP-Certified)

The Best Kratom Vendors (cleanest/safest product) are certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Kratom is not a Dietary Supplement.

No Kratom Vendor in the United States has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration as 'FDA-GMP-Certified'. 

Happy Hippo's Standard Operating Procedures are accredited by an independent 3rd Party Auditor and the American Kratom Association.

At a minimum, try to limit your Where Can I Order Kratom Online? range to Vendors that are AKA-GMP-Certified.

The long-term survival of the Kratom Industry is dependent upon vendors self-regulating (and customers purchasing from a responsible vendor - even if the prices are higher). Learn more about where you can buy Kratom near you.

Photographic image depicting a Kratom Powder packaging machine inside of the happy hippo packaging lab. The packaging Lab is incredibly clean proving that Happy Hippo follows (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices

Happy Hippo Packaging Lab (est. July 2019!)

Buy Kratom from The Online Vendor your Friends and Family told you about - Happy Hippo

We didn't advertise for 8 years.

In fact, our small farm supplier couldn't meet the demand if we did.

New customers used to arrive (or stumble upon) Happy Hippo due to 2 things:

1) Online Happy Hippo Kratom Reviews

We are thankful for KratomIQ's articulate and intuitive analysis of the Kratom Industry at-large and long-standing endorsement of Hippo.

Reddit Kratom Reviews are also favorable to Happy Hippo.

YouTube has ton of Happy Hippo Kratom Reviews.

Outside of Reddit, YouTube, the iLoveKratom Forum and a few other places — We're not entirely sure where all of the feedback and stories about Happy Hippo Kratom are shared.

We just know that new Hippo Clients oftentimes find us thanks to countless random reviews scattered throughout the web:

Screen captured image of a Happy Hippo customer comment (Toni M.), praising Happy Hippo's Amazing Customer Service

2) Word-of-Mouth Kratom Reviews - Customers Telling Their Friends About Hippo

The vast majority of Newbies arrive at Happy Hippo simply because they have a friend or family member that we made Happy.

Although it's slowly changing, Kratom is still generally a little-known, obscure or under the radar herb.

Kratom is one of those things you tell your close friends about.

Customers say they're grateful they found us.

But the truth is...

We are eternally grateful that they found us -

Screen captured image of a Happy Hippo customer comment, praising Happy Hippo's Amazing Customer Service

Why is Happy Hippo More Expensive Than [Insert Cheap Vendor]?

We get this question a lot.

If one person asks it a day -- that means ten are thinking it.

We have five reasons:

1) Happy Hippo Doesn't Import Kratom
(and Pays a lot More for It!)

This might come as a surprise.

Although nearly all of our Kratom Products come from Indonesia, Happy Hippo doesn't actually import it.

A 3rd party in the United States imports our Kratom for us.

They test the Kratom at an independent lab in Michigan for pathogens (namely: Salmonella) and sterilize it at 170 degrees (this temperature ensures that pathogens are killed but the integrity of the alkaloids are not disrupted).

They send us the lab results on EVERY batch we receive.

This process is MUCH more expensive and time-consuming than simply importing Kratom and recklessly throwing it into a bag.

It's worth it though.

Happy Hippo has not had problems with pathogens or other unhealthy compounds that are notoriously found in cheap Kratom products.

Even though our Kratom is 'pre-tested' and sterilized, we re-test a substantial amount in order to confirm the initial lab results.

2) Happy Hippo is Certified by the American Kratom Association as 'GMP-Compliant'

This too was a long, arduous process.

We dedicated well over 9 months and $100,000 (this is a lot, we aren't a huge company!) to satisfying the American Kratom Association's requirements for GMP-compliance.

We know the chain of custody for EVERY SINGLE bag that leaves our facility.

This process involved building our own laboratory and manufacturing packaging facility to replace our previous clean room.

Of the companies that have their own GMP facilities - we are probably the smallest!

Graphic Designed image depicting the logos of the American Kratom Association along side the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification badge - Indicating Happy Hippo is a member of the AKA and a GMP Certified Kratom Vendor

3) The High-Quality Kratom We Purchase is Not Cheap to Begin With

Aside from the independent testing (and re-testing), sterilization and new AKA-compliant facility — much of our costs are wrapped up in our physical product.

We offer high-quality Kratom because we purchase high-quality Kratom.

The Kratom we purchase is from a smaller farm (not a huge industrial field) that only harvests mature Kratom trees.

Cheap Kratom is almost always from young, immature plants.

Before you even use our Kratom, you will notice it's a nice, fluffy powdered-sugar consistency -- not the grainy yucky Kratom that is mostly available elsewhere.

Screen captured image of a Happy Hippo customer comment, praising the quality of Happy Hippo's kratom powder - 10 out of 10!

4) Happy Hippo Employees Are Well-Paid and Happy

Every position at Happy Hippo receives anywhere from 30-50% higher compensation than the national average.

For example, the minimum wage in Idaho is $7.25/hr but NO HAPPY HIPPO EMPLOYEE makes less than $15.00/hr.

This is a Dream Job for so many of us.

We always make certain we have enough employees in-house so we can ship your order as quickly as possible - generally within an hour if you order arrives during regular business hours throughout the work week.


Screen captured image of a Happy Hippo customer comment, praising Happy Hippo's fast shipping

5) Happy Hippo is a Huge Advocate for Kratom

(Politically and Socially Active)

Although we don't know how much time and money other companies have invested in the ongoing fight to Keep Kratom Legal, we have poured our heart and soul (and wallet) into it.

We recently hired a prominent Washington DC Public Relations firm to help mend Kratom's reputation in the mainstream media.

We regularly donate to the American Kratom Association, most recently: $55,000 to their effort to Keep Kratom Legal in Indonesia.

In March 2019, we screened the hit documentary - A Leaf of Faith for the Idaho Legislature to help educate local officials.

Kratom means the world to you.

Kratom also means the world to us.

We will keep it legal.

Infographic image depicting the signatures of several senators and members of congress who support kratom

Members of Congress Who Support Kratom
(We Made and Distributed This - Feel Free to Do So Too!)

Where Can I Buy Kratom?

(Outside of Happy Hippo Herbals)

When it comes to Marketing, other Online Kratom vendors may have more to say.

While Hippo has no intention of mimicking competitors there are some common perks we may offer in the near future.

Competitors May Offer Free Shipping
(But We Ship Way Faster!)

The Happy Hippo Fulfillment Team ships all Kratom orders prior to 3 PM MST (weekdays) same-day.

We also ship on the weekend. (9-12 PM MST)

If you place an order on a weekend during business hours, we will usually ship it within an hour.

You'll see.

Fun-Fact: Hippo Clients grateful for our Fulfillment Team have dubbed us The Amazon of Kratom.
Bonus-Announcement: We have recently updated a new Free Shipping option - check it out!

Can You Still Purchase Cheap Kratom?

Sure! Some online vendors have cheaper Kratom Leaves.

But you get what you pay for.

We won't dispute that you can get Kratom from a cheaper price elsewhere.

Chances are -

It's not a quality product, it's not lab-tested, it will take well over 24 hours to ship and it won't make you as Happy as we can.

Like we said -

You get what you pay for.

Where Can I Order Kratom Capsules?

At Happy Hippo!

Be ready for the new Happy Hippo Kratom Capsule Line-up - 

  • More Capsules, More Strains
  • Bigger Bags
  • Same High Quality Kratom Powder

When you have the Best Quality Kratom Powders on Planet Earth, offering the Best Kratom Capsules is a piece-of-cake.

Where Can I Purchase Kratom Extracts?

At Happy Hippo of course! 

Learn more about our kratom extracts! We're working on more flavors and varieties as we speak! 

Best Place to Buy Kratom RIGHT NOW?

Happy Hippo

We recommend ourselves for all the above reasons.

We use our Kratom everyday.

You are getting a high-quality, lab-tested, sterilized, clean, Plain-Leaf product packaged in an AKA GMP-certified facility that will be shipped to you faster than anything you've ordered before.

Much of the proceeds will benefit the effort to Keep Kratom Legal and the amazing family and friends that work at Happy Hippo.

Don't Worry - Be Happy!

~ Puddles aka The Happy Hippo

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Pam Schlebusch

I’ve been a customer for a LONG TIME. I’ve never been disappointed and the once or twice I needed help with my order, I got it promptly. I highly recommend HH and their staff is amazing.

Thank you.

I’m thankful to be able to purchase Kratom SAFELY from an incredibly HONEST and awesome company with friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE EMPLOYEES!



Very interesting!

Howard Morgan

I’ve gone through over a dozen vendors over the last 6 years and not one of them come even close to the high quality of kratom that Happy Hippo offers, sure there a bit expensive but you get what you pay for, not only is Happy Hippo Herbals the very best out there I’ve been able to cut my Dailey dose over half of what I was having to take from other vendors, I will not ever go back to any other vendors, I’m a extremely satisfied Happy Hippo customer for as long as I need to take Kratom for various health issues, thanks guys and gal’s for offering such an awesome product, best regards Howard Bruce Morgan

J. Seal (Miss Marmaladee)

Im so impressed & pleased with Happy Hippo Herbals. I’m loving the product for sure, but what I’m truly impressed with is the level of professionalism I received exceeded all expectations. As a new customer, I had some concerns. Trusting any online vendor, let alone one in the kratom industry, can be a real nail bitter. So many unscrupulous “companies” out there, I felt like I was walking through a mine field. So trusting one with not only my money, but my health was a bit russian roulette-ey. I’m SO glad I bet on Happy Hippo! Not only did the product prove to be everything they’ve promised, it’s been absolutely above! I found some peace of mind! The product is beautiful, the delivery was protected & fast too! Every neurotic question I had was handled promptly, & professionally. If you’re at all on the fence about who to trust in the kratom industry, I hope my review has been helpful in some way.