A Message From Happy Hippo (11 Years & Still Standing)

Happy Hippo celebrates our 11th birthday and we are still standing strong.
A Message From Happy Hippo (11 Years & Still Standing)
March 29, 2024
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Happy Hippo celebrates our 11th birthday and we are still standing strong -
It wasn’t that long ago that we were on the brink of an impending Schedule I Federal ban. But now there is legislation in Congress and enough awareness among public officials to ensure Kratom stays legal and that there are reasonable product integrity standards that protect consumers.
We’ve come a long way together.
It’s certainly been two steps forward, one step back.
I’ve seen this industry and public sentiment change so much in the past decade. What seemed a slow frustrating daily grind, has been the change of a lifetime through the lens of a decade.
Kratom was always meant to follow CBD into the mainstream so it could truly touch millions of lives.
Our favorite plant is still a bit obscure these days (if you are reading this email, you are still on the “fringes” of the Internet by mainstream standards), but far more people have heard of Kratom these days and many don’t have a negative opinion despite the best efforts of our detractors.
That’s progress and it’s not going away.
Kratom is truly a special plant.
While it doesn’t work equally as well for everyone, Kratom is truly the difference between “LIFE AND NO LIFE” for many of us.
With that comes enormous responsibility.
I hope Happy Hippo has respected your plant and helped educate in a positive and meaningful way. From time-to-time, we still get criticized for our Pink Hippo (Puddles) but we have ALWAYS aimed to be the Warm and Happy face of this little industry.
After all - that is what Kratom is all about.
It has been a pleasure getting to know so many of you. We know so many of you on a first-name basis. Thank you for your support and trust. We have your back.
If you ever get a strain or batch that doesn’t work - get in touch and we’ll always fix it.
As a 20-year Kratom consumer, my worst fear was paying for and getting stuck with Kratom that doesn’t work and feeling helpless. As a “vendor," that fear is greater than ever.
For those we haven’t met yet - thank you so much for your support.
Whether our paths cross or not, we genuinely hope Happy Hippo and our team have brought a smile to your face.
Founder, Happy Hippo

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Dan R

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping people have a life!
Will always stand up for kratom and you.