Buying Kratom: Everything you Need to Know about Shipping your Kratom Order

In this Kratom buyer's guide, we tell you everything you need to know about shipping your Kratom order. Included here are your shipping options (UPS and USPS), as well as what to do if your package is lost or damaged.

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May 04, 2021
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Reliable, fast shipping is what we believe makes or breaks a company

We have played around with many different options since Happy Hippo was created - and we still can’t guarantee we're going to stick with what we have (We want the absolute best for our customers!)

Here is a little guide to everything you need to know about our current shipping as a Happy Hippo customer

What Shipping Options Do We Offer?

The Shipping providers we currently offer are UPS and USPS. However, each Carrier has a slightly different service.

    UPS Ground (1-5 Business Days) 
    • Priced at $11.93 but may vary depending on location.
    UPS 2-Day Air
    • FREE For Orders $150+ or¬†$14.60 but may vary depending on location.

    UPS Next Day

    • FREE For Orders $250+¬†
      The only option for Next Day Shipping!
    • Price is calculated based on where you live
    • USPS First Class Mail (3-7 business days) is a flat-rate of $3.97
    • USPS Priority Mail FREE For Orders $100+ or a flat-rate of $8.70

    Same-Day Shipping

    Something that we pride ourselves in is our SAME-DAY shipping! Not a lot of other Kratom Vendors offer this.

    Our Fulfillment Team is constantly busy - packing and filling orders carefully, but as fast as we can!

    Here is what you need to do to qualify for Same-Day shipping:

    • Submit your order before 2PM (MST)

    • Be sure your order is Paid and Processed!
      • If you selected Mobile Check as your payment method, you need to have your Check photos submitted before 2PM (MST) to qualify for same day shipping
      • If you selected Bitcoin/Ether as your payment method, we process BTC Transfers manually. Sending a screenshot of your COMPLETED Transfer to our Support email will ensure your Order gets Processed ASAP!
        NOTE: If your Bitcoin is not Processed by 2PM (MST), chances are we could not locate your BTC Transfer in time.
        Our Hippo Helpers will reach out the following day for payment confirmation.

    • Use¬†UPS
      • We do NOT¬†guarantee¬†Same-Day shipping with USPS anymore. Even though we have a scheduled pick-up time with our local USPS drivers, it's not always consistent. If you want to guarantee your Hippo Package is shipped out same day, please use UPS.¬†

    Reasons that Same-Day shipping does NOT apply

    • Holidays
    • Sunday‚Äôs
    • Saturday - after 10AM MST)
    • If your order status is still awaiting payment by 2PM (MST)
    • If you paid with ACH/eCheck for the first time (we always hold to verify funds)
    • High volume days
      • We try our absolute best to get every¬†Hippo Package out as quick as possible - very rarely we have a case where we just cannot keep up. Things happen, employees call out of work, our printer stops working, whatever it may be - some things are out of our control.¬†

    Shipping Emails

    A confirmation email including your Tracking information will be sent out to customers shortly after the Delivery driver scans the package.

    This could be as late as 10PM (MST)

    If you do not receive your shipping confirmation by this time on the day you submitted your order - Please feel free to email in to and we can gladly grab that tracking link for you.

    My Package is Lost - What do I do?

    Unfortunately - things like this can happen frequently, and it is best to be prepared for it to happen rather than be blindsided when it does.

    The most common thing we see - is a package being stated as Delivered, when it has not actually been delivered...

    Here are some tips for handling situations like this

    • First things first, look around your property:
      • Packages can be delivered in areas that the driver thinks will keep the porch pirates away (inside a bush, behind a plant pot, by a side door, etc.)
    • If you do this and you still cannot locate it, patience is usually your next step.
      • VERY OFTEN, the driver will mark the package as delivered while they are still in transit. They may be just down the street finishing up other deliveries and yours could arrive soon.

    • If the end of the day comes and goes, refer to a neighbor.
      • Every now and again, the delivery driver will drop your package off at a neighbors house thinking it was the correct house. Be sure to double check that your neighbors didn't receive your package by mistake.
      • ¬†
    • If you go through all these steps with no luck, the last resort is to submit a claim. Here are the links to every service and their Claim Portal:
      • If you paid for Route Protection, please file a claim with Route at:¬†¬†
        They will get everything taken care of for you! 

        If you did not pay for Route Protection, please reach out to the respective Shipping Carrier you selected for the shipment.

      • UPS:¬†
      • USPS:

    It is important to read the information given about filing a claim; some delivery services will make you wait a certain amount of days before you are eligible to submit the claim

    If you try to submit a claim and it tells you the ‚Äėshipper‚Äô needs to file a claim, reach out to our support and we can assist you

    Reshipping Lost Packages

    To calm your worry - just know that we would never say ‚Äútoo bad so sad‚ÄĚ when a package goes missing. It is not right for us to make you eat the cost of an expensive package, so we will reship you new product if all the steps have been taken to retrieve it.

    Here are the requirements for reshipping a lost package

    • You must show some kind of receipt (a screenshot, forwarded email, claim number, etc.) proving you filed a claim before reaching out to our Support

    • You must wait 10 days after the ship-date (this avoids the original package showing up later in the week after we already sent a replacement package)

    All in all, we try our very best to make sure our customers are happy with every aspect of our company - and shipping plays a big part in this.

    Once the package leaves our facility - it is technically out of our control, but we vow to do everything in our powder to help in these inconvenient situations.

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