Does Kratom Tea Resonate Stronger than Raw Powder?

People often ask whether Kratom tea is stronger than Kratom powder. In this article we explore both of these methods of consumption and how you can get the most bioavailability out of your Kratom; covering Kratom tea, toss and wash, Kratom potentiators, extracts and more.
Does Kratom Tea Resonate Stronger than Raw Powder?
December 17, 2021
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How do I get the most Bioavailability out of Kratom?

What is your favorite method of consuming Kratom? After all, there are so many different techniques you can choose from. From teas, to capsules, to extracts, to candies… it can be awfully tricky to decide! 

Many Kratom connoisseurs often debate what the best, most effective method of Kratom consumption is. One of the most debated consumption methods amongst the community is Kratom Tea vs. Raw Kratom Powder. The persisting question is this - is one method stronger than the other? We hope to answer this question by discussing and comparing Kratom Tea to Raw Powder.

What is Kratom Powder?

Kratom Powder comes from the dried and pulverized leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia and it belongs to the same family of plants as coffee. Kratom leaves are carefully harvested by the farmers before they undergo a thorough drying process. After the Kratom leaves are perfectly dried, they are grinded down into a very fine, fluffy powder. This beautiful green powder is sold to vendors across the world and from there it’s purchased by consumers. 

Within this article, we are going to explore what happens when you use Kratom Powder to make Kratom Tea. As well, we will compare the resonation of these differing methods. First, we want to briefly discuss the wide array of effects that makes Kratom so special. 

What does Kratom do?

Kratom isn’t just a simple plant, it’s actually quite impressive. People have been using Kratom for hundreds of years for the robust effects it presents to the user. Kratom produces a huge variety of effects, but the most beloved are energy, relaxation, and discomfort relief. Many people claim that Kratom helps them live a “normal” life by ensuring a happy well-being - mentally and physically. 

These miraculous effects come from the active compounds that reside in the leaves called Alkaloids. A single Kratom tree can contain over 40+ unique alkaline compounds, all of which contribute to the amazing benefits it provides. The two most prominent alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, they comprise about 66% of all the alkaloids present in Kratom.

Most effects that derive from botanicals are subjective from user to user. This is also relevant for Kratom. There are many factors that can influence your overall resonation experience, such as - serving size, empty/full belly, type of strain, or the method of consumption. 

Photographic image of a happy hippo branded coffee cup being filled with hot water, in preparation to make kratom tea. In the back ground is a packet of Happy Hippo brand Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, and a small, potted, rattan plant.

Why use Kratom Tea?

Kratom Tea is an extremely common (and easy!) way to drink Kratom. This method is great for Kratom Newbies because you’ll have an easier time gauging your serving size, as well as the added convenience of sipping slowly. 

Generally, Kratom Tea is made with “tea cut” Kratom leaves that have a more coarse cut than typical Kratom Powder - but Kratom Powder works good too! 

Here is a brief explanation of how to make your own Kratom Tea at home:

What You Need:

Preparing Your Kratom Powder Tea:

For this method, you will need to determine your serving size. If you don’t know what serving size is best for you, we have an awesome guide that helps determine your Kratom serving size

The first step is to grab your cup, and put about 2oz of hot water into it (remember to let your boiling water cool for 3-5 minutes before brewing). 

Next, measure out your Kratom serving and put it in the water, stirring thoroughly. 

The last step is to add some kind of honey or sweetener, then drink up!

Kratom Tea is a lovely beverage, but if you want to use this method to optimize your Kratom effects there are a few things to be aware of. Most importantly, studies have shown that Kratom Alkaloids can lose their potency when exposed to high temperatures. This means that boiling water can hinder your Kratom effects if the tea is not made with caution. It’s best to allow the boiling water to sit and cool for about 3-5 minutes before adding Kratom Powder. When brewed correctly, Kratom Tea is equally as effective as eating raw leaf powder.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Kratom Tea, please visit our “Ultimate Guide to Kratom Tea” blog. 

The Pros of Kratom Tea 

  • Easier to consume, no choking or gagging down a spoonful of Kratom Powder
  • Tastes better due to the added sweetener or honey 
  • Easier on the stomach because you’re sipping slowly
  • Preferred method for Newbies

The Cons of Kratom Tea

  • Too hot of water can destroy Kratom alkaloids 
  • Takes longer to feel effects when sipping gradually
  • Takes longer to brew the tea

Is there a way to reduce the alkaloid loss in Kratom Tea?

There are a few different ways you can go about making your Kratom Tea so that your alkaloids don’t get damaged. As mentioned above, one thing to always keep in mind is the importance of letting your boiling water cool for 3-5 minutes before brewing. The secret lies in simmering your tea in 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are a couple of alternative methods to consider:

  • Cold Brew Kratom Tea

  • Cold Brew Kratom Tea preserves all of the alkaloids because it refrains from using heat. Plus, it’s super easy to make! 

    Here is a quick overview of how to make Cold Brew Kratom Tea:

    What You Need:

    • Kratom Powder of choice
    • Room temperature filtered water
    • Coffee filter
    • Whisk or spoon to mix
    • 1 Gram Kratom Scoop
    • Two containers with a secure lid

    Preparing Cold Brew Kratom Tea: 

    The first step is to add your Kratom Powder to one of your containers (determine serving size beforehand). Then add in your preferred amount of water. (Amount of water will vary depending how big of a batch you’re making.) 

    Vigorously stir, make sure all of the Kratom is dissolved and try to break up any noticeable clumps. Secure the lid and put the mixture in the fridge for 8 to 12 hours, or, you can leave your container in room temperature to add ice afterwards. 

    Place a filter over your second container and pour Kratom brew over it. You can filter the mixture several times if needed. Give the container a good shake before serving. Enjoy!

  • Kratom Tea using Extract instead of Kratom Powder

  • If you want a stronger resonation with a less earthy taste, you can use Kratom Extracts to make your tea as well! 

    Tip from Puddles: Customers report that Kratom tea made from extracts generally give a more short-lived, mental focus whereas powder provides a longer lasting relief from discomfort.

    What You Need:

    Preparing Your Kratom Extract Tea:

    Most Kratom Extracts will provide a recommended serving size on the packaging. Like all Kratom products, serving sizes may vary between individuals. Take caution - Kratom Extract is much stronger than regular powder and it takes much less to feel desired effects.

    For Happy Hippo’s Extract, customers should start with 3-6 full droppers in their drink of choice. After waiting about 30 minutes and evaluating the effects, you can always add a few more drops if needed!

    Photographic image depicting a Happy Hippo branded coffee cup filled with kratom tea. Above the cup, a pair of hands squeeze a plastic honey-bear bottle sending a stream of golden honey into the cup of kratom tea as a sweetener.

    What is the Toss and Wash Method?

    The “Toss and Wash” method is common amongst experienced Kratom users. It’s an effective way to get your Kratom down quickly, however, we do not recommend this method to anyone who’s new to taking Kratom. 

    With this method, you measure your Kratom serving and “toss” the spoonful of Kratom Powder directly into your mouth and then quickly “wash” it down with water or a flavored beverage. 

    Kratom users who prefer this method say that it’s fast-acting because you get the entire serving down all at once. While it may take effect quickly, this is a messy, yucky tasting method that can be hard on the stomach. Some Kratom users can’t swallow the spoonful of powder without gagging from the unpleasant taste. 

    Happy Hippo has “evolved” the Toss and Wash method by avoiding putting the dry powder directly in your mouth. Instead, we recommend mixing your serving in a very small amount of warm water (adding a splash of fruit juice is optional) and drinking it down quickly like a shot. 

    From there, you can follow with a flavored beverage to wash away the unfavorable taste. We believe this method is easier because the powder has had the opportunity to dissolve in liquid, which means you aren’t choking on the dry powder. (Look up the “cinnamon challenge” and you’ll understand what we mean by “choking down powder”.) 

    The Pros of “Toss and Wash”

    • Kratom takes effect very quickly; fast-acting
    • Quick and convenient 
    • Alkaloids cannot be damaged by water temperature

    The Cons of “Toss and Wash”

    • Yucky Kratom taste is very noticeable 
    • Hard to swallow down the dry powder 
    • Can be hard on stomach if taken on an empty stomach 

    How long do the effects of Kratom last?

    How long Kratom effects last is dependent on the serving size, strain type, and consumption technique. Generally speaking, at an average serving size of 2-4 grams, the effects of Kratom can last anywhere from 4-6 hours.

    Where is the best place to buy Raw Kratom Powder?

    If you’re looking for the highest quality, lab tested Kratom products, we can say with full confidence that Happy Hippo is the absolute best. You simply cannot find better Kratom powder on the market. 

    Happy Hippo Herbals remains 100% committed to our customers. We treat everyone like family, providing the friendliest customer service possible. 

    We send our Kratom to a third-party laboratory to test for contaminants. ALL of our Kratom is tested and deemed safe for human consumption, giving you peace of mind with each purchase! Our manufacturing facility functions with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. We’re 1 of 35  American Kratom Association certified Kratom vendors! (Wow!)

    If you have any questions, or, if you’re a Newbie looking for Kratom advice… Please contact our Happy Hippo Helpers at: Our agents are committed to answering all inquiries within 24 hours. 


    Technically, exposing Kratom Powder to very hot water can disrupt the active alkaloids - it’s important to take caution and allow the water to cool before brewing. 

    Both consumption methods (Kratom Tea and Raw Kratom Powder) are equally as effective, as well, both methods have their respective pros and cons. So, whichever you choose solely depends on your personal preference. It’s worth a shot to try both methods to see which is your favorite.

    Here at Happy Hippo headquarters, we use our “evolved” version of the Toss and Wash method on a daily basis. Our demographic consists of mostly experienced Kratom users, but we also have a healthy handful of Kratom Newbies here too. Happy Hippo’s “evolved” version is the most convenient for everyone! 


    Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice. 

    Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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