Where to Get the Best Kratom Gummies

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Where to Get the Best Kratom Gummies
June 30, 2023
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Kratom gummies are the new sweet and delectable form of Kratom. They are loaded with lots of alkaloids and mouth-watering flavors for elevated wellness. 

These edibles might be new in town, and Happy Hippo might not be their trailblazer, but one thing for sure is we are making strides every day to give you the purest gummies at insanely affordable prices. We want to put the power of living your healthiest, super productive life in your hands.

This Kratom gummies review welcomes you to the trendy world of these incredible edibles. You will learn their uniqueness and your you-nique way of incorporating them into your Kratom regime.

What are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies are edibles full of highly active alkaloids, taste delicious and come in different flavors based on the manufacturer. Our online shop features premium kratom-infused gummies. Check out the product line.

Most people are used to Kratom powder, extract, soft gels, or capsules. Kratom gummies breathe delightfulness into a whole new experience. With these edibles, you say goodbye to the distinctive bitter taste of Kratom powder and the tastelessness of capsules.

How are Kratom Gummies Made?

Happy Hippo delivers ultra-premium Kratom gummies.

Any vein strain gummies-making process includes Kratom extract, Jello or gelatin, sweeteners, flavorings, and other food-grade ingredients.

Mixing of these ingredients is carried out under specialized temperature and pressure to form a gummy mixture before being processed into individual molds of different shapes.

After molding, the gummies are further seasoned with sweeteners and flavorings to achieve desired consistency and taste.

What follows is packaging and distribution. We always keep our gummies fresh and potent by packing them in a convenient, USDA-compliant, resealable food-grade pouch.

What Are the Benefits of Kratom Gummies?

Most folks claim that capsules are one of the most convenient ways to use Kratom. Gummies have overruled that notion and taken the experience to the next level!

These candies combine the art of convenience and discretion with deliciousness when it comes to Kratom consumption, which capsules, powder, or liquid Kratom can’t always ensure.

Gummies can be used on the go or anywhere, whether in the office, hitting the gym, or when executing other important day-to-day activities. Plus, you will enjoy their sweetness since they come in various flavors.

Do you find it challenging to measure Kratom powder serving? Or do not like its bitter taste or have trouble swallowing capsules? 

These Kratom-based gummies will remove the guesswork, unpleasant taste, and more from the equation. It will be pure Kratom wellness and experience.

How Many Kratom Gummies Should I Take? 

Kratom-infused gummies are pretty potent since they are made with Kratom extract and other safe ingredients. As such, serving sizes should be made precisely and cautiously.

Eat one gummy per serving and allow your body enough time for Kratom to kick in. (Pro advice: wait for at least 24 hours before taking the second gummy).

If you are a beginner, start with a ¼ gummy and evaluate the effects before your next move.

You should serve Kratom gummies low and slow. This means starting with the lowest serving size possible and gradually increasing it until you hit your sweet spot.

It might be tempting to take a large serving in hopes of feeling the effects sooner and for longer, but a high serving will do the opposite. It increases the risk of side effects.

Finally, know which Kratom strain gummies to eat and at what time. For instance, white vein gummies are best for energy bursts in the morning. While red vein gummies suit evening to relax your body and mind as well as welcome a better night's rest.

How Long Does It Take for Kratom Gummies to Kick In? 

Just like cannabidiol (CBD), Kratom gummies offer the best of both worlds. When chewing, some alkaloids directly enter the bloodstream through the tongue and mouth tissues. Others reach the stomach and get absorbed after digestion and liver action.

Generally, these Kratom gummies for pain can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. It is essential to note that Kratom affects everyone differently; some might experience faster or slower times than others.

Do Kratom Gummies Work as well as CBD? 

We did a comprehensive article on Kratom vs. CBD. However, it is worth repeating this.

Kratom works better than CBD for short-term uses like boosting energy, mood, and focus. Plus, it can help you relax or instantly relieve physical discomfort. It is because Kratom has stimulating properties and acts on opioid receptors.

CBD, on the other hand, is better for long-term use. CBD is excellent for homeostasis since it triggers endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Plus, CBD cannot get you high.

The best thing is you can mix Kratom and CBD, but accurate serving sizes are a MUST. If in doubt, consult an expert. Even better, our skilled professionals can help with that.

How Do Kratom Gummies Compare to THC? 

There are some similarities and differences in the science of how tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Kratom affect the body and mind. Most people use these botanicals for recreational and medical purposes.

The effects of THC and Kratom-based gummies depend on product potency, strains, metabolism, tolerance levels, among other things. They can make you feel more energized and laser-focused or heighten your mood at varying serving sizes.

Kratom acts as a stimulant in low to moderate serving sizes and a relaxing agent in large serving sizes. In fact, Kratom's impact on brain function in boosting mood and attention makes it an amazing herb for relieving worry and overwhelm. It also may be great for battling withdrawal symptoms of opioids and other drugs.

THC properties are a bit dynamic. It has a wide range of effects, including stimulation, sedation, euphoria, discomfort relief, reduced negative thoughts, arousal, induced appetite, better sleep, and more.

Can you mix Kratom and THC? Yes, but for short-term use and in low, highly controlled serving sizes. Long-term consumption of this combination can cause more harm than good, including liver issues and addiction.

NEVER EVER self-administer THC and Kratom at the same time without your doctor’s advice

How to DIY Kratom-Infused Gummies

While we don’t necessarily recommend doing this on your own, making Kratom gummies at home is quite straightforward. The procedure is almost similar to the one employed in our facility. The only difference is that we use state-of-the-art tools.

By now, you already know that Kratom extract comes in liquid or powder form and can be alcohol (about 40% concentrated) or water-based. Even though both offer powerful effects, alcohol-infused ones are more effective and have a long shelf life. The alcohol preserves the alkaloids for extended periods of time. 

Alright, here is what you need:

  • Enough Kratom extract of your choice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of Jello powder
  • Sweetener of your choice like honey
  • Flavorings like fruit juice
  • Cooking spray
  • Gummy molds

Step by step instructions:

  1. Add water, Jello powder, and sweetener in a saucepan and allow them to attain medium heat. Then stir the mixture until well combined.
  2. Add kratom extract to the mixture and stir well to form a uniform solution.
  3. Reduce the heat, then add flavorings and stir for at least 5 minutes to make sure everything dissolves completely.
  4. Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow it to cool for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Lightly spray your gummy molds with cooking spray – it prevents the gummies from sticking on the molds when cooling.
  6. Use a measuring cup with a spout to carefully pour your gummy mixture into the molds.
  7. Refrigerate the entire mold for about 30 minutes or more to allow the gummies to fully set.
  8. Remove your Kratom gummies from the molds and enjoy. Do not forget to store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

If you want your gummies to be more chewy and sweeter, spread them on a cooling rack and air-dry them for about a day. You will be glad you did it.

Where to Buy Kratom Gummies

Where you source your Kratom gummies and other products SHOULD NOT be a wild guess. You need to work with a brand that believes in purest nature goodness for the safest and healthiest products.

Happy Hippo assures you of purity and complete satisfaction in every kratom gummy. Why trust us?

  • We are accredited by theAmerican Kratom Association 
  • We employ current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Expertise and perfection in every gummy
  • Two mouth-watering Kratom gummy flavors
  • Modernized and highly controlled production processes
  • We use full spectrum organically grown Kratom FREE from GMOs
  • We use third-party lab tested Kratom for heavy metals, molds, pesticides, salmonella, and other contaminants
  • We use vegetarian-friendly and 100% safe ingredients
  • Neat packaging in convenient, USDA-compliant, resealable food-grade pouch
  • Expert advice and excellent customer support
  • Quick delivery to your doorstep

What vein strain or flavors of Kratom-infused gummies do you like? 

Contact us today or let us know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.

Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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