Kratom Review: White Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo)

In this article we review of the White Vein Malay Kratom Strain (also known as Thunder Hippo), providing you with insight into its benefits, effects, and our personal experiences associated with this type of kratom.

Featured Image of Puddles the Hippo character representing the Happy Hippo Product White Malay Kratom Powder (Thunder Hippo)
April 13, 2021
4 min read

Howdy Partner! This is a Quick-one!

Quickdraw Puddles (that's Me) certainly does not mean to indicate this Story will be short-lived.

The FASTEST Kratom for sale Online is White Malay Kratom (THUNDER HIPPO).

Puddles isn't surprised to see all Fast Strains in the Top 3.

But how is White Vein Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo) on the podium as one of the best Kratom Strains for sale instead of Red or Yellow vein Maeng Da?

ONE REASON — White Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo) is the Fastest Kratom Leaf on Planet Earth.

White Vein Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo)
Happy Hippo's #1 Non-Maeng Da Kratom
(Clean Energy - Without the Jitters!)


The Best-Sold Kratom Strains Online are 'Fast'

(Young Humans, 21-34 Years, prefer to buy the Fast Kratom Experience)

"Live Fast - Die Young"

This saying is catchy but Puddles prefers → Live Fast - Live Long.

If you had to take a wild guess, you may think most Hippo Clients are over 45 years old since they have a higher chance of being Hippies. (Kratom Tree Huggers)

In reality -

  • 60% of Hippo Clients are between ages 21 and 34.
  • 15% of Hippo Clients are between ages 35 and 45.
  • 25% of Hippo Clients are between ages 46 and 100.

Most Buy Fast Kratom Strains because they are the best for Stimulation or Productivity.

In addition, Fast Strains also help Humans to possess a Pro-Social Vibe or "Air".

An elevated sense of Awareness or Mental and Physical Energy pays dividends regardless of Age.

However White Vein Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo), the Fastest Kratom Leaf, is not the standard recommendation for a Newbie that writes us a letter asking:

What is the Best Happy Hippo Kratom Powder for Deep Relaxation and Physical Discomfort?

Without a shadow of a doubt that has to go to a Slow Kratom Leaf such as Red Sumatra (Magic Hippo)

(Puddles favorite Kratom Product = Red Sumatra (Magic Hippo)

As we learned, Hippos (age: 21-34) dominate the ranks.

This demographic has the most Energy and they want even more Energy.

Fast Kratom Leaf will forever remain King.

Fun Fact: Puddles Hippo is 6 Years old and he actually prefers the Slow and Moderate Leafs.


How Do We Know White Malay (Thunder Hippo) is Really High-Quality Leaf?

Maeng Da Kratom Powder is always a strong kratom Strain purchase.

So - Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) and White Maeng Da (Rockstar Hippo) are expected be at the top.

White Malay Kratom Leaf is not popular at all outside of Happy Hippo, yet it is a dominate Kratom Strain.

By logic, Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo and Yellow Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo) should also be More Popular than White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo).

Puddles did the research on the Kratom Industry at-large (Facts applicable to all Kratom Vendors and these are the findings:

    • Malaysian Kratom is WAY-LESS-POPULAR than all Maeng Da Strains.
    • Bali Kratom is the 2nd Most Popular Kratom Tea and its Benefits are enjoyed about 4 times as often as Malay Kratom.
    • Green Malay Kratom is actually 20 times more searched on the Internet than White Malaysian.
      * That's like saying Green Malay (Elite Elephant) is 20 times more popular than White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo).

Buy Kratom Online from a Vendor that learns the in's-and-out's of this magical Kratom Plant by listening to your feedback.

Happy Hippo Herbals is an entirely different world and we hope you enjoy living in it with us.

The highest-quality Kratom Strains will always rise to the top at Happy Hippo, regardless of their Vein Color or Origin.

Fast Strains (especially Fast, non-Maeng Da Leaf) are notorious for aggravating nerves.
We proceed very cautiously before releasing a Fast Strain.
Thunder is fantastic.


What to Expect from White Malay (Thunder Hippo)

(White Malay Kratom's Effects, Reviewed!)

Clean Energy. More Clean Energy. Even More Clean Energy.

Clean Enthusiasm. More Clean Enthusiasm. Even More Clean Enthusiasm!

Most the find Energy and Enthusiasm in Fast Strains.

We are strictly talking about non-Kratom Extract products. Buy natural Kratom powder for the clean Energy.

White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo) comes from a natural Kratom Tree and is as Fast as it gets.

The ideal Fast Kratom Experience promotes Productivity, Motivation, and a real desire to Socialize.

An innate desire to "Clean Your Room" is a hallmark of positive Physical Energy from White Malay.

Cleaning-up your surroundings or environment is therapeutic so in an inadvertent way Fast Leaf can make you Happy just like Slow Leaf!

If you're a newbie to White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo) we suggest considering a lower serving size for starters.

Fast Kratom Powder can require a lower Kratom Serving Size.

There IS such a thing as too much Energy and Puddles likes to refer to this as "Jitterbugs"!

You can all but guarantee to avoid these nerves by keeping your Kratom Powder serving size low.

How much to Take as a complete Newbie?

  • New Kratom Users (Or, Anyone inexperienced with Fast Kratom Strains) Start here:
    • Totally New Female Hippos = Start @ 0.50 Gram, or less
    • Totally New Male Hippos = Start @ 1.00 Gram

Remember, one-size-doesn't-fit-all, determining your serving size can be a process of trial and error.

'How Much Kratom Should I Use' is a never ending question.

"Less is More"

It is always better to take 'too little' than too much.

Infographic depicting several kratom strains from the Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Effects: Kratom Strain Chart
Only Kratom Online Faster than White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo)

Where can You Buy White Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo)?

Fast is the most popular type of Kratom Strain in the United States.

  • White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo) will always be close to #1.

If you rotate multiple Happy Hippo Kratom Powders, odds are - at least half are Fast Strains.

Hint: Buy Kratom at Happy Hippo!

Since White Vein Malay's alkaloid content differs considerably from Maeng Da, it will allow you to have a well-rounded Kratom Rotation that is not dependent on Maeng Da for Energy.

White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo) is quite simply a stand-out Leaf.

(We could not have predicted White Vein Malay's popularity upon release in 2018)

Puddles gets that question fairly often.

Buckle-up and enjoy White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo)The Best Kratom Online for Energy!

Your Fastest Friend,

~ Quickdraw Puddles Hippo

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Article Comments

Tina Thompson
Hi, I’ve been meaning to post something forever but never have the time. First, Happy Hippo was my first kratom experience and I’m so glad it was. Easily the best quality and most consistant. I haven’t had strain yet that I didn’t enjoy. I prefer moderate to slow usually, but once in awhile you need a pick me up. Thunder surprised me. It was so clean and happy! This is before I knew that mixing is wonderful. I have found I don’t like very many fast leaf stains from other vendors. Thunder Hippo is by far, the best fast leaf out there. I enjoy green maeng da of course, but sometimes you need a little more motivation and Thunder is the leaf to do it! Anyone who had had a bad experience with fast kratom or is nervous to try it because of jitters ect., try this strain. You will not be disappointed! One last thing I’d like to comment on. The information on the site is by far the most accurate and educational available. If you have any questions about kratom, this is where you need to come for answers. There are a lot of preconceived ideas and misinformation out there. I thought vein color determined speed. Boy was I wrong! Taking a red Thai before bed is not a good idea! Lol. HH is where I learned that red isn’t always slow and not all whites are fast. Thank you for educating me on how to use this wonderful plant to my advantage. I can’t express enough how wonderful you all are and how blessed I feel that I tried your product first. I might not be where I am today had I tried a different vendor for that first experience. Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday hippos! Much love. Tina
Cheryl Scher
First time ever writing a review for any type of Kratom but I had to write this one. While I love Rockstar,Atomic and Hyper for a pre-workout boost, I’ve found Thunder to be over the top incredible especially when I’m running a race. I deal with major fatigue issues that nothing has been able to help me with and the fast strains have been a life saver getting me back to a level of productiveness in my running and in all other aspects of life. I use Thunder for a major kick in the tush when I want to perform my best. I’m a newbie here but I just wanted to toss out a quick thanks for a great product and a great Hippo experience. You have made a friend for life here.

Love to you all!

Obi Wan - A Hippo Nobi

James Chavez try the Atomic Green. I personally think it is very close to the Thunder and very fast. I think Dynamite is up there as well. I find the solution sometime with fast strains when looking for energy is to take smaller (yes smaller)doses than normal. You can always increase the amount in 30 or 60 mins if it does not meet your expectation. Many of my friends love the Dong but personally I think Atomic is one of the fastest.

Unfortunately, we must realize that in nature everything is not 100% consistent. Growing seasons, rainfall, soil conditions etc all can affect the plant. I have had a previous experience with a Hippo Strain that was incredible when I first ordered it. The 2nd batch was good, but not incredible like the 1st batch. However, the next time I ordered it was exceptional again.

I hope this helps my friend. I’m sure the Hippos have some recommendations for you as well.

Aphex Twin

Hey puddles, Why are the kilos soooooooooo expensive?
Not complaining or anything, just wondering?
1st time buyer (from here), 4ever customer.
Ive tried many many places until I found you guys (heart) (heart) (heart)

Obi - a Hippo Force For Good In a Dark World

“The HappyHippo blog is such a positive place”………..all we need is a devil emoji. UGH!!!