Why We Love Kanna Extract

In this article, we dig deeper into the ins and outs of Kanna Extract - from what it is, how to make it, and the right serving size to its benefits together with its effects in order to help you navigate its world like a pro.
Why We Love Kanna Extract
October 28, 2022
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Sceletium tortuosum, also known as Kanna, is a perfect example of herbs being praised in the West for their numerous benefits and effects. It has opened up a whole world of healthy tastes for most people looking for natural remedies for various conditions.

The true therapeutic power lies in Kanna extract, a quite potent version of this amazing herb. Best part of it is you can find it in varying potency levels and serving sizes to meet your unique needs.

Let us dig deeper into the ins and outs of this Kanna Product - from what it is, how to make it, and the right serving size to its benefits together with its effects in order to help you navigate its world like a pro. 

What Is Kanna Extract?

Nowadays, Kanna is available in many forms for easier usage. You can find it in powder, capsule, oil, tincture, or extract form.

Whenever you hear folks refer to Kanna extract in everyday conversation, they simply mean a highly concentrated form of Kanna. The product is typically available in powder, oil, or resin form.

It contains all the goodies from this incredible herb for a powerful experience. You will want to use an extract very carefully as it is pretty potent compared to normal products you will find on the market.

Extracts allow users to get higher servings of Kanna in a relatively short time, and most avid consumers prefer them to other forms. Newcomers to the Sceletium tortuosum world better stick to regular products like capsules and graduate to extracts after some time.

What Are the Benefits of Kanna Extract?

Kanna offers lots of benefits only when you use it in the right way. Some of the most common ones are:

  • It Can Boost Mood
  • Feeling unhappy, restless, or irritable can mess up your mood in more ways than you can imagine. Luckily, Kanna is one of the best natural ways to elevate your mood by keeping negative thoughts at bay.

    The herb is thought to influence some parts of the brain, such as amygdala, responsible for processing emotions. The active alkaloids in sceletium tortuosum can trigger feel-good hormones after a few minutes of use. Looking for premium Kanna extract to relax? Happy Hippo has you covered!

  • It Can Elevate Focus and Attention
  • Struggling to get through day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to demanding ones? If you ever wish you could increase your ability to focus at work or study for an exam, try all-natural Kanna today.

    The herb can come in handy when you feel like your mind is running empty but want to get things done effectively. Using Kanna can increase some brain receptors associated with calmness and relaxation during cognitive tasks.

  • Brain Food
  • Do you know that brain commands the central nervous system for all body functions, including memory, thoughts, actions, movements, and emotions? Optimal brain functioning is the key to good health and longevity.

    Several studies assert that Kanna is beneficial to cognitive function and overall health of the brain. One study shows that Kanna can improve brain function, mainly processing speed, psychomotor speed along with complex attention.

  • It Can Relieve Physical and Mental Discomfort
  • Even a slight body discomfort can lower your level of productivity. Kanna extract‚Äôs proper¬†serving size and usage can fix most kinds of discomfort for boosted health and increased productivity. In fact, this remarkable herb has been purportedly used to reduce discomfort for many years.

    How To Make Kanna Extract?

    Kanna extract can be manufactured through a variety of extraction methods based on the desired end product. For instance, solvent extraction uses alcohol, butane, propane, or CO2 extraction process. Even if you visit Kanna extract Reddit posts, comments, or questions, everybody will testify that CO2 extraction is a bit expensive but produces highest-quality extracts.

    Kanna is soluble in most solvents, including the ones above. And despite the solvent you use during extraction, the steps followed and the final product are the same though quality might vary.

    During solvent extraction, fermented Kanna plant matter is dissolved in the solvent then pressure and temperature are altered to dissolve the alkaloids. The resulting mixture is evaporated in a vacuum oven or desiccator. Next, it is vacuum pumped to ensure only a pure resin extract with close to zero residual solvent is left.

    The end product (resin extract) can be kept as a whole or mixed with Kanna powder, oil, or other forms. Any extraction process should be expertly done to yield potent products and minimize accidents.

    How To Use Kanna Extract

    Just like our article says, there are many ways to use Kanna extract based on the product you go for and its potency. The most common ones are brewing Kanna tea, applying under the tongue (sublingual use), or adding to food or smoothie.

    For instance, you can chew the Kanna extract if you do not mind its bitter taste. Or dissolve it in warm water and add sweetener of your choice.

    Better still, you can use Kanna extract powder to brew Kanna tea and add lemon and a sweetener like honey. In fact, brewing tea best suits beginners since the Kanna extract effects are less potent.

    The beauty of Kanna usage is that the product is generally considered safe for most people. Only a few, mainly beginners or those who use quite high serving sizes, might experience Kanna extract side effects. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor before introducing Kanna products into your wellness routine.

    How Much Kanna Extract Should You Take?

    Your Kanna extract serving size relies on several factors, including your body chemistry, weight, age, why you are using the herb, and more. This is to say there is no set amount of Kanna that you should take.

    Extracts also come in varying potency levels, and this also influences the serving. For example, Kanna 100x extract will have a different serving size from Kanna 10x or 20x extract. As a result, you will want to consider serving size and usage instructions on the product label.

    The best way to determine your ideal Kanna serving size is to start with the lowest serving (like 0.2g or less) than you think you might need. It is because extracts are pretty potent, and using too large of a serving can lead to undesirable reactions.

    Next, listen to your body, specifically how the herb makes you feel, and gradually increase (or decrease) the amounts until you land the desired effects.

    Note: The waiting period after taking the first serving is critical as it lets you know whether you need to decrease or increase your serving size. Please wait at least an hour before going for the second serving.

    Where Can You Buy Kanna Extract?

    Kanna extract may vary dramatically between brands and products. So, it is up to you to do thorough research to get quality products. But how and where can you source the best Kanna supplement and other related products?

    One of the most important things to consider when buying Kanna is third-party lab results. It is a way of confirming if the product contains the quantities of Kanna or alkaloids the manufacturer advertises or claims. And whether they are free of contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, additives, etc.

    Good reviews and excellent customer service also come into play when purchasing Kanna products. Trust the reviews folks leave behind on a product, brand or customer service.

    If a company has good Kanna reviews and responds to every question or complaint about their products or services, it is a clear indication that they are legit and offer the best. Down the line, everyone wants safe and high-quality products for improved wellness.

    If you want to skip all the research hassle when looking for the best Kanna brand, source your products from Happy Hippo. We are an online brand dedicated to providing premium-grade products.

    Final Thoughts

    There are numerous reasons why we love Kanna extract. It has tons of potential therapeutic properties. Do not forget that it can benefit you only when you use it properly.

    Everyone wants to feel a warm welcome in their time of need knowing that they will get the safest and purest ever Kanna products. And this is not just practiced everywhere - only the best vendors do!

    Happy Hippo is a reputable online brand you can trust regarding Kanna products and other botanicals, including Kratom, Kava, Akuamma, and more! We focus on honesty, transparency, and quality in all aspects of our business production processes.

    Buy Kanna extract from us today at an affordable price.

    Disclaimer: Kanna remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kanna, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

    Kanna is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kanna.

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