Happy Hippo Has Made Flying with Kratom Stress-Free & Blissful

Planning a trip soon? Read this to help prepare traveling with Kratom!
Happy Hippo Has Made Flying with Kratom Stress-Free & Blissful
November 03, 2023
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As easy as it is to use Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) in almost all the United States of America, the reality of flying with the botanical across states or to another country has been gloom and doom for a long time.

Each state and country have varying kratom laws and regulations. Some allow Kratom use but under certain conditions, while others completely ban it.

Keep scrolling to learn how to make traveling with Kratom stress-free and enjoyable and reach your destination in a blissful mood. Whether flying to work or halfway across the world for an epic adventure, going through this article opens your mind to protect yourself from any mishaps and legal attention.

Can I Fly With Kratom?

Can I really bring Kratom on a plane? The short answer is YES. You are legally allowed to fly with Kratom in the United States. No federal government policy or Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations ban the possession, consumption, or carrying of Kratom-infused products. In fact, TSA permits you to keep them in both checked bags and carry-ons.

Before you pack, you should first confirm the legal status of Kratom in your home state, layover, and destination in order to have a seamless trip. Be sure to consult a certified attorney or perform thorough research to understand the legalities of Kratom in different states or countries.

Flying With Kratom From State to State

Kratom is federally legal in the USA, but several states (and some cities and counties) still prohibit its possession and use. Since every state drafts its own laws to govern kratom, it is imperative to learn how the herb is regulated in your destination state.

For instance, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin states do not allow the use of Kratom. Never travel with the botanical in these regions.

What does TSA say when you accompany Kratom with you to a destination where it is legal?

  • Feel free to go with 12 ounces (or 350 ml) of kratom to any state in the USA in your carry-on if they legalize its use · Any powder-like substances, including Kratom, larger than 12 ounces might attract additional screening at central checkpoint

  • If your Kratom products meet the above requirements but do not get cleared at checkpoint, they will not be allowed ahead - TSA officials will throw them away

  • TSA advises storing additional powder in your checked bag for convenience when you plan to carry more than the allowed amount.

With the above information at your fingertips, you will fully understand whether you can use your leaf while on the plane or after arriving. If kratom is illegal in your layover state, never consume it while around the place. Just keep it in your bag and do not leave the secured area.

You can also ship your Kratom products to your destination so they arrive there earlier than you. But this only applies if the botanical is legal in that place. Alternatively, the best approach is to order your kratom from Happy Hippo and have it delivered to your destination. We will surely deliver it right to your doorstep.

Flying With Kratom Internationally

Laws governing the Kratom industry vary from country to country, just like how every state in the USA has different rules and regulations. You will want to study kratom laws in the country you plan to visit.

Most countries in Europe have the mandate to create their own laws to regulate kratom products. For instance, Kratom is legal in Austria, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, and more. So you can freely fly with Kratom in those places. Sadly, countries like Belarus, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom… restrict its use.

Asia is the primary Kratom source, but not every country appreciates its beneficial potential. Thailand became the first country to legalize Kratom in Asia. The botanical is illegal or highly controlled in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

Canada declared that Kratom is not safe for human consumption. In other words, selling or advertising the botanical as an herbal supplement in Canada is illegal. But, since the country does not include it in the list of controlled substances, Kratom might become legal in the near future.

Kratom legality in most African countries is not clear. Many places either do not understand kratom benefits or have vague laws surrounding its use.

Kratom is gaining much popularity in Mexico, and the country does not term it a controlled substance. So, it is legal to travel or use kratom in Mexico.

All forms of Kratom are entirely banned in Australia. You better leave your herb at home!

Important Note: It is not a good idea to fly with Kratom products to countries with ill-defined Kratom laws or where the botanical is deemed illegal. You will save yourself much trouble, not to mention hefty fines or imprisonment.

Best Tips and Tricks When Traveling With Kratom

A safe and fun trip starts with proper planning. This includes performing thorough research a few weeks before your journey. Whenever you want to stay ahead of any obstacles when flying with Kratom, here is what you must do:

Pack Enough Kratom

If you are traveling for a few weeks, carry enough Kratom to serve you for that period and ensure it does not exceed the allowed limits to avoid any trouble with TSA or airport security. Or you can order more kratom from Happy Hippo after reaching your destination - this is definitely the best way to do this.

Packing more kratom is not an issue but can bring about unnecessary questioning that might delay your flight.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Timely planning and arrival at the airport will give you sufficient time to smoothen everything. Airport security might want to further inspect your bags, do more questioning, or perform a drug test to precisely confirm you are carrying Kratom.

The above scenarios can take much longer than expected, delaying your flight. So arriving early at the airport can give you extra time to fix such circumstances.

Prepare For Questions

What is Kratom? Is your Kratom safe? Is this Kratom legal, and do you have any certification to carry or use it? Be prepared to answer such questions promptly. This might happen when TSA officials have inadequate information about kratom and its endless beneficial properties.

Be Calm and Super Confident

Carrying Kratom is not wrong, but things can get complicated when you do not explain what it is easily and explicitly. Being unsettled can eat away your self-confidence and lead to suspicion or further questioning.

All you need is to relax your mind and body, pose, and speak confidently – you will be good to go. Haha, remember, Kratom can give you these pro-social vibes and calmness.

Trust Your Guts

It is hard to leave Kratom at home, primarily when you use it daily for particular reasons. But if your guts say no to traveling with the herb, do so!

Kratom's popularity in the United States is booming as we speak. Sadly, this botanical is not well-known by most nations in other parts of the world. Some might mistake it for an illicit drug, attracting huge penalties, imprisonment, or both.

How Should I Pack Kratom When Traveling?

Keep Kratom in its original sealed package with proper labeling. Storing Kratom correctly is a crucial aspect that ensures legal and safe travel. Sealing kratom in its original packaging will act as proof that you are carrying something genuine and lawful and prevent unnecessary situations like drug testing.

Buy your Kratom from brands like Happy Hippo, which list all the ingredients in the Kratom package. This will clear you of any accusations of flying with illicit drugs.

So, never pack your Kratom powder or liquid in a different container to prevent any misunderstandings and delays. Plus, proper storage will preserve Kratom quality, freshness, and potency.

Never hide anything. Attempting to conceal your botanical or lie will make airport security suspicious, triggering further action. Just be transparent and honest to smoothen the entire screening process.

You will want to place your Kratom products at the top of your carry-on or checked luggage to prevent the TSA from emptying your entire bag during inspection. Bear in mind repacking will also take some time.

Final Thoughts

While flying with Kratom domestically or internationally is subject to legality in different states or countries, the best way to navigate this is to stay updated with the changing laws of these regions.

Do not forget keeping Kratom in its original package with accurate labeling will keep you out of trouble. Plus, proper storage will conserve essential Kratom alkaloids for elevated Kratom wellness and experience.

The most critical part is sourcing your Kratom products from a company that observes the above measures while offering educational resources for a safe, second-to-none daily Kratom regime.

Happy Hippo shines the brightest when it comes to selling you stellar Kratom that passes every aspect of legality, purity, reliability, and storage. Our plain leaf is organically grown, vigorously tested, neatly packaged, and labeled. We observe all of the American Kratom Association's current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Contact us today for the best Kratom products and other botanicals. Want to learn everything about Kratom? Visit our blog.

Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.

Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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