How to Buy Kratom Near You

Finding quality Kratom near you can be a daunting task. In this article we explore how to find the right Kratom vendor, the pros and cons of buying Kratom near you, Kratom legality, and how to know which Kratom strains and products are the best fit for your lifestyle.
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August 20, 2021
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In the search to find local stores or other outlets that sell kratom near you there are quite a few factors to consider. The first thing you need to do before buying Kratom is to learn about the Kratom industry, your local laws in the area, and any background information about the locations that sell Kratom. After all, Kratom is a botanical herb that you’re taking, and you want to make sure to procure and use the best possible product. 

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What Is Kratom?

First off, let’s talk a little about Kratom (sometimes called Krat, Thang, Kakuam, Thom, Ketum, Biak). While most people call it Kratom, its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. It’s a tree that grows in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, however, in recent decades, local farmers in Indonesia have begun cultivating Kratom trees as a cash crop for a thriving global industry. Traditionally, the plant had been used for centuries as a folk medicine in the region. The indigenous population brewing tea from the Kratom leaf to drink, and this is the same herb available for purchase to consumers here in the United States. However, instead of fresh leaves, Kratom packages contain a powdered form of the Kratom tea leaf.

Still, there are other forms of Kratom products available, too. You can buy Kratom in capsule form, tinctures, pressed tablets, and condensed Kratom shots you can drink. People consume Kratom for different reasons, but most people take it for its energizing and relaxing effects.

If you want a more thorough explanation about Kratom, check out our “Kratom Beginners Guide” on our website. We explore more in-depth information about Kratom in that article. 

What to Know Before You Buy Kratom Near You

The most important thing you must understand about buying Kratom near you is that not all Kratom is created equal. Nowadays, low-grade Kratom gets sold as a premium product. So you need to educate yourself on the company you use to purchase Kratom so you do not buy an inferior substance. It’s always best to perform your research on businesses before shopping with them.

Also, reputable Kratom companies should produce the results of laboratory analysis for customers before purchasing their products. That allows the consumer to know that no dangerous contaminants are present in the Kratom they are looking to purchase. It also gives the customer a chance to learn the concentration of alkaloids present in that batch, which allows you to get a better estimate of the Kratom’s potency before you buy.

The next thing you need to determine before you buy Kratom is the legality in your area. There are state and local laws you must take into consideration, and they can change throughout the year. Always keep yourself informed of any pending Kratom legislation in your vicinity. The legality of Kratom has faced a few obstacles in a handful of states. So if you live in one of the few states that have restrictions on Kratom, it could be against the law to sell, purchase, or possess kratom within those state lines.

Is Kratom Legal in Your State?

Before buying Kratom near you, you must make sure that Kratom is legal in your state. Sure, Kratom is a legal product on the federal level of the United States, but each state has jurisdiction over its territory.

A small number of states have passed laws to make Kratom illegal, but not everyone knows that. Many people are unaware Kratom is restricted in some states even though it is legal federally. 

Right now, there are 44 states where Kratom is legal. That means only six states have passed anti-kratom laws, so it’s easier for us to list out the states where Kratom is restricted.

Kratom is Illegal in the Following States

Currently, six states have passed laws to make the primary alkaloids found in Kratom illegal. If the regulations change, we’ll make sure to update these at that time.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Municipalities in These States Have Restricted Kratom

On top of those six states where Kratom has been restricted, there are six more states where Kratom is legal on the state level, but individual cities have created ordinances to make the Kratom plant illegal. Those municipalities can change their laws at any time. We’ve seen Kratom restriction reversals occur in the past couple of years. So you should check with your local government before making a purchase. But here is a list of states where cities, counties, and townships have anti-kratom laws.

States that Passed a Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)

While some states and cities have managed to circumvent the legality of Kratom products from their citizens, six states have enacted laws to keep Kratom accessible to the populace. The following states have passed a Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) to keep Kratom legal and protect Kratom consumers. 

  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Utah

There may only be six states that have currently passed a KCPA for Kratom consumers. Other states have KCPA proposals waiting for a vote in the legislature, and the AKA maintains pressure on local legislators to do the right thing for everyone involved. As more states pass a KCPA, we’ll keep this selection updated.

What to Look For in a High-Quality Kratom Vendor

When looking to buy kratom near you, the most important aspect of a high-quality Kratom vendor is how it packages its Kratom products. A respectable Kratom company maintains a set of guidelines that utilize Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards. These safety precautions provide the customer with the safest products on the market. If the company doesn’t manufacture its products using GMP regulatory practices, you shouldn’t even entertain purchasing Kratom from them. You can see a list of GMP-qualified kratom companies on the American Kratom Association website.

A trustworthy Kratom vendor will also perform laboratory analysis on the products it sells; and multiple lab tests should get conducted on the various batches. It shouldn’t be difficult to see these results, either. They should be available upon request.

The Kratom vendor must be upfront with any return or exchange policy before you purchase, too. Most well-known companies work to achieve repeat business through spectacular customer-service relations.

How to Avoid Buying Cheap Kratom Near You

Everyone knows the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, that’s most likely the case. Well, the same mentality exists when buying Kratom near you. Just because you found a great deal on Kratom doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Sometimes, a low price indicates that the quality of the Kratom sold doesn’t measure up to the standard of the average products on the market. So make sure you don’t get duped into buying cheap Kratom. Sure, the price point might seem like you’re getting a bargain. But if it means you must take a heavier serving of Kratom to feel any effects, then you didn’t save any money. The cash you thought you saved is getting used up by having to use more Kratom per serving.    

The most important reason for avoiding cheap Kratom is it probably wasn’t sent to a laboratory for analysis. This means there are likely to be contaminants in the Kratom. Kratom contamination includes both biological pathogens and heavy metals, and neither of those pollutants lead to a healthy lifestyle. Plus, bacterial contaminants like Salmonella can put you in the hospital.

Know the Types of Kratom You Are Looking For

Buying Kratom gets complicated whenever you learn about the different types of kratom strains available on the market. Each kratom strain provides a different effect to the consumer. So, various physical conditions or complications would require specific strains of Kratom to produce the relief one seeks. The easiest way to determine which Kratom Effects are closest to what you're looking for would be to refer to a kratom strain chart.

At Happy Hippo Herbals, our kratom strain chart not only provides you with links to individual Kratom strains, but we separate them into selections that produce fast, moderate, or slow effects. The fast kratom strains are more energetic, Moderate kratom varieties are well-balanced, and the slower kratom strains are for relief and produce deep relaxation. So choose accordingly!

Various Kratom Strains

When looking to buy kratom near you, you’ll choose from a large selection of products. For the most part, Kratom strains are separated into classes by the vein color of the kratom leaf and the locale in which it was grown. 

Kratom Strains by Color

Kratom Strain by Type

How to Buy Quality Kratom Near You

To buy quality Kratom near you, you should research every company to decide which one has the best products. So you’ll need to get recommendations from friends, family, or online reviews. A quick Google search should pull up some local stores in your area to begin your journey, but the establishments that carry Kratom products vary. Here are a few different stores that may sell Kratom near you.

Places that Might Sell Kratom Near You

  • Smoke Shops
  • Head Shops
  • Gas Stations
  • Kratom / Kava Bars
  • Herbal Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Vape Shops

Can I Buy Kratom from Amazon or Retail Chain Stores?

One of the first places people try to find and purchase Kratom is through larger retail chains like Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, big retail corporations refuse to stock Kratom on their shelves. For starters, some states and cities have restrictions on selling kratom, which brings unwanted complications for those businesses.

The same thing goes for larger online venues like Amazon. For a while, people sold Kratom on the Amazon platform. But the banking and financing industry had pressure placed on them by the government, so they soon stopped accepting payment for Kratom on primary terminals. Amazon removed Kratom from its site, then other online marketplaces followed suit. So, to buy kratom near you, you’ll need to look for alternative outlets.

Which Kratom Products are Available Near Me?

The types of Kratom products available locally will depend on the businesses in your area that sell Kratom. Everyone won’t have access to the same stock or varieties. People who live in a more heavily populated area will have more stores or locations to consider. 

But all Kratom strains and the products available are determined by each business individually. So you’ll need to shop around to see what they have to offer. 

Buying Kratom Powder Near You

Most likely, local Kratom venues will have options for you to buy kratom powder. It’s the most common product on the market. Suppliers crush the Kratom leaves into a powdered form that gets used to make Kratom tea for consumption.  

Buying Kratom Capsules Near You

Kratom tea has a distinctive bitter flavor, and some people don’t care for it, so as an alternative customers will often seek to purchase kratom capsules. Manufacturers fill gelatin capsules with Kratom powder, so you can take the Kratom in capsule form, thereby avoiding the bitter taste.

Buying Kratom Extracts Near You

Still, there are Kratom consumers that prefer a more potent form of Kratom, and there are Kratom products available for them, too. One such option is to buy kratom extracts. It’s a concentrated form of Kratom alkaloids, so a smaller serving packs a more potent punch.

Kratom Shots: Buying Kratom for Energy

Some people prefer to have something similar in ready-to-use packaging for when they’re on the go, so they buy kratom energy shots. These bottled beverages are already prepared and mixed with five grams of plain leaf Kratom.

Where I Can Find Happy Hippo Kratom Near Me?

Happy Hippo only started appearing in retail stores over the past year or so - and we're now in 65 stores and counting!

Below are the states that carry kratom near you and how you can find them. 


  • AZ Smoke Free - Show Low, AZ
  • The Joint on 7th - Phoenix, AZ
  • Mr. Beez Vape Emporium - Bisbee, AZ
  • Smokers Emporium - Nogales, AZ
  • Primo Vapors - Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Rich River Smoke Shop - Rio Rico, AZ

California - Is Kratom Legal in California?

  • The Happy Place - Huntington Beach, CA
  • Head’s Up - South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Namaste CBD & Vape - Stockton, CA
  • King Pin - Stockton, CA
  • Namaste Vape & More - Stockton, CA


  • The Karma House - Lakewood, CO


  • The Vapor Edge - Prospect, CT, Meriden, CT, Naugatuck, CT


  • Sully’s Vapor Shop - Dover, DE


  • V-Town Vapors - Valdosta, GA
  • The Pipeline - Marietta, GA
  • Wyzo’s Smoke Shop - Atlanta, GA


  • The Happy Hippy - Nampa, ID
  • Cloud Vapor - Post Falls, ID 
  • Boise Hemp World - Boise, ID


  • Clover Kratom - Chicago, IL
  • South Side Tobacco - Manhattan, IL
  • Nirvana Salon & Spa - O’Fallon, IL 


  • Fit Pharm Nutrition - West Des Moines, IA


  • Complete Nutrition - Manhattan, KS


  • Cloud 9 Smoke Shop - Louisville, KY (2 locations)


  • 529 Vapes - Baltimore, MD


  • Twenty One Smoke Shop - Boston, MA


  • The Spot - Philadelphia, MS
  • West Main Convenience - Louisville, MS


  • Remediez - Omaha, NE


  • Hope Botanicals - Las Vegas, NV

New Jersey

  • JR Vapors & Tobacco - Millstone Township, NJ 

New York

  • Heirloom Hemp - Bainbridge, NY
  • Headspace - Buffalo, NY

North Carolina

  • Infinity’s End - Charlotte, NC


  • CBD Plus USA - OKC, OK
  • Vapor Plus - OKC, OK
  • Santeria Smoke Shop - Tulsa, OK
  • Cannavation - Woodward, OK
  • The Grass Shack - Norman, OK
  • Midwest Sporting - Sand Springs, OK


  • Media Smoke Shop - Media, PA
  • Zone 421 - West Chester, PA
  • Wild Wolf PA - Penndell, PA

South Dakota

  • Elemental - Rapid City, SD


  • Whatever Shops - Memphis, TN (2 locations) Cordova, TN
  • Better Days - Oak Ridge, TN, Lewisburg, TN
  • Hempnotix - McMinnville, TN

Texas - Is Kratom Legal in Texas?

  • The Kratom Bar - Kerrville, TX
  • Smoke N Edibles - Waxahachie, TX
  • Vitamins Plus 262 - Lubbock, TX 
  • Vitamins Plus 101 - Denton, TX
  • Vitamins Plus 284 - Tyler, TX
  • American Sharman, Lewisville, TX


  • Lashin Out - Riverton, UT
  • Bohica Sales - Provo, UT


  • Stateline Tobacco - Bristol, VA
  • Kanapa CBD - Richmond, VA

West Virginia

  • Lowa Vapor - Beckley, WV


  • Nature’s Corner - Thermopolis, WY


  • Magic Dragon - Cambridge, ON

Find Kratom For Sale Online

Finding a company with Kratom for sale online isn’t a difficult task. A simple Google search will usually point you right back to Happy Hippo Herbals. However, you must decide if you’re going to buy Kratom near you from a local business or if you want to order it online. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to see which way would suit your needs better!

Pros of Buying Kratom Locally

Buying Kratom near you has quite a few conveniences attached to the decision. The main one is self-explanatory: you have immediate access to the product after purchase. Plus, you can take your time in the store and shop around. Then, there’s also your ability to build a relationship with knowledgeable sales clerks and customer service representatives in the business. That connection might help you learn about upcoming sales and discounts. Depending on the type of business, they may offer other products you’re interested in buying. But the best benefit to buying Kratom near you is helping a local business to thrive in your area. The recent pandemic placed undue pressure on local businesses. Some couldn’t afford to keep their doors open and had to close shop as a result, so every penny spent on local businesses means a lot.

Pros for Buying Kratom Near You

  • Immediate access to purchase
  • Take time to shop around
  • In-person staff to assist you
  • Other items for sale in-store
  • Buying locally in the community

Cons for Buying Kratom Locally

You might get the opportunity to possess the Kratom much quicker by purchasing Kratom from a local business. But there are some hindrances to utilizing that option, too. Depending on the type of business, a limited stock of Kratom is possible. Lots of small companies only carry a few varieties, so you’d be lucky if they have more than few to choose from. Another issue is the price for the Kratom products are sometimes very high. So you may pay much more for less Kratom. Also, the time and effort it takes to go searching around to find the best Kratom locally are time-consuming. Even afterward, you might not find a decent Kratom product you’re willing to buy. There’s always the possibility you might end up empty-handed. 

Cons for Buying Kratom Near You

  • A smaller selection of Kratom products
  • Higher priced inventory
  • Personal time spent obtaining kratom
  • Finding quality Kratom isn’t promised

Pros for Buying Kratom Online

The other option you have at your disposal is to buy Kratom online from a reputable Kratom company that specializes in the product. The choice to purchase Kratom off the internet comes with its own set of advantages. For starters, most online vendors carry huge selections of Kratom varieties. So you get to choose from a long list of different products. Also, the prices are usually much lower than you can find locally. Plus, online Kratom businesses offer bulk options. The customer service representatives specialize in Kratom products, so any question you might have can be answered by a professional on the topic, which streamlines the entire process. But a great advantage of buying Kratom online is you never have to leave your home! The product is delivered directly to your doorstep.

Pros for Online Kratom Purchases

  • A better selection of Kratom products
  • Lower prices than local stores
  • Purchase in bulk
  • Kratom sales specialists
  • The convenience of online retail

Cons for Buying Kratom Online

There are also disadvantages to buying Kratom online you have to consider before you make your final decision. For instance, when purchasing Kratom online, the product does get shipped to your residence. That means there is a wait time before you’ll have the Kratom in your possession. Besides that, you never get to see the product before the selection. And there’s no face-to-face interaction between yourself and the sales team. Plus, you don’t have the chance to speak with other customers, whose recommendations are often valuable!

Cons for Online Kratom Purchases

  • The wait for product shipment
  • Absence of personal interaction with staff/customers

Buying Bulk Kratom Near You

One of the advantages of buying Kratom in bulk is the discount you get for purchasing larger quantities. When buying kratom near you from local stores or smoke shops, they sell Kratom Powder by weight. They’ll weigh the amount you want, and put it in a sandwich bag or container. For such places, the shop usually only sells by grams or ounces. So even if you decide to buy bulk, the price used to calculate the amount has the smaller weighted price tag attached, but that can add up quickly. Some stores have limits on the amount you can buy at a time because of limited inventory.

Your best bet to buy bulk kratom at wholesale prices is to order it through an online Kratom vendor. Online vendors sell large quantities of bulk Kratom much cheaper than you’ll get anywhere locally. They may even offer you a chance to make money through their affiliate programs, too.  

Buy Kratom Near You From Happy Hippo Herbals

As an American Kratom Association approved vendor, Happy Hippo Herbals is AKA accredited and adheres to the necessary GMP requirements to produce quality Kratom products. We specialize in Kratom, so our quality assurance is unmatched. Offering a variety of quality kratom products through local shops, as well as the ability to buy kratom online, Happy Hippo is the world's premiere place to buy kratom near you.

If you want the best Kratom that money can offer, then order online from our website. And you’ll see, taste, and feel the difference. Happy Hippo stands behind all the Kratom products we sell.

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