Kratom Review: Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Horned Hippo)

In this article we review of the Red Vein Horn Kratom Strain (also known as Smiley Horned Hippo), providing you with insight into its benefits, effects, and our personal experiences associated with this type of kratom.
Featured Image of Puddles the Hippo character representing the Happy Hippo Product Red Horn Kratom Powder (Smiley Horned Hippo)
May 04, 2021
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Hi Happy Friend!

We're going to tell you about a 'Secret Leaf' that's popular among longtime Kratom enthusiasts but Newbies don't know what to make of it.

Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo) is my personal favorite among the Slow, Happy varieties.



While you will certainly enjoy the distinct "Smiley" warm relaxation vibes - Red Horn Kratom has another 'secret' purpose entirely -


Kratom veterans mix the Slow Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo) with Faster Strains to add a "Happy" element or to 'slow down' the more vibrant varieties.

Red Horn Kratom is the Slowest (Happiest) Leaf we have and is an exceptional value once you learn to mix multiple Kratom Strains.

Puddles Hippo Tip: Mix Red Horn Kratom with any of the Fast Strains for an Energetic but More Happy time!


What is Red Horn Kratom? (How is 'Horn' Different than Regular Leaf?)

Horned Kratom Leaf is not particularly different from 'normal' Kratom Leaf, other than it's meant solely for relaxation.

Physically speaking, Horned Kratom (sometimes called "Spike-y Leaf Kratom") has little "spikes" on the end of the leaves.

These "spikes" can be individual or multiple -

Closeup Image of a Kratom Tree (Mitragyna Speciosa), with horned leafs

Compare that to 'normal' Kratom Leaf, which has a tip but not the additional "Horned" spikes -

Infographic image of several kratom leaves with rounded edges, but a pointed tip

Other than that, Horned Leaf functions similar to all other Slow Kratom Strains.


Why Haven't I Heard About Red Horn Kratom?

Good question.

Most people simply haven't tried Red Horn Kratom.

Even more people don't understand its true purpose.

There is also an unfortunate preconception among Newbies and rookies that Horned Leaf is "Kratom, but just weaker".

Not so.

In fact -

If you can find a quality, mature Horned Leaf (hint: Happy Hippo!) you might actually find that Horned Leaf is actually STRONGER than the others.

Fast Kratom (and also Moderate Leaf, to some extent) only provides a present-but-overall-subtle Sense of Well-Being.

True Horned Kratom Leaf will have a pronounced Sense of Well-Being.


What are the Effects of Red Horn Kratom?

Stress-free. Discomfort-free. Relaxed. Sense of Well-Being.


Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo) is Slow Kratom Leaf.

Horned Kratom is not as energetic and won't make you want to 'clean your room' like Ghost Hippo.

Horned Kratom serves 1 purpose -

Making you Happy

Free of nerves.

Free of discomfort.


Red Horn Kratom is the Slowest-of-the-Slow.

Although nothing is certain and everyone will react differently to the different varieties - we rarely have customers that say that the Horned Kratom doesn't work well for them.

Puddles Pro-Tip: While many consider Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo) to be the ultimate 'Chill Out Leaf', it's not particularly a 'Social Leaf' as a standalone. It is best enjoyed in an equally relaxing environment.

Why Red Horn Kratom is the Secret Happy Hippo Leaf (The Ultimate 'Happy' Mix Base)

Despite the value as a relaxing standalone, adding Red Horn Kratom Powder is the ultimate way to add an element of "Happy" to any kratom strain.

See for your yourself!

Mix equal parts (1:1) of Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo) with any other Faster Strain.

The combinations are endless -

Hyper / Smiley Hippo

1 gram of Green Maeng Da Kratom (Hyper Hippo) + 1 gram of Red Horn Kratom (Smiley Hippo)

Smiley / Sunshine Hippo

2 grams of Yellow Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo) + 2 grams of Red Horn (Smiley Hippo)

Be creative!

Learn more about our horned kratom blends.

Your experience will be similar to what you'd normally expect, but there will be a noticeable element of "Happy" that just wasn't there before.

I absolutely swear by Red Horn Kratom for mixing and spicing up other Kratom Strains.

Red Horn Kratom is truly the "Secret Happy Hippo" Leaf.

Puddles' Truth: It may take many months (or even years) to truly understand the value of each and every Kratom Strain. The good news is that - It will be a Happy trial and error experience.


Closing Thoughts

Red Horn Kratom Powder (Smiley Hippo) is the wonderful, somewhat obscure, Secret Happy Hippo Leaf that's enjoyed to its fullest capacity by veteran Happy Hippo customers.

Relaxing on its own.

Uniquely relaxing in combination with other kratom strains.

While it may take some trial and error to truly unlock Red Horn Kratom's "Smiley" potential - it is very much worth it.

Red Horn Kratom turns a bad morning into a good afternoon.


Smiley Horned Puddles Hippo

We will begin to discuss the topic of 'Mixing Kratom Strains' on our new blog.

Which Kratom combinations have worked for you? Please tell us below!

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Article Comments

Mike C

Hey Kilia,

Awesome glad something I said resonated with you :) Waking up to White Horned Rhino will give you the Secret Rhino Effect that I always talk about with my friends :p

- Mike

Kilia Foster

I just want to tell you both that I have read your comments and will definitely be adding White Horned to my next order. I’ve been flirting on and off with kratom for the past year. I’ve enjoyed a lot of slow strains but for whatever reason I keep struggling to get a real effect from the fast strains.


Yes Mike I do believe we have made history. The Hippos have given us this great resource to comment and share experiences. I just wish more fellow Hippos would take advantage of the forum. Maybe others don’t see the comments section since it is so far down the page. Maybe the Hippos need to send out an email letting fellow Hippos know that there is a comments section on the blog. Spread the word about the comments section and lets hope more fellow Hippos participate in the future.

Mike C

Hey Obi :)

Thanks for replying to me, lol I think that’s the first time two Hippo’s have replied to each other on here? Think we just made history… |:)

…just like how White Horned Rhino has made history with every person ive recommended it to also, i alwaysss rave about it 8)

I’ve never had [b]anyoneee[/b] [i]NOT[/i] like White Horned Rhino- which also [b][i]sucks[/i][/b] sometimes when my friends come over before the bar half the girls/half the guys want White Horned Rhino then after 40 minutes of them all turning into Happy Hippos, the rest of the group wants some White Horned Rhino :D haha

Also yeah you’re right- it’s dope at "discomfort relief”. As far as fast or slow, it’s in it’s own category that i’ve dubbed the “balanced strain” because it’s perfectly 33/33/33 “slow-moderate-fast” (and the last 1% is just “awesome” :P )

I’m sure you know this Obi but the SECRET is waking up with Rhino. No other strain can wake you up so Slowly/Peacefully/Happily


Mike C. couldn’t agree with you more on the Rhino!!! It is definitely one of the most underrated strains. It too is one of my favorites. Anyone who hasn’t tried Rhino yet owes it to themselves to order some. When I recommend Happy Hippo to people I always tell then to make sure they order some Rhino. Invariably, it usually ends up being one of their favorite, if not their favorite Hippo strains. It also is a great strain with which to experiment or blend with other strains.

Rhino is exceptional leaf and provides great “discomfort relief” and lifts the spirit/mood. I find this to be one of the more potent examples of this strain. It seems to be fast acting and although this is a slow strain, I find it can run the gamut from very slow to slightly energizing with an underlying current of alertness.

Maybe we should keep Rhino our secret so Happy Hippo doesn’t sellout. Hmmm…. guess it is too late, I already wrote this blog.