How You Can Support the American Kratom Association

In this article, we discuss who the American Kratom Association is and the efforts they take to keep Kratom legal. We also give you some advice about how you can get involved and support them. 
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August 05, 2022
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“My self-imposed mandate is to be the voice for the voiceless” 

      - Dionne Warwick 

This quote by Dionne Warwick is a good representation of what the American Kratom Association stands for: Protecting the freedom of consumers by being a voice for the entire Kratom community.

In this article, we are going to discuss who the American Kratom Association is and the efforts they take to keep Kratom legal. We will also go over all of the ways that you can get involved and support them. 

Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom. 

An Introduction to Kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is an evergreen tree from the tropical rainforests Southeast Asia. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family, making it a distant cousin of the coffee plant. Many natives relied on Kratom as a form of traditional medicine to support a happy lifestyle and overall positive well-being. This is because Kratom can produce some impressive benefits when consumed properly.

The benefits come from the naturally occurring alkaloids in the leaves. They can range from boosting energy and motivation, to mental focus, to mood enhancement, to physical relaxation, and even discomfort relief. Ultimately, the benefits depend on the specific Kratom strain and serving size you take. 

Kratom is NOT a synthetic substance and we do not consider Kratom a drug. Instead, it’s an herbal botanical with potential to help improve your quality of life if used mindfully. 

That being said, Kratom is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. It’s important to do your research and learn everything this plant has to offer before making judgement. 

What is the American Kratom Association?

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a non-profit Kratom advocacy organization founded in 2014. This group of educated professionals are united to protect and defend the rights of Kratom consumers in America.

They diligently combat the legal battles waged against Kratom, such as the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) attempt to categorize Kratom as a Schedule I drug back in 2016, and the most recent attempt at a global Kratom restriction in 2021.

They do this by educating politicians, consumers, and the general public on the benefits of Kratom and pushing for more scientific studies on Kratom.

The organization's most notable accomplishments include the creation of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) and the pushing for the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout Kratom industry. 

Without their persistent efforts and the generous donations from our community, who knows if we’d still have access to Kratom products in America like we do today.

Why Does Protecting Kratom Matter? 

The FDA expresses a clear motive to restrict and criminalize Kratom in America. Despite its exceptional history of being used as traditional medicine by natives of Southeast Asia, the FDA continues to target Kratom as an ‘unsafe’ and ‘harmful’ substance. And it’s not just Kratom that the FDA is after - it’s a majority of traditional herbal botanicals. 

The American Kratom Association believes that individuals have the right to choose what substances are best for their lifestyles and well-being. Powerful administrations like the FDA should not be putting efforts towards restricting Kratom, but instead, encouraging safety regulations for the entire Kratom industry. 

The war waged against Kratom needs to stop.

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Goals of the American Kratom Association

Support Kratom Consumers

  • Ensure that all Kratom consumers continue to have access to safe and effective Kratom products while establishing quality standards to the industry as a whole.

Educate About Kratom

  • Educate politicians, government agencies, and the general public about the scientific properties and resulting benefits of Kratom.

Amplify the Message

  • Bring attention to the stories of American people who have genuinely benefited from the use of Kratom. They want all of your voices to be heard.

Bring Global Awareness

  • Bring global awareness of Kratom, its benefits, and establish responsible legislation worldwide.

Protect our Natural Resources

  • Protect Kratom as a natural resource and preserve this unique botanical through sustainable agricultural and fair trade practices.

What are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a list of standards enforced by law that requires companies to practice a higher level of manufacturing processes ensuring all of their products are safe, pure, and effective. 

Since Kratom is currently unregulated, the responsibility of integrity falls in the hands of the individual business. Unfortunately, there are some shameless Kratom vendors who don’t adhere to any quality or safety procedures. They have unreliable Kratom that could be adulterated with other substances and sell it for super cheap to spark interest. This poses a serious threat to Kratom consumers everywhere. 

The American Kratom Association has taken action on this issue by implementing their own GMP-certification program. Companies that comply with their GMP standards have the opportunity to be certified by the American Kratom Association and be featured on their website. 

The GMP standards set forth by the AKA are quite rigorous. Vendors must be able to pass annual inspection audits of all facilities and comply with all of the cleanliness and quality standards.

American Kratom Association Certified-GMP Vendors

There is a complete list of all Kratom vendors that are GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association listed on their website. 

And you’ll see Happy Hippo on that list!

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How You Can Support the American Kratom Association

Make a Donation

  • All donations to the AKA go towards supporting, advocating and fighting for Kratom.

Sign-up for their Newsletter

  • The AKA sends weekly to keep you informed. They talk about recent events, legal challenges, support petitions, Kratom restriction updates, and much more.

Let Congress Know Your Thoughts

  • Let Congress know how Kratom has helped you.
    Share your Kratom journey and let politicians know that you DO NOT support any kind of Kratom restriction. 

Volunteer as a Kratom Protector

Sign a Petition 

  • The AKA supports several petitions on their secondary advocacy website
    Check it out to sign petitions that are aimed to help keep Kratom legal.

Get Involved in the Kratom Community 

  • Share your experiences with the community. Telling your Kratom story never gets old. It’s SO important to tell others how Kratom has changed your life. You can get involved in virtual Kratom communities on websites such as Reddit or social media platforms.

Join the Kratom Consumer Council (KCC)

  • The Kratom Consumer Council is a “grassroots” movement that works to petition for the legality of Kratom, oppose Kratom restrictions, and promote the scientific study of Kratom. The organization is always looking for volunteers to help promote Kratom in each congressional district.

  • What You Can Do To Keep Kratom Legal

    The battle for Kratom legality is ongoing, and it’s up to consumers like you and I to keep fighting. 

    Since Kratom is unregulated in the United States, there are no federal laws that protect it. A handful of states and several counties have placed restrictions on Kratom. That’s why we need organizations like the American Kratom Association to promote and defend our innate right to use this natural botanical. The AKA cannot do it alone, though. We need every voice in our community to come together.

    If Kratom has helped you in any way, please take a moment to support the AKA and their cause. Even the smallest contribution makes a big difference. 

    For more information on Kratom legality, check out our most recent legality blog article.

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