How Ashwagandha Tea May Improve Your Health

Learn all about Ashwagandha and it's amazing benefits!
How Ashwagandha Tea May Improve Your Health
June 22, 2023
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For millennia, practitioners have taught the alternative medicine system called ayurveda. Its historical roots are grounded in the Indian subcontinent. However, the practice has spread worldwide in recent times. Its theory revolves around the idea that some illnesses arise from stress or imbalances in our daily lives. And they use meditative techniques alongside traditional herbal substances, like Ashwagandha Tea to regain balance. 

Ashwagandha powder—created by grinding up Ashwagandha root—is one of the primary ayurvedic herbs used as an adaptogen within the practice. The plant has many beneficial uses.

What Is Ashwagandha?

Withania somnifera grows naturally in India, the Middle East, and some parts of Africa. The evergreen shrub is more commonly known as Ashwagandha. Yet sometimes, it gets called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. The name Ashwagandha means “smelly horse” in the Sanskrit language. That verbal description indicates the musky odor of its root. The pungent smell it emits has an earthy farm smell that one might argue resembles the fragrance of a horse.

The flavor of Ashwagandha has a bitter bite with an earthy texture. Like several botanical teas, many consumers prefer adding sweetening agents to make them more palatable. However, some enjoy its natural taste. Ashwagandha tea is one of many herbs used for happiness, and consumers use the herb to promote a healthier lifestyle. Various reports claim ashwagandha can increase energy, reduce overwhelm, improve concentration, and support a healthy well-being.

How to Make Ashwagandha Tea

Before you prepare your Ashwagandha tea, you must choose which botanical selection to use. You can buy Ashwagandha tea or powder online. However, purchasing powdered Ashwagandha works best for preparing tea. The Ashwagandha powder releases more active compounds in less time during the seeping process than the whole root.

Next, you’ll need to get some items ready.

Items and Ingredients Needed:

  • Tea Kettle or Saucepan
  • Cup of Water
  • Ashwagandha Tea Serving
  • Teacup
  • Coffee Filter
  • Honey or Lemon for Flavor

Preparation Method:

  1. Bring the water to a simmer. Then add the Ashwagandha tea powder.
  2. Allow the ashwagandha tea to brew for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea into your teacup using the coffee filter.
  4. Add some honey or lemon to improve its taste.
  5. Let it cool, and then sit back and enjoy.

What Are the Benefits of Ashwagandha Tea?

Practitioners have used Ashwagandha in ayurveda medicine for thousands of years. There are many touted benefits for the herb online.

However, we will discuss those with scientific evidence for support.

  • Mentally Calming 

Studies suggest that prolonged use of Ashwagandha may decrease serum cortisol levels—a hormone released by the body during stressful situations.

  • Athletic Performance

Clinical studies indicate the herb may improve endurance, muscle output, and physical recovery after working out.

  • Cognitive Focus

Scientists report Ashwagandha tea mayhelp sustain attention while increasing short-term and working memory functions. It improved their cognitive flexibility, visual memory, and reaction time during the study.

  • Restful Sleep

Evidence from preliminary reports suggests the herbal product might help people get more rest. The quality and duration of sleep improved for participants in the study.

FDA Disclosure: There are no FDA-approved uses for Ashwagandha. The herbal supplements are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your physician before using.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Women

While those Ashwagandha benefits help everyone, some of its other proposed effects correlate to a person’s biological sex. For instance, some studies indicate the herb may help reduce the frequency and severity of menopause and PMS symptoms. 

Plus, the botanical substance may increase fertility in women by promoting the production of reproductive hormones, leading to higher pregnancy rates.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Men

Men have unique benefits associated with ashwagandha usage as well. Evidence suggests the herb may help increase testosterone levels. Also, some studies indicate Ashwagandha can improve fertility in men. Reports show it increases the count, mobility, and morphology of sperm in men taking Ashwagandha. So the odds of conception increase when both partners use the herb.

How Much Ashwagandha Should You Use Daily?

Most scientific studies use serving sizes ranging between 150 mg to 1000 mg. However, most stick to the middle range: 400-600 mg.

At Happy Hippo, we advise consumers to use the smallest serving size of herbal products. That decreases the likelihood of building up tolerances to active alkaloids, which results in customers needing larger servings later.

We recommend using a 400mg serving size. We even provide a measuring scoop with our product. That lets you get the correct serving amount each time!

Happy Hippo Ashwagandha Serving Size: 400 mg.

How Long Does Ashwagandha Take to Work?

The active compounds in Ashwagandha are unlike most other herbal substances. You don’t feel its effects immediately. Instead, it can take a few days to several weeks before noticing the benefits. Some scientific reports show the results typically appear between 1-3 months.

The time for the Ashwagandha effects to start working depends on its serving size and potency. A person’s body chemistry can also alter the results.

Track the effects of your supplement journey over the following weeks. Once you notice its benefits, you can adjust your Ashwagandha serving size accordingly.

Best Time to Take Ashwagandha

Since the effects of Ashwagandha gradually build up over time, you can take it anytime. There is no noticeable difference between taking it in the morning, midday, afternoon, or night. The time you decide to take it should reflect your tolerance levels and daily routine.

Most people prefer taking their vitamin and herbal supplement regimen first thing in the morning. In those cases, adding Ashwagandha to the mix works best. However, some prefer taking it later as a customary nighttime procedure for bedtime.

Regardless, you may need to increase your serving size as your tolerance builds. Then it would be more beneficial to spread out your servings. You can make a cup of Ashwagandha tea in the morning and afternoon.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

Side effects can occur when taking Ashwagandha. We’ll cover some of the most common adverse reactions one may encounter.

  • Upset Stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness

Some people are allergic to glycoalkaloids—active compounds in a family of plants called nightshades. Foods like tomatoes, peppers, and ashwagandha are members of that family. Discontinue use should Ashwagandha products produce any allergic reactions.

Also, the use of Ashwagandha can potentially worsen some medical conditions. Patients that suffer from autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus erythematosus should consult with a specialist before taking Ashwagandha.

Is Ashwagandha Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Some of the benefits of Ashwagandha would be beneficial to pregnant women. Pregnancy can produce both insomnia and stress for women. Studies suggest Ashwagandha can relieve both complications. However, pregnant women must worry about the substances they ingest: those compounds get absorbed by the fetus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not fully regulate herbal supplements. The agency does not test dietary supplements sold to consumers. Therefore, many herbal products can contain inconsistencies and fillers in the ingredients.

Besides, few studies have tested the safety and efficacy of Ashwagandha during pregnancy. Plus, some scientific reports indicate Ashwagandha may lead to miscarriage. So we highly recommend that pregnant women should not use it during pregnancy.

Purchasing Quality Ashwagandha

Botanical supplements do not have strict regulations in place by the FDA. Therefore, you must purchase Ashwagandha from a reliable company to ensure a quality product. 

Buy all your alternative herbs from Happy Hippo. We take pride in providing the finest ingredients for every selection of the amazing botanical herbs we keep in stock. We even send some of our products to independent laboratories to test for contaminants and fillers. The safety and health of our consumers remain our top priority.

Our experienced customer service representatives can answer all questions about our products. Send us a message, and we'll get back to you quickly. We might even direct you to more appropriate herbal products for your needs. Here are a few different herbs you might consider trying next…

We only use 100% natural ingredients in every product, and that helps support your optimal health.

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