Crave Highest Quality Kratom Extracts on Earth? Happy Hippo Is the Best

Learn about why we think our Kratom Extracts are the best on the market.
Crave Highest Quality Kratom Extracts on Earth? Happy Hippo Is the Best
October 09, 2023
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Want to try a hard-hitting Kratom product apart from your regular powder or capsules? Now is the ideal time to go for Kratom extract, pretty potent product with most powerful and long-lasting effects.

Everyone can enjoy Kratom on a daily basis, but Kratom extracts are not for weak-kneed – Kratom devotees know this best.

Do not fret; this article will help you understand why Kratom-based extracts are super great and not just the hype. We will also prove why Happy Hippo is the best brand to buy your products from.

Only a premium product from a reputable brand is sure to offer all the potential Kratom benefits for happier and healthier living.

What Is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is a more concentrated form of Kratom that contain exceedingly high levels of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and other alkaloids. The product can come in any form, powder, liquid, edibles, etc… it all depends on the manufacturer. You will learn more in the next subtopic.

It is vital to understand that not all Kratom extracts are created equal. Particular Kratom strain extract might be full spectrum (contain all alkaloids naturally occurring in Kratom), while another may only contain Mitragynine.

In most cases, the potency of an extract is based on the percentage concentration of Mitragynine, the active alkaloid in many Kratom strains. You will want to pick a full-spectrum extract for more profound, satisfying effects and experience.

What Are the Different Types of Kratom Extracts?

The Kratom industry is evolving very fast, with new product formulations popping up daily. Kratom-infused extract now comes in several forms.

At Happy Hippo, we major in 3 forms which we are double sure are 100% safe, potent, cost-friendly, and offer clean effects. Our product line feature Kratom extracts in powder, liquid, and solid (or resin) form.

Making a full-spectrum Kratom extract starts with the same thing – crushed Kratom leaves or powder. Most extracts have same method of production though some manufacturers can take a different route.

Kratom strains like Maeng Da and Sumatra qualify to be called extracts since they have high potency levels.

How are Kratom-Infused Extracts made?

Kratom powder undergoes extraction process to separate the active alkaloids from plant matter. Most manufacturers use water, high-proof alcohol, or combine both. An alcohol-based extract is much better since it preserves the alkaloids for a longer time.

What follows is filtration to remove any plant matter or impurities to attain a clean liquid extract. Water is then removed by evaporation or freeze-drying in order to obtain a concentrated liquid extract.

The liquid extract is dried and pulverized to remove any remaining moisture and ensure a fine-powdered kratom extract. The best thing about powder extract is that you can mold it into liquid or solid kratom.

Most brands nowadays make liquid kratom strain extracts because they make consumption a breeze. You just need to open your bottle, squeeze a few drops under the tongue or add them to your favorite drink or food and… that is all.

What Makes Kratom Extracts Super Unique?

Kratom extracts are the talk of the town. Folks looking for a powerful Kratom kick will fall in love with these products. Their higher levels of alkaloids mean increased potency and more pronounced effects.

Only a smaller serving size of a certain Kratom extract is needed since they are chock-full of active compounds. This is so sweet for users who find it challenging to use large amounts of powder or swallow big capsules. You will take your Kratom in one swig.

Extracts of Kratom have faster onset of effects. In one go and within a few seconds, the product will hit your stomach, get digested more quickly, and enter your bloodstream, offering a whole new heightened experience.

Kratom strain extracts, especially liquid ones, offer ease of serving and usage even when traveling. No one can notice you are using Kratom from a small bottle or container, but people will definitely know when you mess around with a large amount of common powdered Kratom!

How Much Kratom Extract Should You Take?

Do you want to heighten your energy levels as you sharpen your focus? Or soothe your body and mind after a workout or a long, busy day? The main reason for using Kratom will determine how much you should take.

For instance, very low serving sizes of Kratom extract are great for energy and activate your pro social vibes or talkativeness. At the same time, medium to high serving sizes can help you relax or relieve physical discomfort.

Down the line, a small serving of Kratom extract is strong enough to deliver most of its potential benefits. Some extracts are even 50 times stronger than regular Kratom products!

Start with a serving size of between a quarter and half a gram (or 2-5 full droppers for liquid extract). Be sure to give yourself enough time to experience the results before going for a second one.

In fact, you should wait for at least 24 hours before taking the second serving. Also, avoid using a Kratom extract daily to avoid high tolerance or addiction.

The best way to serve and use Kratom-infused extract is to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product label. Be bold enough to ask for expert advice, mainly when it is your first time to use an extract!

Why Happy Hippo is the Best Kratom Extracts Brand on the Market?

Happy Hippo is well-known for providing premium Kratom powder, capsules, and Kratom extracts. How did we earn such a reputation and confidence? Professionalism and expertise in Kratom production from seed to sale and more! 

Here are a few other reasons why most people love and trust us.

Credible Kratom Source and Cultivation

Happy Hippo does not just get plain Kratom leaves from anywhere. We source them from selected, skilled, trained Southeast Asia farmers who guarantee top quality. Since the Kratom trees are organically grown, our leaves are 100% natural and pure. Free of pesticides and other gunk.

Accredited by American Kratom Association (AKA)

AKA accredited brand means it employs the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which the agency drafted to ensure the highest quality standards and consumer safety. As a reputable and registered Kratom brand, Happy Hippo follows suit.

Our production facility features state-of-the-art equipment and a team of specialists who always offer the first-class Kratom extracts.

Perform Third-Party Testing

An independent lab tests every Kratom product in our online store, and results are readily available upon customer request. 

Third-party testing is a sure way to know a legit vendor since the lab has no affiliation with any Kratom company. So, you can trust us. Our products are 100% safe, effective, and beneficial.

Great Customer Reviews

Happy Hippo's strongest suit is excellent customer reviews and relations. We have garnered thousands of good reviews, which of course, means people trust and love our botanicals.

Positive reviews are our clients' real and honest opinions, and each is always happy and satisfied with our products.

Wide Variety of Products

Whenever you visit Happy Hippo shop, there will always be a botanical to meet your unique needs. We have a huge selection of Kratom products in several formulations.

Want Kratom extract in liquid, solid, or powder form? Want Kratom capsules, gummies, or dip pouches? Want alternative herbs? We have them all in plenty.

Free Kratom Samples

We love our customers and potential Kratom users and want you to have an elevated Kratom extract experience with every strain. That is why upon request, we will send you FREE Kratom samples with zero shipping fees to have a taste of our tantalizingly delicious, clean leaf.

Try it, love it, crave it… we never disappoint.

Multiple Payment Methods

You have just picked your favorite Kratom and now want to pay and have it delivered to your doorstep. Sadly, you do not know which payment method to use. Never worry. Happy Hippo got you covered.

Yes, we know that every person shopping online wants an intuitive, easy, secure, and faster checkout experience. Here are our flawless payments methods with discounts and promotions.

Take Home Message

There are a ton of Kratom companies on the market. But Happy Hippo has proved to be the best in everything.

In every step of manufacturing kratom extracts and other products, we ensure the strictest quality standards are applied to deliver pure, potent, and top-class kratom. And our consistency and reliability in the last decade are unmatched.

You will like this! We have Kratom enthusiasts who can give you expert opinions on practical ways to maximize your experience. Plus, our blog is quite resourceful.

Contact us today for more information!

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