Kratom Review: Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow)

In this article we review of the Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom Strain (also known as Mellow Yellow), providing you with insight into its benefits, effects, and our personal experiences associated with this type of kratom.

Featured Image of Puddles the Hippo character representing the Happy Hippo Product Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder (Mellow Yellow)
May 04, 2021
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Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow) is Happy Hippo's Rarest Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow Sundanese is a super Unique Kratom Strain that helps put Yellow Vein on the map.

We truly believe this kratom Leaf will be of interest to You!

Particularly, for any Hippo that is striving to become a more Mellow Human being.

Life can make Humans uptight, uncomfortable, sometimes even sad.

Let Puddles tell you why he's so Confident in Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow) — especially for those in need of a Happy Boost.

If you do your best to enjoy as many different-colored-veins of Kratom as possible, Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow) deserves your attention.

Yellow Sundanese, or "Yellow Sunda", is one of the least-known varieties of Kratom Powder or Kratom Capsule in the USA.

Because Yellow Vein Kratom is the least popular AND Yellow Sunda is uncommon, the odds of it being in your Kratom Rotation are super low.

Yellow Vein Kratom Strains are the least common but will provide considerable benefits if you are used to Green Vein, Red Vein, or White Vein Kratom Tea.

5 Types of Yellow Vein Kratom at Happy Hippo!

(We have 30+ unique types of Kratom available!)

The more obscure Yellow Vein Kratom represents just under 20% of our available Hippo Brands.

While it's not feasible to have every Kratom Strain in your arsenal, Puddles does recommend to have all four colors represented in your Kratom Rotation.

To help you accomplish this feat we have 3 Slow Kratom Strains we want to bring to your attention: Yellow Sunda (Mellow Yellow), Yellow Bali (Royal Golden), and Yellow Sumatra (Sleepy Hippo); one Moderate kratom strain Yellow Indo (Sassy Hippo); and 2 Fast kratom strains Yellow Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo), and Yellow Vietnam (Wild Yellow) that are all varieties of Yellow Vein Kratom.

Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow) is the latest to join the crew.

Puddles would not have had room on his Sailboat for Yellow Sunda kratom had it not replaced one of our pre-existing Yellow Vein Leafs.

Anytime we showcase a Hippo Brand we intend to keep it for forever, but Yellow Indo Kratom (Snuggie Hippo) had to go.

Our "Snuggie" Farmer lost their contact with Puddles after 5 years of Happy Business. RIP.

Rest assured if you try our Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder and love it, Mellow Yellow Hippo will be around for a long time to come.

The Most Magical Experiences Tend To Occur With New type of kratom (Many of your un-tested Kratom strains may be Yellow Vein Kratom).

Everyone has their favorite types of Kratom. If you're 'rotating' (e.g. using a different strain everyday) correctly - your kratom tolerance should stay at a minimum and your experiences shouldn't get stale.

However, that doesn't mean you couldn't enormously benefit from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Leaf that you've never tried.

Green Hulu Kratom is comparably as Unique as Yellow Sunda, both very rare but different color Veins

From nearly 8 years of near-daily Kratom experience, I can tell you -

The best single experiences often come from the "unusual" Strains.

For me, I lean on "Borneo" and "Indo" Leaf daily, but the "Sumatra" and "Horned" strains often provide the best experiences.

For customer, John P., Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder (Mellow Yellow) is his special strain.

Screenshot indicating a quote from a customer review of the Happy Hippo Yellow Sunda kratom powder - indicating that the product is one of the best kratom strains and is very effective when used to relieve physical discomfort

Remember, the key to consistent daily experiences is not in any individual Leaf.

The key is to 'keep your receptors guessing' and mix up the varieties as much as possible.

Rare Yellow Vein Kratom leaves can be super valuable and will normally require a lower serving size relative to the Red vein, Green vein, and White vein kratom Leaf you're more accustomed to enjoying.

Kratom varieties are all pretty similar but they are subtly different enough to keep the daily magic going if you rotate correctly.

What to Expect from Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder (Mellow Yellow)

(Slow Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom)

Mellow. Chill. Happy.

As the Brand Name implies, our Yellow Sundanese Kratom offers Mellow, Happy Relief.

When Puddles places a Leaf in the "SLOW" Category, we believe this Leaf to be one of the best options for Happiness and/or relief from physical discomfort.

This Relief can show itself in the Physical (Body) and Mental (Brain) realms.

If you prefer Fast Leaf though, you also have some nagging Discomfort (but not so much that you'd prioritize the Slow Leaf) -

Calm Energy can be obtained by mixing Yellow Vein Sunda (Mellow Yellow) with a Faster Leaf, such as Green Malay Kratom (Elite Elephant) or Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo).

Yellow Sunda brings the "Calm" while the Faster Leafs pack-the-punch or "Energy".

Closing Thoughts on Happy Hippo's Rarest Yellow Vein Sunda Kratom

If you don't have a Yellow Leaf in your treasure chest (or cabinet), Yellow Sunda (Mellow Yellow) deserves a chance to tickle your receptors!

Not only is it uncommon due to its vein color, Sundanese Kratom is a minority with respect to all other Kratom Strains' popularity (Maeng Da, Bali, Thai Kratom, etc).

Puddles has painted Yellow Sunda's picture to the best of his ability and has placed it into the Slow Strain Box.

Yellow Vein Kratom is magical for some customers, simply because many so often lean on Green vein, Red vein, and White vein Kratom Leaf.

Try Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow), it might be the hidden Hippo gem you've been looking for.

Your Artistic and Mellowed-Out Companion,

Puddles "Inner Bob Ross" Hippo

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These guys are the real deal if you are looking for Kratom. A lot of people will say they are expensive, but you can’t really compare the price and the quality to any other kratom you’ll find in the US. Would you rather pay less money and get Kratom that is ineffective, cheap, and will possibly make you sick? Or would you rather pay a little more for kratom that you know will be quality and will make you feel better. Think of it like medicine. You would never cut costs with that! It’s just a huge plus that customer service is spot on! Puddles gave me a customized coupon when I let them know that a coupon in my pack was expired. That is customer service. I hope these guys are here for years to come!

Obi Wan Hippo Nobi

Granny it is your lucky day. The much sought after Hippo secret recipe is now available. . Puddles when you approve this post please contact me to make arrangement to get Granny some Puddle’s Potion on me.

Happy Halloween Granny.

Adele H

Everyone needs to try mellow yellow. If you want to kick back, relax, essentially have no discomfort, but most of all be HAPPY then this aroma is for you!. Im 63 and have been to many different vendors. As obi says happy hippo logo stuck in my mind. Marketing style excellent, but customer service and consistent QUALITY keeps me coming back. I too keep a journal of what dose and what for. I would love to have you give mike and obi my email. My " cocktail" skills are limited so new recipes would be excellent.
Puddles is definately my main squeeze. Hasnt lied to me yet!. God bless and hugs to all

Mike C

Thumbs up +1

Obi Wan

Yellow Hulu…yes pull the trigger Puddles!!