What We Know About Yellow Kratom - Effects, Uses, Reviews, and More

Yellow Vein Kratom is most associated with feelings of Clean Energy, Relaxation, and relief from physical discomfort. In this article we explore everything about yellow Kratom, including reviews of yellow vein (Golden) Kratom strains, their effects, uses, and more.
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February 28, 2022
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What is Yellow Kratom?

Kratom, a one-of-a-kind botanical from Southeast Asia, is becoming recognized as a natural health alternative across the globe; similar to CBD. Natives of Southeast Asia have been using Kratom in ancient medicine practices for centuries, but it hasn’t been popular in the United States until recently. Within the last 5 years, we’ve seen exponential growth in the Kratom community. With extensive growth comes responsibility. We want to make sure consumers everywhere have access to trustworthy advice regarding Kratom.

Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree and it can be found in numerous strains. The most common way to classify strains is by the vein color presented on the face of the Kratom leaf. There are Red Vein Kratom strains, Green Vein Kratom strains, White Vein Kratom strains, and the lesser known, more elusive Yellow Vein Kratom strains

Yellow Kratom is extremely unique and different from all other strains. Because of how unique it is, people tend to question how Yellow Vein Kratom is actually produced. 

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the controversy surrounding Yellow Vein Kratom. We hope this information helps you develop a better understanding of Kratom. If you’re looking for more information about Kratom in general, we have so many articles in our Kratom Blog that will help. 


The Speculative Origins of Yellow Kratom

The color of the veins on Kratom leaves help farmers determine the plants optimal harvest time. Unlike the other vein colors, “Yellow” does not refer to the actual vein color on the leaf when it’s harvested. Instead, it is believed that farmers use White Vein Kratom leaves in a very special drying process to create the yellow hue. It requires a much longer drying time than other strains. 

However, the true method of producing Yellow Kratom continues to be a mystery. There are plenty of theories referring to how it’s made, but in our opinion, this theory is the most logical. The different drying process for Yellow Kratom sort of relates to Bentuangie Kratom, which undergoes a fermentation process after harvesting. This is why that theory is so convincing to us.


Other Theories on the Origins of Yellow Kratom

Here are some other theories about the origin of Yellow Kratom… 

  1. Some people believe that Yellow Kratom is actually a blend of White, Red, and Green Kratom strains that get mixed together by farmers during harvest.

  2. Some claim that Yellow Kratom is all of the leaves that were left to mature longer than all other strains. Some Kratom trees are not harvested for an extended period of time, allowing their leaves to reach an unusually long life-span. If this theory is true, that would make Yellow Kratom the 4th stage of the Kratom tree life-cycle. This theory does not seem consistent with evidence. 

What is the Difference between Yellow Kratom and Gold Kratom?

Contrary to what people believe, “Yellow” and “Gold” Kratom are the same thing. However, “Gold” or “Royal” Kratom refers to an exceptionally high-quality Yellow strain. The terms are used interchangeably. 

At Happy Hippo, we carry a couple of Yellow strains that we refer to as “Gold” quality. Examples include (Gold Bali) Royal Golden and (Yellow/Gold Maeng Da) Sunshine Hippo


How is Yellow Kratom Different from Other Kratom Strains?

As we mentioned earlier, Yellow Kratom undergoes a totally different drying process than other Kratom strains. The alternative method of processing the leaves causes the white veins to turn yellow and creates a totally different alkaloid profile - resulting in distinct effects. 

Yellow Kratom strains are super effective for uplifting your mood and creating a positive mindset. They have a very soothing effect that tends to be more balanced than other strains. Some people even say that the resonation from Yellow Kratom strains lasts exceptionally long. 


What are Kratom Speeds?

Kratom speeds categorize strains based on their overall resonation and effects on a spectrum between Energy and Relaxation. Happy Hippo developed this technique to help our customers who are new to Kratom better understand what effects a certain strain will provide without being too focused on the vein color or origin. 

The Kratom Speeds are Fast, Moderate, or Slow. 

The concepts of Fast, Moderate, and Slow in relation to other strains is clearly displayed on our Kratom Strain Chart.


Photographic image depicting a Happy Hippo brand coffee cup sitting next to a white bowl of loose Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder. In front of the bowl is a 1gram little pink measuring scoop filled with yellow vein kratom powder.


What are the Best Yellow Kratom Strains?

Yellow Maeng Da

Yellow Maeng Da is probably one of the most popular Yellow Kratom strains. It provides clean energy and lots of happiness. We always say that Yellow Maeng Da is one of the best strains to start your day!

Yellow Bali

Yellow Bali Kratom is much more relaxing than Yellow Maeng Da. However, isn’t too much to handle. It’s very gentle. You won’t feel too sleepy or lethargic.

Yellow Borneo

Yellow Borneo Kratom has its own “fan-club” of Kratom users. It’s known for the amazing deep relaxation effects. This one is great for easing discomfort or helping you get a good nights sleep.

  • Yellow Vietnam

  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom is invigorating. It provides a unique type of energy that’s refreshing and long-lasting

    Yellow Sumatra 

    Yellow Sumatra is one of my personal favorites. It puts you in a very calm and zen-like state-of-mind. Perfect for winding down at the end of a long day.

  • Yellow Indo

  • Yellow Indo is great for keeping your emotions under control. It helps you feel clear-headed, enthusiastic, and content! 


    What Kinds of Products are made from Yellow Kratom?

    Every single Kratom strain can be found in a variety of different products. The product you choose depends on your personal needs

    Here are some Yellow Kratom products you’ll see on the market: 

    • Yellow Vein Kratom Powder - Kratom Powder is the most popular form of Kratom. It’s is made from the pulverized leaves harvested from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. The leaves are dried and crushed down into a fine, fluffy powder.

    • Yellow Vein Kratom Capsules - Kratom Capsules are made directly from Kratom Powder. Our Kratom Capsules are filled with a ½ gram of Kratom Powder per capsule. The measured amount makes it super simple to determine your personal serving size.


    What Other Kratom Strains Are Similar to Yellow Vein Kratom? 

    In a general sense, Green Kratom strains can mimic the effects of Yellow Kratom strains depending which type you choose and the serving size you take. The most similar Green Kratom strains would be Green Malay and Green Borneo. Both of those strains have very balanced, even-keel resonation comparable to Yellow Kratom strains. 

    However, we’ve found that most Moderate speed Kratom strains will resonate similarly to Yellow Kratom strains. 


    The Best Place to Buy Yellow Vein Kratom

    Happy Hippo Herbals has one of the largest and most diverse Yellow Kratom selections available online. We currently have 6 different Yellow strains available – but our selection increases quite often! We specialize in high-quality Kratom products, but we also offer other alternative botanicals too! 

    We have lightning-fast shipping, frequent sales, and top-notch customer service. All of our employees are well-paid and Happy! Happy employees means a POSITIVE work environment! Yay! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: help@happyhippo.com 


    Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice. 

    Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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    I am very pleased with the quality of the products I have ordered thus far. I am a “newbie’ so everything can be intimidating!! I wish there were more samples and free samples in each orfer. I am going to try the Gold strain but not a clue what to expect. I have so far tried Green Strain, Red strain and white. So far each have been quality products and became I am learning as I go, I hope to remain a loyal customer. Any help/ info/ samples would be greatly appreciated🙏! Thanks and God Bless🙏💕


    I have been rotating wild yellow Vietnam and Rockstar WMD….along with Thunder and Lightning….I love the fast strains and wild yellow is actually one of my favorites for first dose in the morning…most excellent clean energy and focus for the workdays.