How to Find the Best Kratom Products

How can you find the best Kratom on the market?

What makes the best Kratom, and how can you find it near you? In this article we examine how to find the Best Kratom Powder, Capsules, and Extracts, as well as new products being developed. Learn about the best types of Kratom, the best Kratom effects, and how to avoid cheap Kratom.

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September 03, 2021
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Most Kratom consumers have go-to products they use daily; some stick with the same Kratom they first used, others will rotate Kratom strains, allowing a broader range of experience. Both ways are legitimate strategies and every person has the right to use whatever works for them. 

However, not all Kratom products on the market are created equal. Some should not even get bought or taken—that’s how bad they are. 

So how can you decide which are the best Kratom products on the market?

Well, there are a few tell-tale signs to consider. After you finish our article, you’ll have a more educated take on the matter. But first, let’s get a better understanding of the Kratom plant.  

What is Kratom?

The scientific term for the tree is Mitragyna speciosa. However, it is more commonly called Kratom, which is the name people use for it in the marketplace.

Kratom products are naturally created from the leaves of the Kratom tree; the leaves are usually ground into a fine powder and left as is, or other products are created from that powder. These leaves are from a specific indigenous evergreen to the Southeast Asian region. However, one country produces almost all the Kratom in the industry. Most of the worldwide supply of Kratom gets grown and shipped from Indonesia.

The reason such a high demand for Kratom exists is due to the alkaloids found in the plant. Scientists have discovered Kratom produces over 40 alkaloids. Each one of those compounds provides a multitude of benefits to the consumer when taking them, but the most significant effects a consumer feels comes from two primary molecular structures: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Still, not every Kratom batch has the exact makeup of alkaloids. Several different factors change the consistency of each manufactured product, and these variations supply the Kratom industry with several different kratom strains

What are the Best Kratom Products?

Farmers pick the leaves off the Kratom tree once they reach maturity. After that, the leaves go through a fermentation process and are dried. Now, there are numerous techniques used to achieve a specific formulation desired. Some manufacturing techniques include drying the Kratom leaves inside a building versus outside in the sun. Each of those differences creates a finished Kratom batch with a unique alkaloid content. Those various batches are then sold on the market as distinct Kratom strains.

A Kratom supplier grinds up each strain into a fine powder. The powder is then bagged, sold, and shipped off to a Kratom company here in the states. 

Those Kratom businesses manufacture the best Kratom products before they sell them to consumers; sometimes in-house, and sometimes using a third-party company that specializes in things such as extracts. 

There are lots of ways for a Kratom company to turn Kratom powder into a product. More are getting discovered as we speak. It’s a new industry, so ingenuity enables Kratom companies to fill the demand of the marketplace in due course. So without further discussion, let's examine the best Kratom products you can buy.

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Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is the most abundant Kratom product on the market because of its popularity. 

You can make a traditional Kratom tea from the powder. All you need to do is steep it in hot water. The alkaloids get leached from the plant through an extraction process created by the temperature of the liquid. That leaves a heavy concentration of Kratom compounds behind in the hot beverage for you to drink.

But some people don’t like the bitter flavor of Kratom tea, so they prefer to consume it in other ways. 

You can mix it with food to make the flavor more bearable. People use snacks like applesauce, yogurt, or even ice cream to mask the taste. You can also add it to a flavored beverage or juice. Find a way that works for you!

However, you get accustomed to the taste of Kratom tea rather quickly, and it’s easy to find Kratom powder. You can always order Kratom powder online from a reputable Kratom company like Happy Hippo! We have several Kratom strains. You can choose from Maeng Da, Indo, Bali, Borneo, Thai, or Sumatra varieties.

Pros of Kratom Powder
  • The closest product you’ll find to fresh Kratom leaves from Southeast Asia. 
  • You get the full range of Kratom alkaloids available in the leaf. 
  • You can blend different strains, creating a personal formula. 
  • There are more Kratom varieties available in powder products. 
  • It takes the least amount of space to store Kratom powder.

Cons of Kratom Powder
  • Kratom powder has a very bitter and earthy flavor that some cannot handle.
  • The process of taking Kratom powder can get very messy.
  • Must measure out each serving before consumption.
  • Not convenient for people who are on the move.

Kratom Capsules

Another great Kratom product we’ll discuss is Kratom capsules. They are gelatin capsules filled with Kratom powder. The varieties of Kratom capsules coincide with the strains available on the market. 

Lots of Kratom companies offer the option of buying kratom in capsule form. You only need to select the capsule version of the product. The vendor should supply you with the information on the estimated amount of Kratom in every capsule you take, which allows you to know exactly how much you’re taking with every pill.

A basic gelatin formula contains animal byproducts, but some businesses have switched over to vegetable-based capsules. Instead of using animal collagen, manufacturers use vegetable cellulose to make veggie capsules. So those versions of Kratom capsules are even safe for vegans to take.

Some companies go one step further and press the Kratom into pill form using a pill press. But the results are usually the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you buy.

Pros of Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom capsules neutralize the taste associated with Kratom powder.
  • There’s no mess associated with taking the capsules. 
  • They’re easier to consume than powder: swallow them like a pill with a drink. 
  • Each Kratom capsule consists of a pre-measured serving. 
  • You can easily take Kratom capsules while you’re on the go. 
Cons of Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom capsules cost more per weight than powdered Kratom.
  • Sometimes the capsules break apart, making a mess.
  • You can make your own with the right tools, but it’s time-consuming.
  • Buying a larger quantity of capsules requires additional space for storage.
  • You cannot buy Kratom capsules from every Kratom company. 
  • The effects take longer to resonate. 

Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts use a chemical process to isolate the alkaloids in the Kratom, creating a concentrated concoction of them. Some extraction procedures isolate specific molecular compounds, separating the two primary alkaloids in Kratom—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Other extracts capture the full spectrum of available alkaloids. So it’s best to determine what type of extract you’re taking. Each phytonutrient plays a pivotal role in the effects produced from the Kratom.

There are two types of Kratom extracts found on the market. One is a powder extract, and the other is a liquid Kratom extract. Either version offers convenience for taking it, and you can purchase kratom extracts online.

At Happy Hippo, we sell a liquid Kratom extract that contains vegetable glycerol: a naturally occurring sugar alcohol compound made from plant fats. We sell our kratom extracts in four different flavor options: we offer unflavored traditional Kratom, coffee, pina colada, and a berry blend extract called razzleberry. 

Try them all and find your favorite flavor out of the bunch. 

Pros of Kratom Extract
  • Kratom extracts are much more potent than any plain leaf product.
  • You feel the Kratom effects in a much quicker timeframe.
  • The packaged product comes in a portable container.
  • You can choose between liquid or powder extracts.
  • Liquid extracts come in different flavors: you pick the one that tastes best.
Cons of Kratom Extract
  • It may not contain the full spectrum of Kratom alkaloids found in the leaf.
  • Kratom tolerance build-up is likely to occur.
  • You pay more for the alkaloid content you get in the product. 
  • Consistency can be problematic with various extraction processes available.
  • Chemical precursors may cause allergic reactions in some users.   

Liquid Kratom Extract: Energy Shots

Liquid Kratom extract energy shots take Kratom extracts and mix them with a flavored beverage, providing Kratom customers with a ready-to-consume Kratom cocktail. There’s no measuring or mixing necessary. You open and drink it on the spot, and the flavoring helps to mask any bitterness associated with the Kratom leaf. You can also buy kratom energy shots online.

Every Kratom shot that Happy Hippo offers contains the equivalent of five grams of plain leaf Kratom powder. So there’s just enough Kratom in each shot to get you through the day. Plus, there’s no caffeine, sugar, or aspartame included in the formula. The only active ingredient is the Kratom itself.

Currently, Happy Hippo Herbals has nine distinct flavors of Kratom energy shots available for purchase. You can buy a Kratom shot in the flavor of pineapple, hibiscus, kiwi berry, cherry pomegranate, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, berry pomegranate, grape, or fruit punch. All of them are just as delicious as the others. Give each shot a chance, discover your favorite flavor, then you can switch it up to keep your tastebuds guessing.

Pros of Liquid Kratom Energy Shots
  • Kratom shots are great for people who are on-the-go.
  • There are several flavors on the market that are available for purchase.
  • The ease of use: you can buy and consume immediately.
  • Pre-measured servings of Kratom for consumption.
Cons of Liquid Kratom Energy Shots
  • Once the product gets opened, you must finish it before it spoils.
  • For first-time Kratom users, the potency can be overwhelming.
  • Some products don’t contain the full spectrum of Kratom alkaloids.
  • You pay much more for the available alkaloid content.
  • There are other additives, taking away the all-natural status of Kratom.

Bulk Kratom

Kratom gets sold by weight, and like other similar products, your average price is reduced with the more that you buy. But some companies limit the amount of weight that you can purchase. So it’s best to find a Kratom business where you can buy kratom bulk. Buying Kratom by the kilo is much cheaper than buying 35 individual ounces. For those who are thinking about starting their Kratom vendor operation, you can purchase Kratom wholesale, too.  

Pros of Bulk Kratom
  • A lower price point for Kratom purchases.
  • Less concern over the need for a constant Kratom supply.
  • Having Kratom reserves around in case others would like to try it.
  • No more consistent worrying about a Kratom company’s available stock.
  • You order Kratom less regularly, producing a smaller carbon footprint. 
Cons of Bulk Kratom
  • It’s not the right strategy for sampling new strains.
  • A need to store it in a cool, dark place, or it loses its potency.
  • There might be a limited amount of space in your home.
  • The ability to rotate multiple strains becomes an issue with bulk purchases.
  • If the product is weak, you’ll have more to consume before you can buy more.

Kratom Bath Products

When shopping online for Kratom products, you’ll notice some companies offer an assortment of Kratom bath products for sale. Some of those items include Kratom bath bombs, Kratom soaps, and Kratom lotions. 

Besides buying Kratom bath products, you can always make a homemade version and save some money. YouTube offers several videos on how to make bath products. Just follow the directions and add some Kratom oil into the mixture. And you can make that by adding some Kratom extract to some melted coconut oil. 

Photographic Image depicting the Happy Hippo Kratom Strain Chart in poster format. The Kratom Strain Chart shows different varieties of the best types of kratom, and their associated effects.

What Are the Best Types of Kratom?

Do you want to try some of the best types of Kratom? Then look no further. Even with an abundance of Kratom products available on the market, it all boils down to a handful of Kratom leaf types. The leaves of a Kratom tree produce four distinct colored veins: red, white, green, and yellow. These colors provide the blueprint for most Kratom strains.

  • Red Veined Kratom: The red veins in a Kratom leaf usually occur whenever it has matured. The more sunlight the leaf gets, the redder the veins become. This is from an oxidation process.
  • White Veined Kratom: Younger Kratom leaves have veins in a lighter tone. These white veins indicate the leaf is in its early stages of growth. Some say these leaves provide a more stimulating effect. 
  • Green Veined Kratom: Green veins are found in Kratom leaves whenever they’re at their peak. The green color comes from an abundance of chlorophyll. It’s at that stage when the alkaloids inside the Kratom have reached their full potential.
  • Yellow Veined Kratom: Yellow veins are rare to find within a Kratom vendor because some vendors claim there is no such thing. The Yellow and Gold color appears after harvest due to the drying process and age of the leaf. Yellow strains are known for elevating your mood more than the other strains. 
  • Maeng Da Kratom: Maeng Da Kratom is not a specific type of Kratom leaf. Instead, these are leaves that Kratom suppliers have labeled the most potent out of all the batches. So lots of Kratom users swear by the product. 

What are the Best Kratom Effects?

Certain Kratom strains are said to produce specific effects. So depending on the needs of the customer, some Kratom products would be more beneficial. 

There are several Kratom effects felt from the different varieties and serving sizes, but we’ll cover some of the more common ones in detail. 

  1. Energy 

Smaller servings of Kratom provide the user with an energetic feeling like caffeine. So Kratom is an excellent alternative to coffee. (Fun note: Kratom and coffee plants are related to each other: they’re members of the Rubiaceae family.)

  1. Relief

Scientific studies suggest Kratom shows promise for providing relief from discomfort. 

  1. Focus

Plenty of Kratom consumers swear the product sharpens their focus, allowing them to concentrate on a task more easily. 

  1. Relaxation

Another serving-dependent effect of Kratom is its ability to provide the user with a relaxing state. Larger servings are said to be helpful with achieving restful sleep.

  1. Mood

Kratom users have touted different strains produce mood changes, but they’re all positive. Those effects range from calming to uplifting. Kratom generates a sense of wellbeing for the user.

How to Find the Best Kratom Products

Before you buy any Kratom products, it’s best to determine if the company sells quality Kratom. There are a few different ways to tell if the Kratom vendor is trustworthy. First off, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has a list of qualified vendors directly on its website. The AKA is a non-profit Kratom advocacy organization that works to keep Kratom legal for consumers, so it takes the safety of Kratom customers very seriously. 

The next thing to determine the quality of a Kratom product is to obtain laboratory testing results from a company. Those results should be available on its website. But if you’re purchasing Kratom directly from a store, then the business should have a physical copy for you to see. Without laboratory testing, there’s no way to know if the Kratom is safe to consume. 

Any company that manufactures Kratom products should follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These procedures are designed to create safe goods and protect the customer that purchases them. Ask the company to describe its GMP standards in detail. If the business doesn’t understand the question, you can conclude they don’t practice it. 

The Risks of Buying Cheap Kratom

Unless you live in a state that has passed a version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), then no specific laws exist where you live to protect you as a Kratom consumer. The KCPA puts manufacturing restrictions on Kratom businesses, and those restrictions require the vendor to maintain GMP manufacturing procedures to produce sanitary and safe products for customers. Without those regulatory requirements, Kratom companies get to mandate the rules they follow. This can lead to inferior and contaminated Kratom. 

Most subpar Kratom has a reduced price to get customers to consider buying it. The consumer believes they’re receiving a deal, but that’s not the case. Instead, they must use more Kratom with each serving to feel the desired effects, so the kratom gets used up much quicker. 

The other major issue with cheap Kratom is it’s unlikely the vendor sent that Kratom off to get tested by an independent laboratory for pathogens and heavy metals. It would place an additional cost onto the company for mediocre Kratom, making it more expensive and harder to sell. Kratom vendors selling cheap Kratom disregard that valuable stage, which leaves the customer vulnerable to ingesting a product that could make them sick. So it’s best not to risk buying Kratom that’s priced in the too-good-to-be-true price range because lower prices usually indicate a cheap product. 

Is Kratom Legal in My State?

On the federal level, Kratom is a legal herb. However, individual states have a say in the Kratom legality debate, too. Currently, in the US, there are six states with a kratom restriction. If you live in any of the following states, it’s illegal to sell, buy, or possess Kratom.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas 
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Getting caught with Kratom in those states is a criminal offense, so it’s definitely in your best interest to abide by your local laws. Likewise, you must make sure legislation in your town or city allows you to use Kratom, too. Some municipalities have restricted Kratom in states where it’s legal. Still, you must obey those local laws if you live there. Check with your local city hall to determine the Kratom status in your area.

Now, some states have passed legislation to protect Kratom consumers. Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah have passed a version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). But the KCPA usually has an age restriction attached to it. Other states have mandated age restrictions on Kratom as well. In some states, you must be 18 years of age or older. In other states, the law is 21.

How to Buy the Best Kratom Near You

It’s easy to find a place to buy Kratom near you. Some gas stations carry Kratom products right on the shelves, but this is the kind of Kratom you want to religiously avoid. 

Still, there is one option that’s available for everyone, and that’s the ability to buy kratom online from an established Kratom company. At Happy Hippo, we have Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, Liquid Kratom extracts, and Kratom energy shots for you to purchase. You can also buy Kratom in bulk from us, which gives you a chance to save some money for the long haul.

Happy Hippo Herbals is a Kratom company that remains committed to our consumers. We send off samples of our Kratom batches to a third-party laboratory to test for any contamination. In doing so, this lets us know our Kratom is safe for human consumption, giving our customers peace of mind with each purchase! Our manufacturing facility functions with GMP standards. We’re 1 of 35  American Kratom Association qualified Kratom vendors!

Allow Happy Hippo Herbals to show you the difference a committed Kratom company can make on your next Kratom purchase. Take our Kratom quiz to help you choose the right Kratom strain today!

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