Where to Buy Super Green Kratom

In this article, we go over the best places to buy Super Green Kratom.
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January 06, 2023
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Nowadays, you can find Kratom products in several places. Sometimes, you can find Kratom for sale in gas stations, vitamin shops, health food stores, head shops—you name it.

The ability to find Super Green Kratom products everywhere means nothing if the Kratom is subpar. Instead, you want to get it from a company that sells the best Super Green Kratom. Before we delve into that topic, we need to cover some basic information about Super Green Kratom.

What Is Super Green Kratom?

When it comes to Kratom, new strains and varieties emerge each year. Recently, Super Green Kratom became one of them. So, what is Super Green Kratom? Kratom farmers took the best green vein Kratom strains and developed a new manufacturing technique to create superior varieties. They started separating the largest leaves from the rest during harvest. Those bigger, mature leaves had considerably more alkaloids in them.

The workers picked those leaves from the same trees used to make other Kratom varieties, which means that Super Green Kratom is not a standalone strain. That’s why “Super Green” gets added to its product name: Super Green Malay, Super Green Bali, etc. The Super Green batches come from those specific varieties.

Then a strategic drying method gets employed that produces a brighter green leaf. So suppliers started calling it Super Green Kratom.

Since they’re part of Green Vein Kratom variants, Super Green Kratom products still produce similar Kratom effects. Yet, with an increased alkaloid profile, consumers state its Kratom benefits are more evident.

That means you might want to take a little less Kratom than normal when it’s Super Green.

What Are the Side Effects of Super Green Kratom?

When you take botanical products, they contain active compounds. Those compounds can cause adverse reactions in consumers. There are over 40 active alkaloids found in Super Green Kratom.

Most of the side effects of Kratom occur whenever you ingest too much. So it’s wise to stay within the suggested serving sizes. If not, the risk of side effects increases. Let’s look at a few possible adverse effects of taking Kratom now.

Most Common Super Green Kratom Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Taking large servings of Kratom can lead to an upset stomach. If that occurs, it should fade away as more time passes. Take a lower serving size next time.

  • Dehydration
  • Kratom is related to the coffee plant and produces energizing effects. Increased urination can lead to dehydration. Drink more water.

  • Restlessness
  • The increased energy can lead to restlessness, especially around bedtime. Try to limit the amount of Kratom you take in the evenings.

  • Drowsiness
  • Now, some Kratom strains have different alkaloid profiles. Those strains may make you drowsy with higher serving sizes. Keep servings small.

  • Kratom Tolerance
  • One of the biggest concerns about taking too much Kratom is the possibility of building a tolerance. That means you’ll need larger servings to feel the effects. Luckily, there are ways to manage Kratom tolerance.

    Photographic image depicting a close up shot of a clean white bowl heaped with Super Green Kratom from Happy Hippo.

    Types of Super Green Kratom

    There are several Super Green Kratom varieties available for purchase. You can find Super Green Malay, Super Green Borneo, Super Green Bali, and many others.

    Kratom farmers plant Kratom trees on farms throughout Indonesia, which includes over 17,000 islands. The soil and growing conditions help shape the profile of alkaloids in each strain. Let’s go over some Indonesian Kratom strains now.


    The industry term Malay represents a Kratom strain that resembles the characteristics of Kratom grown indigenously in Malaysia. However, it does not come from there. It’s illegal to grow or sell Kratom in Malaysia. Instead, Malay Kratom is cultivated in Indonesia to replicate the active compounds found in Malaysian Kratom. Our Elite Elephant Kratom is an amazing Green Malay and it has a unique alkaloid profile that places it within a category of Moderate Kratom strains. Green Malay has approximately 11.5 mg/g of Mitragynine. It has about .01 mg/g of 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Together, the concentration of those primary Kratom alkaloids produces clean energy with a joyful persona.

    Maeng Da

    Maeng Da Kratom is Southeast Asian slang meaning “pimp grade” Kratom. The farmers give that title to their most potent Kratom leaves.

    Kratom consumers love Maeng Da strains. The drying techniques used by the farmers alter its molecular structures. However, consumer demand for Green Maeng Da outranks the others. Green Maeng Da continues to be the best-selling Kratom strain we offer at Happy Hippo. It gives you SUPER energy. So it’s a good strain for you to use before heading off to the gym to workout. However, Green Maeng Da also helps boost your confidence during social interactions, making it useful while working at the office.


    Bali is the most visited Indonesian island by far. Its pristine, exotic beaches are global tourist attractions. Plus, it houses marvelous religious temples, too. But its climate creates the most draw. Bali resides in a tropical region. So the island maintains warm, humid temperatures year round. That makes Bali the perfect place to grow Kratom. Green Vein Bali performs as a slower-paced Kratom strain than most other Super Greens. It offers more pronounced effects when relieving discomfort. It also promotes a sense of mental well-being. If you’re looking for a Kratom strain to cheer you up while similarly resonating with your body, take Green Bali.


    Out of the Indonesian islands, Borneo is the largest. Borneo is larger than all other islands in Asia and is the third largest in the world. It has some rugged terrains within it. Tropical rainforests once covered approximately three-fourths of the island. In recent years, it’s dropped to almost half. Still, those are prime growing conditions for Kratom trees. When it comes to Super Green Kratom strains, we cannot give Super Green Borneo enough praise. Borneo produces a green vein leaf that puts your mind at ease and allows your body to get the relaxation it deserves. Since the strain creates more laidback vibes, it’s the perfect Kratom strain for first-time users. But Super Green Borneo works well for all Kratom consumers.


    Sumatra is the largest of the Sunda Islands that entirely belongs to Indonesia. Its tropical temperatures and terrain-covered rainforests host many Kratom trees growing wild throughout it. However, locals have started planting farms of domestic Kratom trees on the island. Sumatra Kratom produces some remarkable effects when consumed. The Green Vein Sumatra Kratom has a balanced alkaloid profile that gives you enough energy to accomplish your tasks and stay cheerful. We feel Sumatra Kratom resonates well with anyone who needs to get their creative juices flowing. It inspires creativity and motivates you to put those ideas into motion.

    How to Brew Super Green Kratom Tea

    The way to prepare Super Green Kratom Tea is simple. It’s a lot like preparing any herbal tea.

    First, you will need to get a few items ready.

    Tools Needed to Make Super Green Kratom Tea:

    • Teapot or Kettle
    • 8-12 oz. Water
    • Spoon
    • Mug or Cup
    • Strainer (optional)
    • Lemon or Sweetener (optional)

    First, take the water and pour it into the pot. Turn the heat up on the stove. But not too high. You want to get the water to simmer, not boil.

    Once the water starts simmering, add your preferred serving size of Kratom. Let it simmer for a few minutes to help release some of its alkaloids.

    Afterward, pour the Kratom tea into the mug. You can use a strainer or filter to filtrate the plant material. However, you can leave the Kratom in it, too.

    Lastly, you can add some lemon to potentiate the Kratom and make it stronger. Kratom already has a bitter flavor, so that’s optional. If you don’t like bitter flavors, you can add some sweetener or coffee creamer. That helps mellow down its taste.

    Finally, sit back and enjoy your Super Green Kratom Tea. In approximately 45 minutes, you should start feeling its effects.

    Where to Get the Best Super Green Kratom on the Market?

    Happy Hippo has the best Super Green Kratom on the market. We’ve got a great selection of Super Green Vein Kratom products for you. One of our original strains was Happy Hippo I Kratom (HH1) powder. It’s a Super Green Borneo and it’s still one of the strains we recommend the most for new and long-term Kratom consumers.

    We strive to keep the Super Green Kratom we sell safe for customers. At Happy Hippo, we adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to secure products from contamination during manufacturing. We’re one of the select-few Kratom vendors that have achieved GMP certification through the American Kratom Association (AKA).

    Plus, all Happy Hippo products have passed inspection by independent third-party laboratories to determine that no contaminants or hazardous materials are present. 

    We love making certain our Super Green Kratom remains super clean for consumption. If you need a little kickstart from your Kratom, then the Kratom extracts we offer are made from extracting Kratom alkaloids from Super Green Vein Kratom, too. Try to stay within the recommended serving sizes, though. They’re potent.

    Happy Hippo has all the Super Green Kratom selections you need. With our fast delivery service, they’ll be at your doorsteps in no time.

    Why is Happy Hippo the best place to buy Kratom?

    • We are proudly certified by the (AKA) American Kratom Association
    • We strictly abide by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in all of our facilities
    • Our Kratom is lab-tested for heavy metals and other contaminants (Ask to see our lab results!)
    • All of our Kratom is pre-sterilized at 170 degrees (enough heat to kill pathogens but not disrupt the alkaloid profile)
    • All of our Kratom products are neatly packaged and clearly labeled
    • 100% ALL NATURAL KRATOM - no additives or inferior botanical fillers necessary
    • Our Kratom is visibly different - it looks and smells fresh. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference.
    • We specialize in high-quality Kratom products, but we also have superb alternative botanicals (Kava, Kanna, Akuamma, and more!)

    Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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