Why You’ll Enjoy Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo Kratom, or as we like to call it, “Happy Hippo I”, was the very first strain that we brought aboard our line-up back in 2012. 

In this article, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about Green Borneo Kratom. We will explore its effects, origins, uses, and the numerous reasons why Green Borneo is one of our all-time favorite Kratom strains. 

Why You’ll Enjoy Green Borneo Kratom
May 27, 2022
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Green Borneo Kratom, or as we like to call it, “Happy Hippo I”, was the very first strain that we brought aboard our line-up back in 2012. 

It’s the original Happy Hippo strain! A true classic that has stood strong throughout the past decade. It holds a very special place in our hearts, and it’s quite popular in the Kratom community too. 

In this article, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about Green Borneo Kratom. We will explore its effects, origins, uses, and the numerous reasons why Green Borneo is one of our all-time favorite Kratom strains. 

What is Green Borneo Kratom?

Like all Kratom strains, Green Borneo is a variety of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. The name “Green Borneo” derives from a combination of the region it was born, and the color of the veins on the Kratom leaf at the time of harvest. Therefore, Green Borneo is a GREEN vein Kratom strain that comes from the gorgeous islands of Borneo in Southeast Asia. 

Question: How are Kratom strains determined? 

The effects of Kratom come from the active alkaloids that reside within the leaves. There are over 20 different alkaloids in a Kratom plant, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are the most abundant. 

The effects you experience will depend on the distinct alkaloid profile of the strain. Factors that affect the alkaloid profile include - the region in which it is grown, and the vein color (age) of the plant. 

  • Vein Color: The vein color helps us detect how mature the Kratom alkaloids are and how long they’ve been developing. The four vein colors are: White, Green, Red and Yellow.
  • Origin: The region that the strain originated from saturates the plant with different nutrients causing dramatic differences in their alkaloid profiles. Here are some examples: Maeng Da Kratom, Bali Kratom, Thai Kratom, and Sumatra Kratom.

Green Borneo Kratom Effects 

In general, Borneo Kratom strains are known to be reasonably potent due to their high levels of Mitragynine. The Green variety provides balanced feelings of energy, efficiency, and a satisfying mood boost. 

We call it the “best of both worlds”, because it really is exactly that! 

The elevated potency supports a long lasting resonation experience - it can last about 4 to 5 hours depending on your serving size. 

Green Borneo Kratom Effects: 

  • Delicate mental stimulation
  • Overall happy mood 
  • Wards off feelings of worry 
  • Discomfort relief
  • Focus and concentration 
  • Balance between energy and relaxation

What is Green Borneo Kratom Used For?

Green Borneo Kratom can be used in many ways. The pleasant balance of effects make it a great strain for beginners. It’s all the positive benefits of Kratom packed into one awesome strain. If you’ve never used Kratom before, consider Green Borneo as your introduction. 

The energizing elements of Green Borneo are aren’t too aggressive or overbearing. It’s just mild enough to ‘work in the background’ and provide amazing mental stability. 

It’s also great for minimizing feelings of worry or calming an overwhelmed mind. Many people use Green Borneo to help counterbalance negative thoughts and stay focused on what truly matters. In other words, it helps clear your head!

(Happy Hippo I) - Green Borneo Kratom Reviews: 

“As many have said in the past, Happy Hippo 1 is a wonderful balance of energy, well being, & relief all in one. Actually this strain mixes well w/ most anything; especially reds. Red Hot & Invincible are excellent examples"

- Brandon B. | Hippo Customer

“If you're not sure where to start, Green Borneo is a safe bet. Kind of a staple in my household. Very "standard" kratom effects. A great base if your mix strains. Enjoy!”

- Tanner E. | Hippo Customer

“Happy Hippo I is my 2nd favorite strain (Hyper Hippo is my favorite). I love to combine Happy Hippo I with Hyper Hippo! The combination gives me a great energy to get things done, but with a chill carefree vibe! I usually order the capsules just for the convenience factor of being able to take them on the go!

- Jodi D. | Hippo Customer

“Who doesn’t like Green Indo?! I can use this every day and always with the same great effect. Plus it mixes great with everything. Keeps me in a good mood and takes the edge off a bad day.”

- Marie M. | Hippo Customer

How Much Green Borneo Kratom Should I Take?

Read our detailed guide on Kratom Usage and Serving Size. That guide will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to finding your “sweet spot”. 

But if you don’t want to read the whole thing… no worries! (I don't blame you!) I’ll quickly sum it up for you.

When trying a new strain for the first time, proceed with caution. It’s always better to take ‘too little’ than ‘too much’. 

In general, we recommend starting with a smaller amount of 1-2 grams to evaluate. Increase by half-gram increments if necessary. 

Hippo Hint: Use a teaspoon (not tablespoon) to help you measure your Kratom serving! 

  • 1 level Teaspoon = 2 grams of Kratom powder

Consuming Kratom on an empty stomach is optimal, and be sure to drink lots of water.

Rule #1 for using Kratom - STAY HYDRATED!

What are Kratom Speeds?

“Kratom speeds” categorize strains based on their overall resonation and effects on a spectrum between Energy and Relaxation. 

Since Kratom strains can have immensely different alkaloid profiles, the strain name doesn’t always tell us the whole story. We developed this custom technique to help our customers develop a better understanding of what effects a certain strain will provide - without being too focused on the vein color or origin.  

The Kratom Speeds are Fast, Moderate, or Slow. 

For example, we classify Green Borneo as a Moderate strain. The effects are undeniably balanced; leaning toward senses of energy and focus. It provides energy, with a low-risk of over-stimulation. It also provides relaxation, with low potential of drowsiness.

Take a look at our Kratom Strain Chart to see how the strains rank in relation to one another.

Where to Buy High-Quality Green Borneo Kratom

You can conveniently buy Green Borneo Kratom online! There’s a ton of different Kratom and herbal botanical vendors. However, we highly recommend doing some research to find a well-known, reputable Kratom vendor. This way, you always get your moneys worth. 

Happy Hippo is by far the best place to buy high-quality Kratom products.

And we’ll tell you why! 

Why is Happy Hippo the best place to buy Kratom?

  • We are proudly certified by the (AKA) American Kratom Association

  • We strictly abide by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in all of our facilities
  • All of our Kratom is lab-tested for heavy metals and other contaminants (Ask to see our lab results!)

  • All of our Kratom is pre-sterilized at 170 degrees (enough heat to kill pathogens but not disrupt the alkaloids)

  • All of our Kratom products are neatly packaged and clearly labeled

  • 100% ALL NATURAL KRATOM - no additives or inferior botanical fillers necessary
  • Our Kratom is visibly different - it looks and smells fresh. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference.
  • We specialize in high-quality, luxury Kratom, but we also offer other superb alternative botanicals 

If you want the highest quality Kratom, check out our massive selection of Kratom powder. We have over 25 different Kratom strains, and we even offer some of them in capsule form. We also have Kratom Extracts available, including liquid extract, Kratom shots, soft gels, and even Kratom Taffy!

You’ve tried Kratom. Now try Happy Hippo Kratom. It’s WAY better. 

Have questions or need advice? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging! Please feel free to contact us anytime! Our customer service agents will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours (usually even quicker than that!). 


Disclaimer: Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, the authors of this text would like you to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of Kratom, they should only serve as a piece of information - not medical advice. 

Kratom is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition. 

Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using Kratom.

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