5 Kratom Strains for Better Muscle & Joint Health

Learn about how Kratom may benefit your joint health!
5 Kratom Strains for Better Muscle & Joint Health
October 02, 2023
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Body discomfort can be short or long-term and may affect anyone in different places. Most folks have tried conventional medications, but natural alternatives, mainly Kratom, may be more effective and reliable.

People have used Kratom and other therapies as natural remedies for relieving discomfort for hundreds of years. It all started in Southeast Asia, where farmers chewed Kratom leaves to fight fatigue and relax body and soul after a laborious day.

This norm has gained much traction in the Western world, making Kratom one of the most loved and sought-after botanicals for its therapeutic properties.

In this article, we look at the best Kratom strains for muscle and joint discomfort relief, how to use and serve them, efficacy, and much more.

5 Best Kratom Strains for Muscle and Joint Discomfort Relief

Not all Kratom strains have the capability to help you relax muscles, joints, and mind. It is imperative to go for a leaf that delivers effective, potent effects, leaving no stone unturned.

Happy Hippo cuts through the noise to offer these 5 best Kratom strains for managing muscle and joint discomfort for optimal well-being. You want to consult your doctor, especially when using other medications or supplements.

Red Vein Sumatra Kratom (Magic Hippo)

Red Sumatra is our top-rated and quite loved Kratom by most people who demand slow-speed strains. Every gym enthusiast and evening-to-night kratomers testify that this leaf offers perfectly smooth effects in lowering muscle and joint distress while helping them relax after a workout or busy day.

Be sure to try this red vein strain and buy it in advance because it never rests on our shelves due to its high demand.

Red Vein Borneo Kratom (Happy Hippo II)

When it comes to soothing muscles-joints due to discomfort, Red Borneo Leaf is pretty effective and popular – its effects are absolutely on point.

This vein strain offers long-lasting results with no jitterbugs or drowsiness feeling, thus great for relieving both physical and emotional uneasiness to welcome a restful night.

Green Vein Bali Kratom (Top Shelf Bali)

The Kratom industry's biggest weak point is regulating the botanical, and because Bali Kratom is one of the most purchased strains online, always use a leaf that delivers clean benefits with zero aftermath.

We call our Green Vein Bali “Top-Shelf” since we work with skilled farmers and employ highly controlled production standards. Happy Hippo has the best and freshest Bali Kratom on the Planet Earth!

Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom (Snuggie Hippo)

Yellow Borneo Kratom allows you to embrace a warm, relaxed evening with a slight energy kick to read a book or watch TV on your couch. Most folks are used to green and red strains, but Yellow Kratom welcomes a unique experience.

It offers unmatched effects due to well-balanced alkaloids content that ensures deep relaxation while welcoming a joyful spirit for snuggy feelings and vibes.

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom (Red Hot Hippo)

Red Maeng Da might be a fast strain, but its discomfort-relieving properties are by far more powerful than most slow strains in the Kratom space. We love and recommend this strain to people who hit the gym in the morning before going to work. Or folks experiencing joint/muscle discomfort after waking up.

The beauty of Red MaengDa is that it delivers constant energy, lifts your spirit, and relieves any form of body discomfort simultaneously for long hours.

How Does Kratom Relieve Muscle and Joint Discomfort?

Kratom has more than 40 alkaloids, with Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine being the most active ingredients. These 2 main compounds are responsible for the discomfort-lowering properties of Kratom.

Once you consume the botanical, its alkaloids interact with the opioid receptors in your brain and other body parts, producing a feeling of relief, relaxation, and euphoria.

Kratom targets body opioid receptors but is considered an atypical opioid. Kratom inactivates specific signals, which is why it has close to zero side effects compared to typical opioids.

Best Ways To Use Kratom for Improved Muscle and Joint Health

There are various methods of using Kratom to relieve muscle and joint discomfort, and each delivers varying effects due to bioavailability and onset of results. Many brands have made far-reaching changes in production, making this botanical easily accessible and valuable for everyone.

Nowadays, you can get Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts (mostly gummies, dip pouches, and liquid kratom).

Powder best fits seasoned users who do not mind Kratom's bitter taste. You can toss and wash the powder (throw your serving in the mouth and wash it down with enough water), brew Kratom tea, or add it to your favorite beverage or food.

If the powder taste disgust you, go for capsules – they mask that horrible taste making it more palatable, convenient, and effortless to use. Capsules or pills are ideal for Kratom first-timers. Do not forget capsules take longer to produce effects compared to powder.

Extracts are a pretty concentrated form of Kratom and thus offer the most potent effects. Most extracts are Fast Maeng Da Vein Strain, so consider taking them in the morning or after lunch – using them in the evening might render you sleepless all night… unless you are a night owl.

Depending on the product form you use, you can experience Kratom effects in just a few seconds or one hour. For instance, it takes less than a minute for effects to kick in after using liquid kratom sublingually (under the tongue). Contrary, capsules might take up to one hour for you to feel the results. Consequently, these effects can last for about 2-8 hours.

Hippo Hint: Consider ”tossing and washing” Kratom powder or using liquid Kratom sublingually when you want faster effects.

What Is Ideal Kratom Serving Size for Muscle and Joint Discomfort Relief?

It requires a high serving of Kratom to achieve discomfort-relieving properties – proper serving sizes and usage are highly advised. Down the line, a precise serving size offers quite effective results and long-lasting relief for muscle-joint distress.

No one-size-fits-all serving since Kratom works uniquely for every user. Each person has different body chemistry and varying issues to fix.

The best starting point is to follow the suggested instructions on the product package. If you are a beginner, it is better to start low (2 grams of powder - 1 teaspoon - and below or 1-4 capsules, or 1 gummy, or 1-3 mL of liquid Kratom) and take your kratom game slowly until you land your sweet spot.

Most people will need about 4 to 7 grams of kratom powder to entirely deaden body discomfort. But for some folks, this dose range can be overwhelmingly sedative. Happy Hippo Kratom specialists like our founder and CEO, Chris, know their game and can give expert opinions on serving sizes and usage.

Do Kratom for Muscle-Joint Discomfort Relief Have Side Effects?

A few unwanted reactions can catch up with you when you do not watch your dosage and frequency of consumption. Taking large serving sizes daily or dosing more days per week than expected can lead to Kratom tolerance and dependency.

Other common undesirable effects of Kratom include irritability, constipation, dry mouth, tongue numbness, nausea, vomiting, and more. Also, mixing Kratom with other drugs or medications like alcohol can lead to severe side effects. NEVER MIX!

Where Can You Buy Premium Kratom for Improved Muscle/Joint Health?

Kratom is a well-renowned botanical in all 50 United States. This means hundreds of vendors have emerged to sell it, and some cut corners, which compromises the quality. It is a bit challenging to get top-notch products at affordable prices.

To make matters worse, the kratom industry is unregulated by the federal government so there are high chances of getting poor-grade, contaminated products. Now where can you purchase superior-quality kratom to fix muscle-joint discomfort?

Happy Hippo lets you know that you can trust and depend on them when it comes to everything kratom and other botanicals like Akuamma, Ashwagandha, Kanna, and Kava.

Usually one of the highly rated and ranked brands whenever you search for premium Kratom online, Happy Hippo has been around since 2013 and has consistently delivered exceptional quality!

What Makes Happy Hippo the Best Kratom Brand?

  • Quality and satisfaction are 100% guaranteed
  •  Certified and approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA)
  • Rigorously tested products by an independent lab – 100% pure, safe, and fresh leaf
  • Promos and discounts for customers – refer a friend to get an extra $10
  • We sell Kratom made with all-natural plain leaf free from GMO
  • Kratom is sourced from expert Southeast Asia farmers – directly imported, no middleman 
  • Wide selection of kratom vein strains – choose your best high-quality strain at a great price

Secure your Kratom package today and get an immediate but long-lasting fix for any kind of discomfort. Contact us ASAP!

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