How White Malay Kratom Brings the Thunder

Let’s examine the properties of White Malay Kratom to understand its popularity.
How White Malay Kratom Brings the Thunder
September 01, 2023
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White Malay Kratom is one of the most sought-after Kratom strains on the market. White Malay—as we call it: Thunder Hippo Kratom—has an alkaloid profile that produces potent energetic effects.

Diamond White Vein Malay Kratom Powder is our 3rd highest-sold strain. The only other products that top its sales numbers are the Maeng Da varieties—the Green and White Maeng Da are our 1st and 2nd best sellers. 

Now, let’s examine the properties of White Malay Kratom to understand its popularity with consumers. 

What Is White Malay Kratom?

Unlike most other strains, Malay Kratom varieties do not originate from the country included in its name—Malay (Malaysia). Unfortunately, the Malaysian government restricted the Kratom trade. So the Kratom plant is an illegal substance and carries strict penalties for anyone caught trying to sell it.

So, that creates another question. Where do Malay Kratom strains come from?

Malay Kratom strains are grown in various regions. Kratom cultivators managed to produce a Kratom variety that mimics Malaysian Kratom strains. You see, the alkaloid profile of Malay has a similar compound structure to Kratom growing naturally in Malaysia. Therefore, instead of getting its namesake from the country that cultivates it, the title Malay comes from the effects it produces.

What Are the Effects of White Malay Kratom?

The main effects felt from White Malay kratom are energy, more energy, and even MORE energy! Thunder Hippo is the FASTEST Kratom strain we offer! Make sure you take the recommended serving sizes listed on the packaging. You don’t want to consume too much. It might have you bouncing off the walls. 

Here are a few of the Kratom effects associated with White Malay.

  • Productivity
  • White Malay motivates consumers to become more productive while performing daily tasks.

  • Super Energy
  • Thunder Hippo stimulates your mind and gives you enough energy to tackle all your tasks.

  • Workout Boost
  • Consumers use Diamond White Vein Malay as a pre-workout supplement before heading to the gym. Take the time to read what Puddles Hippo says in his White Malay Kratom review. It provides valuable information about the strain, like serving size suggestions.

    How Does White Malay Compare to Other Malay Strains?

    Shopping online, you’ll find White Malay, Green Malay, and Red Malay powders. However, the Malay Kratom strains are phytochemically different from one another. Each of the Malay Kratom strains undergoes a specific fermentation and drying process. And that changes their alkaloid profiles.

    Let’s look at how all three Malay strains compare.

    White Malay vs. Green Malay 

    Green Malay Kratom Powder acts as a Moderate strain, providing smooth energy while producing a calming mindset. Our Green Malay Kratom review has a more in-depth analysis of the product. However, here are some of its known effects for comparison’s sake.

  • Clean Energy
  • Green Malay gets you energized and motivated shortly after consuming it.

  • Balanced Effects
  • The chemical profile of Elite Elephant Kratom falls in between energetic and comforting. So it’s the perfect strain to use for any occasion.

  • Happy Mind
  • Elite Green Malay produces joy and gives consumers enthusiasm for life.

    White Malay vs. Red Malay 

    Red Malay Kratom Powder performs like a slower strain. The relaxation state it produces can leave you feeling at ease. To learn more about Red Malay, read the Red Malay Kratom review for additional resources. In the meantime, we’ll list the most common effects below.

  • Relaxed Body
  • Red Malay helps your mind and body relax. Take it later in the evening before bedtime.

  • Happy Mind
  • Fire Hippo has mood-boosting properties that can get your mental state in a better mood.

  • Discomfort Relief
  • Super Red Malay can help ease the physical discomfort accumulated throughout a strenuous workday.

    Comparable Kratom Strains to White Malay

    All the Malay strains contrast with one another. Yet, some Kratom varieties have similar effects. A few of those are White Borneo, White Thai, and Green Thai. Those strains can replace White Malay when you need a tolerance break.

    White Borneo Kratom 

    White Borneo Kratom Powder has more subtle energetic effects. But that’s the perfect fit for people who don’t want to get overwhelmed by the increased energy. We have another article that has more White Borneo Kratom information. But, for now, let’s discuss some of the strain’s known effects.

  • Clean Energy
  • White Borneo increases your energy levels. However, the energetic properties are naturally clean, so it doesn’t produce unwanted jitters.

  • Productivity
  • Ghost Hippo helps you achieve your goals by adding some pep to your step.

  • Happy Mind
  • Super White Borneo Kratom has feel-good effects that can uplift your spirit.

    White Thai Kratom 

    White Thai Kratom Powder produces a pro-social feeling alongside its energetic properties. That makes White Lightning one of the best strains for social events. We have accompanying material that discusses suggested White Thai Kratom serving sizes and other stuff you can read later. However, here are some common effects White Thai produces.

  • Productivity
  • White Thai never lets you dally the day away. Instead, it makes you breeze through your workload rather quickly.

  • Pro Social
  • Lightning Hippo works great for interactions during social gatherings. It can increase your desire to engage in heartfelt conversations.

  • Super Energy
  • Elite White Vein Thai performs as a substitute for your morning coffee. Its effects can enhance your creative output.

    Green Thai Kratom 

    Green Thai Kratom Powder produces high-quality alkaloids that have energetic properties. Visit our blog to read the Green Thai Kratom commentary we published to learn more about the strain. Listed below are the typical effects associated with Atomic Hippo.

  • Super Energy
  • The increased energy produced by Green Thai stops procrastination dead in its tracks.

  • Workout Boost
  • Atomic Hippo not only gives you enough motivation to power through a workout, but it also helps to ease the discomfort afterward.

  • Joyful Spirit
  • A warm cup of Elite Green Vein Thai tea can guide your inner spirit to peace during moments of discontent.

    Types of White Malay Kratom Products

    You can find several companies selling White Malay Kratom products online. Typically, they’ll offer a couple of selections for consumers. You can buy White Malay Kratom powder or White Malay Kratom capsules. Both products offer different pros and cons.

  • White Malay Kratom Powder
  • Consumers feel the effects of White Malay Kratom powder much quicker. By weight, White Malay powder is cheaper. Plus, you have more control over the serving size. On the other hand, some people don’t like the bitter taste of Kratom. 

  • White Malay Kratom Capsules
  • The White Malay Kratom powder comes packaged in gelatin capsules. Therefore, you cannot taste the Kratom at all. Plus, gelcaps are easier to consume. However, Kratom capsules take longer for consumers to feel the effects. It can take approximately 20 minutes before the gelatin dissolves.

    Does White Malay Contain Caffeine?

    The Kratom and coffee plants are biologically related since they’re both members of the Rubiaceae family. White Malay produces enough energetic effects to rival a cup of coffee. 

    However, Kratom powder does not contain caffeine. Instead, the productive feelings you get from taking White Malay come from its unique phytochemical profile. Nonetheless, some people consume White Malay Kratom as a substitute for their morning cup of coffee.

    Can I Mix White Malay with Other Strains?

    Consumers mix various Kratom strains to create unique blends. Kratom companies do it, too.

    Mix White Malay kratom powder with any of your favorite strains. However, the desired effects of the White Malay will change. The combined alkaloid profiles of different varieties can alter their benefits.

    For example, mixing a slower Kratom strain with a faster one can produce moderate effects.

    Experiment with several strains to see what blends work best for you.

    Where Can I Purchase White Malay Kratom Online?

    When searching online for Kratom products, you must vet through the different vendors and their selections. Not all Kratom products are equal, and nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money.

    Consumers want to buy White Malay Kratom from a company that provides potent kratom powder. Luckily, Happy Hippo has the best Kratom available online.

    Happy Hippo purchases the highest quality Kratom. Then we send it to an independent lab to test for contaminations during importation. Finally, we manufacture our products following the strict guidelines of the Kratom industry’s Good Manufacturing Program (GMP).

    And we’re not just tooting our horn, either. If you’re unsatisfied with any product, contact one of our customer service representatives, and we’ll make it right for you.

    At Happy Hippo, your happiness is our main concern. That’s the Happy Hippo way!

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